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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-06-01(111) Twins in BaTiO3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputteringJang, JW; Kim, YH; Hahn, TS; Choi, SS; Chung, SJ
2005-07Analysis of the crystallization of Zr41Ti14Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 bulk metallic glass using electrical resistivity measurementChung, SJ; Hong, KT; Ok, MR; Yoon, JK; Kim, GH; Ji, YS; Seong, BS; Lee, KS
2005-10Determination of mequitazine in human plasma by gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry with ion-trap detector and its pharmacokinetics after oral administration to volunteersKwon, OS; Kim, HJ; Pyo, H; Chung, SJ; Chung, YB
2001-12-13Different pharmacokinetics of nicotine following intravenous administration of nicotine base and nicotine hydrogen tartarate in ratsJung, BH; Chung, BC; Chung, SJ; Shim, CK
1998-10Effect of diamond-like carbon coating on the emission characteristics of molybdenum field emitter arraysJung, JH; Ju, BK; Kim, H; Lee, YH; Chung, SJ; Jang, J; Oh, MH
1998-03Effect of N doping on the electron emission properties of diamondlike carbon film on a 2-in. Mo field emitter array panelJung, JH; Ju, BK; Kim, H; Oh, MH; Chung, SJ; Jang, J
1996-02Electrical and structural properties of Cl-doped ZnSe MBE-grown with various doping techniquesKim, JS; Kim, GH; Suh, SH; Chung, SJ
1997-01Enhancement of magnesium incorporation in nitrogen doped ZnMgSSe grown by molecular beam epitaxyKim, JS; Song, JH; Suh, SH; Chung, SJ
1996-05Ferroic phase transitions in (Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3 crystalsPark, SE; Chung, SJ; Kim, IT
1997-03Field emission properties of ta-C films with nitrogen dopingPark, KC; Moon, JH; Chung, SJ; Jung, JH; Ju, BK; Oh, MH; Milne, WI; Han, MK; Jang, J
2004-09In vitro and in vivo metabolism of pyronaridine characterized by low-energy collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry with electrospray ionizationLee, J; Son, J; Chung, SJ; Lee, ES; Kim, DH
1997-12-15In vitro skin permeation of nicotine from proliposomesHwang, BY; Jung, BH; Chung, SJ; Lee, MH; Shim, CK
1997-02Ordering and microwave dielectric properties of Ba(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O-3 ceramicsKim, IT; Kim, YH; Chung, SJ
1999-01Preparation of N-doped hydrogen-free diamondlike carbon and its application to field emittersMoon, JH; Chung, SJ; Han, FJ; Jang, J; Jung, JH; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
2002-01Preparation of polyurethane membrane dressing with various water vapor transmissionsJung, BO; Kim, TJ; Park, SS; Chung, SJ; Kim, JJ
2002-01Proliposomes as prolonged intranasal drug delivery systemsJung, BH; Chung, SJ; Shim, CK
2000-05-03Prolonged delivery of nicotine in rats via nasal administration of proliposomesJung, BH; Chung, BC; Chung, SJ; Lee, MH; Shim, CK
1999-06Simultaneous GC-MS determination of nicotine and cotinine in plasma for the pharmacokinetic characterization of nicotine in ratsJung, BH; Chung, BC; Chung, SJ; Lee, MH; Shim, CK
1997-05-01Structural properties of ZnSe layers grown on (001) GaAs substrates tilted toward [110] and [010]Kim, JS; Suh, SH; Kim, CH; Chung, SJ
1998-01The investigations of dielectric and structural properties of polycrystalline BaTiO3 thin films on Pt substrates by RF magnetron sputteringJang, JW; Cho, WJ; Hahn, TS; Choi, SS; Chung, SJ
1997-05-01Thickness dependence of room temperature permittivity of polycrystalline BaTiO3 thin films by radio-frequency magnetron sputteringJang, JW; Chung, SJ; Cho, WJ; Hahn, TS; Choi, SS
2002-09Uncatalyzed partial oxidation of p-xylene in sub- and supercritical waterKim, YL; Chung, SJ; Kim, JD; Lim, JS; Lee, YW; Yi, SC