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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01-01A direct methanol fuel cell system to power a humanoid robotJoh, Han-Ik; Ha, Tae Jung; Hwang, Sang Youp; Kim, Jong-Ho; Chae, Seung-Hoon; Cho, Jae Hyung; Prabhuram, Joghee; Kim, Soo-Kil; Lim, Tae-Hoon; Cho, Baek-Kyu; Oh, Jun-Ho; Moon, Sang Heup; Ha, Heung Yong
2018-03-21A highly efficient and stable organic additive for the positive electrolyte in vanadium redox flow batteries: taurine biomolecules containing -NH2 and -SO3H functional groupsHwang, Jinyeon; Kim, Bo-mi; Moon, Joonhee; Mehmood, Asad; Ha, Heung Yong
2018-03A novel approach for forming carbon nanorods on the surface of carbon felt electrode by catalytic etching for high-performance vanadium redox flow batteryAbbas, Saleem; Lee, Hyuck; Hwang, Jinyeon; Mehmood, Asad; Shin, Hyun-Jin; Mehboob, Sheeraz; Lee, Ju-Young; Ha, Heung Yong
2016-11-20A novel high performance configuration of electrochemical cell to produce alkali for sequestration of carbon dioxideMehmood, Asad; Iqbal, Muhammad Ibrahim; Lee, Ju-Young; Hwang, Jinyeon; Jung, Kwang-Deog; Ha, Heung Yong
2016-04-01A novel method of methanol concentration control through feedback of the amplitudes of output voltage fluctuations for direct methanol fuel cellsAn, Myung-Gi; Mehmood, Asad; Hwang, Jinyeon; Ha, Heung Yong
2015-11-30A review on durability issues and restoration techniques in long-term operations of direct methanol fuel cellsMehmood, Asad; Scibioh, M. Aulice; Prabhuram, Joghee; An, Myung-Gi; Ha, Heung Yong
2014-10-15A sensor-less methanol concentration control system based on feedback from the stack temperatureAn, Myung-Gi; Mehmood, Asad; Ha, Heung Yong
-A sensor-less methanol concentration control system based on the feedback control of stack temperatureAn MyungGi; Ha, Heung Yong
-A Study on Oxygen Gain of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel CellsMANI PRASANNA; CHO, EUN AE; Ha, Heung Yong; Hong, Seong Ahn; Oh, In Hwan
-A study on surface treatment of Nafion membrane and its effects on cell performanceMANI PRASANNA; CHO, EUN AE; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; Ha, Heung Yong; Hong, Seong Ahn; Oh, In Hwan
-Acid doped polybenzimidazole (PBI) as a catalyst binder for high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell operationsKim, Jeong-Hi; Jeong Seong UK; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; CHO, EUN AE; Ha, Heung Yong; Lim, Tae Hoon; Oh, In Hwan; Hong, Seong Ahn; 이호인
2013-02Alkyl chain modified sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) for fuel cell applicationsKrishnan, N. Nambi; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Ha, Heung Yong; Nam, Suk Woo
2001-09-01An Analytical Study of Treated Nafion Membrane Surfaces adn its Cell PerformanceHa, Heung Yong
-An Autothermal Reformer based on Porous Ni Plates for Hydrogen GenerationNam, Suk-Woo; Han, Jonghee; Yoon, Sung Pil; Ha, Heung Yong; Lim, Tae Hoon; Hong, Seong Ahn
2012-12An efficient decal transfer method using a roll-press to fabricate membrane electrode assemblies for direct methanol fuel cellsMehmood, Asad; Ha, Heung Yong
2005-03-01Analysis of Long-term Stability of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and Investifation of the Methods to Improve its PerformanceHa, Heung Yong
2016-06Arsenic removal from groundwater using low-cost carbon composite electrodes for capacitive deionizationLee, Ju-Young; Chaimongkalayon, Nantanee; Lim, Jinho; Ha, Heung Yong; Moon, Seung-Hyeon
2006-06-19Behavioral pattern of a monopolar passive direct methanol fuel cell stackKim, Young-Jin; Bae, Byungchan; Scibioh, M. Aulice; Cho, EunAe; Ha, Heung Yong
-CeO2-incorporated Pt catalysts for direct methanol fuel cellsChoi Baeck-baum; Soo-Kil Kim; M. Aulice Scibioh; Joghee Prabhuram; Ha, Heung Yong
2003-05-01Characteristics of air-breathing PEMFC for portable applicationsHa, Heung Yong
-Characteristics of cathode degradation of large scale DMFC MEAJoh Han-ik; Soo-Kil Kim; 이은숙; kim yi-young; KIM JANG MI; Lim Borami; Ha, Heung Yong
2002-09Characteristics of the Multi-kW Class Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Stack for a Hybrid Electric Golf CartOh, In Hwan; Seok-Jae Shin; Jang-Ho Jo; S.K. Park; Ha, Heung Yong; Hong, Seong Ahn; 안상열; Yong-Cheol Lee; S.A. Cho; J.B. Ju; Tae-WonLim
-Characterization of GDLs at Cathode Side of DMFC using Dynamic Load ChangesCho Jae Hyung; Dong June Ahn; Soo-Kil Kim; Ha, Heung Yong
2019-10CO2 capture by inorganic carbonation of waste concrete: A pilot scale-up processPark Sanghyun; Ahn, Yongtae; KALIMUTHU PANDI; Ha, Heung Yong; Jung, Kwang Deog; SungTaek Yoon; Choi Jae Young
-Comparison of long term test behavior of DMFC made of Nafion and hydrocarbon membranesJoghee Prabhuram; Nambi Krishnan Nagappan; Joh Han-ik; Eun Sook Lee; Ha, Heung Yong; Soo-Kil Kim
2020-10Comparison of various electrode fabrication methods for use in an electrolyzer to produce of HCl and NaOH from NaClKim Jaewon; Saleem Abbas; Ki Bong Lee; Ha, Heung Yong
2008-02Composite polymer electrolyte membranes containing polyrotaxanesChoa, Hyun Dong; Won, Jongok; Ha, Heung Yong
-Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of PEM Fuel Cells김윤장; 이태희; CHO, EUN AE; Ha, Heung Yong; Hong, Seong Ahn; Oh, In Hwan
-Control of a methanol concentration for the portable direct methanol fuel cell systemHa, Tae Jung; Ha, Heung Yong; Chonghun Han
2002-05-01Deposition and structure properties of hydrous solid electrolyte thin films for micro fuel cell based on MEMS processHa, Heung Yong