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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-045E- and 5Z-farnesylacetones from Sargassum siliquastrum as novel selective L-type calcium channel blockersShin, Woon-Seob; Oh, Sangtae; An, Sung-Wan; Park, Gab-Man; Kwon, Daeho; Ham, Jungyeob; Lee, Seokjoon; Park, Byong-Gon
2009-116-Hydroxymethyl-1-phenazine-carboxamide and 1,6-phenazinedimethanol from a marine bacterium, Brevibacterium sp KMD 003, associated with marine purple vase spongeChoi, Eun Ju; Kwon, Hak Cheol; Ham, Jungyeob; Yang, Hyun Ok
2019-11-15A comparative study of ginseng berry production in a vertical farm and an open fieldPark, Jai-Eok; Kim, Hyebin; Kim, Junho; Choi, Seon-Jun; Ham, Jungyeob; Nho, Chu Won; Yoo, Gyhye
-A Facile One-Pot Preparation of Alkyl Aminoaryl Sulfides for the Synthesis of GW7647 as an Agonist of PPARa양인호; Ham, Jungyeob; 고재영; 진정욱; 강헌중
2009-01-15A Facile One-Pot Preparation of Organoselanyltrifluoroborates from Dihalobenzenes and Their Cross-Coupling ReactionAhn, Hong Ryul; Cho, Young Ae; Kim, Dong-Su; Chin, Jungwook; Gyoung, Young-Soo; Lee, Seokjoon; Kang, Heonjoong; Ham, Jungyeob
2008-03-20A facile one-pot preparation of potassium hydroxyaryl- and (hydroxyalkyl)aryltrifluoroboratesPark, Young Hee; Ahn, Hong Ryul; Canturk, Belgin; Jeon, Sang, II; Lee, Seokjoon; Kang, Heonjoong; Molander, Gary A.; Ham, Jungyeob
-A facile one-pot synthesis of alkyl aryl sulfides/selenides from aryl halides탁정애; 진정욱; 고재영; 양인호; 한동엽; 조성진; Harish Holla; Ham, Jungyeob; 강헌중
-A Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Alkyl Aryl Sulfides/Selenides from Aryl Halides탁정애; 진정욱; 고재영; 양인호; 한동엽; Ham, Jungyeob; 강헌중
-A Facile Preparation of Hydroxylated Potassium Organotrifluoroborates and Their Jones Oxidation to Potassium OrganocarbonyltrifluoroboratesHam, Jungyeob; BOLLA KRISHNAVENU; Kim Dong-su; Song Jungho; Lee Hyejin; PARK SOON HYE
-A novel tunichrome and its iron complex from a marine ascidian Didemnum sp.Ham, Jungyeob; Ahn Hong Ryul; Young Ae Cho; Kim Dong Su
-A Novel Tunichrome as Iron Chelator Isolated from a Marine AscidianHam, Jungyeob
-A Physiological Study of Faecalibacterium prausnitziiPark Young Tae; Taejung Kim; Kim,Jin-Chul; Ham, Jungyeob; Choi Jae Young; 김나영; 김연란; 석영재
2011-05A Regioselective Synthesis of E-GuggulsteroneHam, Jungyeob; Chin, Jungwook; Kang, Heonjoong
-A Semi-Total Synthesis of Guggulsterones, Natural Hypolipidemic Drugs, from Various Steroids as Antagonists for the Farnesoid X Receptor진정욱; Ham, Jungyeob; 황후상; 강헌중
-A Simple One-Pot Synthesis of Hydroxylated and Carboxylated Aryl Alkyl Sulfides from Various Bromobenzenes고재영; Ham, Jungyeob; 양인호; 진정욱; 강헌중
-A Simple One-Pot Synthesis of Potassium Organotrifluoroborates including Hydroxyl GroupPark Young Hee; Ahn Hong Ryul; Jeon, Sang Il; Ham, Jungyeob
2010-10-15A stereo-controlled synthesis of 2,4-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-16-phenylhexadecanoic acid 1,4-lactone and its PPAR activitiesKo, Jaeyoung; Hwang, Hoosang; Chin, Jungwook; Hahn, Dongyup; Lee, Jaehwan; Yang, Inho; Shin, Kyoungjin; Ham, Jungyeob; Kang, Heonjoong
-Abietic acid inhibit ultraviolet B(UVB)-induced matrix metalloproteinases(MMP)-1 expression in human dermal fibroblast through peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor(PPAR) a/r dual activationJeon Young Sik; Lee Woo Jung; Jung Yu Jung; KANG KISUNG; Ham, Jungyeob; Yong Kee Kim; Kim, Su-Nam
2010-07-15Acid-catalyzed synthesis of 10-substituted triazolyl artemisinins and their growth inhibitory activity against various cancer cellsOh, Sangtae; Shin, Woon-Seob; Ham, Jungyeob; Lee, Seokjoon
-Acuminolides : The Structure and Bioactivity of New Polyether Macrolide from Dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminataHwang Buyng-su; Kim young seok; 노정래; Ham, Jungyeob
-Adsorption of heavy metal using treatment agents for acid mine drainageChoi Jae Young; Yang, Jung-Seok; Lee, Ju Young; Ham, Jungyeob
-Amorphastilbol derived from Amorpha fruticosa : Total synthesis and biological evaluation of dual PPAR α/γ agonistKIM TAE JUNG; Lee Woo Jung; Jeong Kyu Hyuk; Choi Pil-ju; Kim, Su-Nam; Seokjoon Lee; Masaya Nakata; Ham, Jungyeob
-Amorphastilbol enhances adipocyte differentiation in 3T3-L1 preadipocyte through PPAR gamma transactivationLee Woo Jung; Ahn Hong Ryul; Kwon Hak Cheol; Kim Yong Kee; Kim Hyeon Guk; Ham, Jungyeob; Yang, Hyun Ok; Kim, Su-Nam
2015-08Amorphastilbol exerts beneficial effects on glucose and lipid metabolism in mice consuming a high-fat-dietLee, Woojung; Ham, Jungyeob; Kwon, Hak Cheol; Yoon, Goo; Bae, Gyu-Un; Kim, Yong Kee; Kim, Su-Nam
-An improved approach for the synthesis of natural arylnaphthalene lactoe lignans via Hauser-Kraus naphthol formation strategyKIM TAE JUNG; Hwang Buyng-su; Masaya Nakata; Ham, Jungyeob
-An Optimized and Efficient Synthetic Strategy to Prepare Arylnaphthalene Lactone Natural ProductsKIM TAEJUNG; Kim Kyung Min; Ki Sung Kang; Ham, Jungyeob
2017-04-03An Optimized and General Synthetic Strategy To Prepare Arylnaphthalene Lactone Natural Products from CyanophthalidesKim, Taejung; Jeong, Kyu Hyuk; Kang, Ki Sung; Nakata, Masaya; Ham, Jungyeob
2013-03-01Anti-diabetic effect of amorphastilbol through PPAR alpha/gamma dual activation in db/db miceLee, Woojung; Ham, Jungyeob; Kwon, Hak Cheol; Kim, Yong Kee; Kim, Su-Nam
-Anti-Human Rhinoviral Activity of Bromocatechols Isolated from the Korea Red algae, Neorhodomela aculeataChoi Pil-ju; KIM HEEJIN; Lee Myeong Jae; 이석준; Ham, Jungyeob
2012-10Anti-Human Rhinoviral Activity of Polybromocatechol Compounds Isolated from the Rhodophyta, Neorhodomela aculeataPark, Soon-Hye; Song, Jae-Hyoung; Kim, Taejung; Shin, Woon-Seob; Park, Gab Man; Lee, Seokjoon; Kim, Young-Joo; Choi, Pilju; Kim, Heejin; Kim, Hui-Seong; Kwon, Dur-Han; Choi, Hwa Jung; Ham, Jungyeob