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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08Bioconversion of starch processing waste to Phellinus linteus mycelium in solid-state cultivationLee, Seungyong; Bae, Hyokwan; Song, Minkyung; Hwang, Seokhwan
2015-11Characterization of food waste-recycling wastewater as biogas feedstockShin, Seung Gu; Han, Gyuseong; Lee, Joonyeob; Cho, Kyungjin; Jeon, Eun-Jeong; Lee, Changsoo; Hwang, Seokhwan
2016-08Correlations between bacterial populations and process parameters in four full-scale anaerobic digesters treating sewage sludgeShin, Seung Gu; Koo, Taewoan; Lee, Joonyeob; Han, Gyuseong; Cho, Kyungjin; Kim, Woong; Hwang, Seokhwan
2017-03Identifying methanogen community structures and their correlations with performance parameters in four full-scale anaerobic sludge digestersKoo, Taewoan; Shin, Seung Gu; Lee, Joonyeob; Han, Gyuseong; Kim, Woong; Cho, Kyungjin; Hwang, Seokhwan
2017-12Microbial community shifts in a farm-scale anaerobic digester treating swine waste: Correlations between bacteria communities associated with hydrogenotrophic methanogens and environmental conditionsCho, Kyungjin; Shin, Seung Gu; Kim, Woong; Lee, Joonyeob; Lee, Changsoo; Hwang, Seokhwan
2016-08Nitrification resilience and community dynamics of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria with respect to ammonia loading shock in a nitrification reactor treating steel wastewaterCho, Kyungjin; Shin, Seung Gu; Lee, Joonyeob; Koo, Taewoan; Kim, Woong; Hwang, Seokhwan
2016-09Nutrient Recovery of Starch Processing Waste to Cordyceps militaris: Solid State Cultivation and Submerged Liquid CultivationLee, Joonyeob; Cho, Kyungjin; Shin, Seung Gu; Bae, Hyokwan; Koo, Taewoan; Han, Gyuseong; Hwang, Seokhwan
2008-02Optimization of growth conditions of Lentinus edodes mycelium on corn processing waste using response surface analysisLee, Seungyong; Bae, Hyokwan; Kim, Nakyung; Hwang, Seokhwan
2015-10Resource recovery using whey permeate to cultivate Phellinus linteus mycelium: Solid-state and submerged liquid fermentationCho, Kyungjin; Lee, Joonyeob; Han, Gyuseong; Kim, Na Kyung; Bae, Hyokwan; Hwang, Seokhwan
2016-09Seasonal monitoring of bacteria and archaea in a full-scale thermophilic anaerobic digester treating food waste-recycling wastewater: Correlations between microbial community characteristics and process variablesLee, Joonyeob; Han, Gyuseong; Shin, Seung Gu; Koo, Taewoan; Cho, Kyungjin; Kim, Woong; Hwang, Seokhwan
2015-11Structures of microbial communities found in anaerobic batch runs that produce methane from propionic acid-Seeded from full-scale anaerobic digesters above a certain thresholdKim, Woong; Shin, Seung Gu; Han, Gyuseong; Cho, Kyungjin; Hwang, Seokhwan
2019-01Temporal variation in bacterial and methanogenic communities of three full-scale anaerobic digesters treating swine wastewaterHan, Gyuseong; Shin, Seung Gu; Cho, Kyungjin; Lee, Joonyeob; Kim, Woong; Hwang, Seokhwan