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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-3D Lip Feature Analysis for Visual Speech RecognitionKoh Hye seung; Inchan Youn; Lee, Youn Joo; Hwang, Dosik; Choi, Kuiwon
-3D Measurement Research for Image Guide Surgery of TKR OperationSeo Duck Chan; Park Heung-Seok; Inchan Youn; LEE MOON KYU; Sun L. Yoo; Choi, Kuiwon
-3D real-time facial recognition and speech system using 2 pair stereo cameraKoh Hye seung; Han sung min; Chu Jun Uk; Dosik Hwang; Suh Jun Kyo; Choi, Kuiwon; Inchan Youn
-3D reconstruction process of femur using 2D X-ray imagesKim Hyung Jin; Kim Aram; Inchan Youn; Choi, Kuiwon
2016-0664-Channel Double-Layered Sieve Electrode with Increased Porosity for Improved Axon Regeneration and High Spatial ResolutionJeong Jinwoo; Jung woo hyun; Kim Ockchul; Jun-Uk Chu; Inchan Youn; Keehoon Kim; Oh, Sang Rok; Jong Woong Park; KIM, JINSEOK
-A 32-Channel Focused Ultrasound Stimulator Using Phased Array MEMS Transducers for Accurate Targeting in Neuro-Muscular Rehabilitation SystemOh Sung Jin; KIM HYUNG MIN; Inchan Youn
2019-10A comparative study for ECG QRS complex detection with respect to mother waveletsChanki Park; HYUNMYUNG CHO; Heesu Park; Inchan Youn; Sungmin Han
-A fully implantable wireless system for sciatic nerve recording and stimulationAHNSEI SHON; Song Kang Il; Chu Jun Uk; Suh, Jun-Kyo; Choi, Kuiwon; Inchan Youn
-A Neural Probe with Aligned Optical Fiber Using Fiber Guide Structure for Simultaneous Optogenetic Stimulation and RecordingLee Boo Yong; Kim Tae Hyung; Jin Ju Young; Choi Won-suk; Sunghee Park; Jeong Jinwoo; Inchan Youn; Jung-Ho Park; KIM, JINSEOK
-A novel unsorted spike feature based real-time sensory event detection for closed-loop controlHan sungmin; J. U. Chu; Choi, Kuiwon; J, W, Park; Inchan Youn
-A Real-Time ENG Pattern Recognition System based Sensory Event detection for Closed-Loop ControlHan sungmin; Chu Jun-Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Suh, Jun-Kyo; Park Jong Woong; Inchan Youn
-A Study on the Communication System using 3D Lip InformationHye Seung KOH; Lee, Youn Joo; Chu Jun Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Dosik HWANG; Inchan Youn
-A Study on the Physical Activity Classification Using a Wrist-worn Triaxial AccelerometerHeesu Park; JUNG INWON; Chang Min Hye; Inchan Youn
-A study on Unsorted Spike Featrues for Sensory Event Detection from Tactile Afferent SignalsHan sungmin; J. U. Chu; J. W. Park; Inchan Youn
-Activity Recognition and Step Counting Using Wrist-worn Inertial Measurement UnitsHeesu Park; Inwon Jung; Min-hye Chang; Inchan Youn
-An Implantable Low-Noise Amplifier for Nerve Cuff ElectrodesSong Kang il; Chu Jun Uk; Inchan Youn; 권일근; Sunk.Y; Choi, Kuiwon; Suh Jun Kyo
-Analysis of Heart Rate Variability and Physiological Parameters for Stress/Recovery MonitoringPark Da Jeong; Sunghee Park; Joon-Kyung Seong; Inchan Youn
-Analysis of heart rate variability and serum corticosterone level in an animal model of short- and long-term stressPark Da Jeong; Sunghee Park; Inchan Youn
-Artifact Removal Using Advanced Moving Average Filter for Accurate Detection of Short-Latency SpikesOh Sung Jin; Han sungmin; Kim Dong Hwee; Heesu Park; Inchan Youn
2019-10Assessment of body balance for difference of sensory feedbackSung Joohwan; Heesu Park; Inchan Youn
-Biomechanical evaluation of custom made acetabular cup using 3D finite element methodHan sung min; Chu Jun Uk; Sunghee Park; Choi, Kuiwon; Inchan Youn
2017-09Biometric Personal Identification Based on Gait Analysis Using Surface EMG signalsLee Mi-ran; Ryu Jaehwan; Inchan Youn
-Characteristics of the Neuronal Firing Patterns in the Subthalamic Nucleus with Graded Dopaminergic Cell Loss in the Nigrostriatal PathwaySunghee Park; Song Kang-Il; Suh, Jun-Kyo; Inchan Youn
-Classification of Sensory Neural Information from Rat Spinal Cord Using Principal Component AnalysisHan sungmin; Chu Jun Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Jong Woong Park; Inchan Youn
-Closed-Loop Ankle Angle Control using Nerve Cuff Electrode with Functional Electrical Stimulation in RabbitSong Kang-Il; J.U. Chu; Sunghee Park; Choi, Kuiwon; D. Hwang; Inchan Youn
-Closed-Loop Control of Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation using Cuff Electrode for Sit-to-Stand Maneuver in Spinal Cord Injury Animal ModelSong Kang-Il; Joongkee Min; Sunghee Park; Choi, Kuiwon; Dosik Hwang; Inchan Youn
-Connectivity between Subthalamic Nucleus and Motor Cortex during Optical Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinsonian MiceSunghee Park; Song Kang Il; Chu Jun Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Inchan Youn
-Customized Design and Biomechanical Evaluation of Acetabular Cup Based on Bone DensityHan sungmin; Kim Jung Sung; Choi, Kuiwon; Inchan Youn
-Design of a Low-Noise Amplifier for Nerve Cuff Electrode RecordingChu Jun Uk; Song Kang il; Inchan Youn; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Choi, Kuiwon; Suh Jun Kyo
-Detection and Classification of Somatosensory Evoked Field Potentials in the Rat Spinal CordHan sungmin; Chu Jun Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Park Jong Woong; Inchan Youn