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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Change of electrical properties of a-IGZO TFT depending on processing parameters조경철; 정유진; J. S. Lee; 이상렬
1996-09Crystallization and magnetic properties of Fe84B9Nb7 amorphois ribbons김광윤; 노태환; J. S. Lee; 김철성; 김성백
1995-01Effects of insulation coating on the magnetic properties of an FeBNb nanocrylstalline alloy.임상호; 강일구; 노태환; J. S. Lee; J. Y. Park; Y. J. Bae; K. Y. Kim
1996-01Going beyond the mean-field approximations of alloys and alloy superlattices: A few puzzles solved?.강광남; 우덕하; D. S. Kim; H. S. Ko; Y. S. Lim; Y. M. Kim; J. S. Lee; S. J. Rhee; W. S. Kim; S. C. Hong; Y. H. Yee; J. S. Khim; J. M. Jung; S. Huhr; J. H. Lee; J. S. Chang; B. D. Choe; J. C. Woo; P. H. Song; H. J. Choi; S. H. Jhi; J. Ihm; E. J. Shin; D. Kim; J. J. Song
2018-02Ionic cellulose-stabilized gold nanoparticles and their application in the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol이현주; J. Hwang; A. B. Siddique; Y. J. Kim; H. Lee; J. H. Maeng; Y. Ahn; J. S. Lee; H. S. Kim
2008-12Large magnetoresistance at room temperature in InSb주성중; T Y Kim; J. S. Lee; 신상훈; 송진동; 신경호; K. Rhie; 홍진기
1994-05Magnetic properties behaviors in Fe88Zr7B4Cu1 nanocrystalline alloy prepared by different postanneal cooling rates김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; T. Kang; J. S. Lee
1994-11Soft magnetic properties of Fe-B-M-Cu(M=Hf,Zr,Nb) alloys with nanocrystalline and amorphous hybrid structure.김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; Y. C. Yoo; J. S. Lee
1995-11Temperature dependence of the magnetization of glassy and nanocrystalline Fe//8//2MnB//1//0Cu//1(M=Zr,Hg,Nb) alloys with high permeability in high frequency range.김광윤; 노태환; V. Strom; J. S. Lee; S. C. Yu; K. S. Kim; K. V. Rao
1995-10The magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe//8//4B//9Nb//7 nanocrytsalline alloy.김광윤; J. S. Lee; J. Y. Park; 노태환; 강일구; Y. C. Yoo
1995-11The magnetic properties of ultrathin FeBNbCu nanocrystalline alloy.김광윤; 노태환; 강일구; J. S. Lee; Y. C. Yoo
1988-01The optical properties and photodarkening effect of As//4SxSe//5//-//xGe amorphous thin films.강광남; W. J. Choi; J. S. Lee; B. H. Lee
1995-01The role of Nb in crystallization behaviors and magnetic properties of Fe//8//5//-//xB//1//5Nb//x amorphous alloys.김광윤; J. S. Lee; Y. C. Yoo; 노태환; 강일구