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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A micromechanical study on interphase effect of surface-modified carbon nanotube-reinforced composites on thermal conductivitiesChoi Hoi-Kil; Jung Hana; Hyunkee Hong; Oh Yuna; Jaesang Yu; Eui Sup Shin
-A Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Density of Carbon Nanotube FibersLee, Haena; Choi Hoi-Kil; Jaesang Yu; Jae-hak Choi; Bon-Cheol Ku
-A Study on Finite Element Modeling of Unidirectional Composite Materials using 3D-Computed TomographyNam Jo Kim; Dong Yeon Kim; Jae Hyuk Kim; Sun Won Kim; Jaesang Yu
-An analytical interphase model combined with a molecular dynamics simulation for CNT/polymer compositesChoi Hoi-Kil; Jaesang Yu; Eui Sup Shin
-An experimental study on the Epoxy-based Composites Reinforced with Functionalized Carbon NanotubesJung Ha Na; Jaesang Yu; Choi Hoi-Kil; 김연직
2019-12-05Analysis of an insertion efficiency of solvents for sulfur-doped reduced graphene oxide sheets using molecular dynamics simulationsOh Yuna; Bon-Cheol Ku; YOU NAM HO; Kim, Young Kwan; Yonjig Kim; Jaesang Yu
-Analysis of chemical bonding effects for functionalized CNT/polycarbonate nanocomposites using molecular dynamics simulationChoi Hoi-Kil; Jung Ha Na; Jaesang Yu; Eui Sup Shin
2019-12-05Analysis of influences of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube reinforced nanocomposites on the mechanical and thermal propertiesChoi Hoi Kil; Jung Hana; Oh Yuna; Hyunkee Hong; Eui Sup Shin; Jaesang Yu; Kicheol Kwon; Changsoo Kang
-Classical Micromechanics Modeling of Functionally Graded MaterialsJaesang Yu; Addis Kidane
-Coupled Multi-Inclusion and Multi-Coating Micromechanics Modeling of Viscoelastic Composite MaterialsTrent M Ricks; Jaesang Yu; Thomas E Lacy; Rani W Sullivan
-Development of Reduced Graphene Oxide as Fillers for Improving Mechanical Properties and Gas Barrier Performance of Polyimide CompositesHyeonuk Yeo; Jun Lim; Seo Gyun Kim; Jaesang Yu; Goh Munju; Bon-Cheol Ku; Heon Sang Lee; YOU NAM HO
-Development of representative volume element with diverse volume fractions by random fiber removal and evaluation of mechanical propertiesS.M. Park; D.W. Kim; Jaesang Yu; J.H. Lim
2019-12-05Enhancement of thermo-mechanical stability for nanocomposites containing plasma treated carbon nanotubes with an experimental study and molecular dynamics simulationJung Hana; Choi Hoi Kil; Oh Yuna; Hyunkee Hong; Jaesang Yu; Ki-Chul Kwon; Chang-Soo Kang
2019-12-04Enhancement of through-plane thermal/electrical conductivities of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) using a stitching methodHyunkee Hong; YOU NAM HO; Jaesang Yu
-Fast and scalable synthesis of reduce graphene oxide by Couette-Taylor flowNam Ki-Ho; Young-Kwan Kim; YOU NAM HO; Jaesang Yu; Bon-Cheol Ku
-Finite Element Modeling of Actual Composite Materials using 3D-Computed Tomography and Review on Equivalent ModulusD.Y. Kim; J.H. Lim; D.W. Kim; Y.H. Kim; Jaesang Yu
-Interply fracture toughness study of epoxy-based hybrid composites reinforced with carbon/glass fibersJung Ha Na; Jaesang Yu; 김연직
-Micromechancially based effective electrical conductivity estimates and experimental study for polymer nanocompositesJaesang Yu
-Micromechanically based effective electrical conductivity estimates_percolation thresholdJaesang Yu
2013-10Micromechanically-Based Effective Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Estimates for Polymer NanocompositesJaesang Yu
2013-12Micromechanics modeling of FGMs containing heterogeneitiesJaesang Yu
-Micromechanics modeling of functionally graded materials containing multiple heterogeneitiesJaesang Yu; Cheol-Min Yang; Yong Chae Jung
2013-12Micromechanics modeling of polymer nanocomposites for effective thermal and electrical propertiesJaesang Yu
-Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite SystemsYong Chae Jung; Cheol-Min Yang; Jaesang Yu
-Modeling of multifunctional carbon nanofiber reinforced compositesJaesang Yu
-Molecular dynamical analysis for prediction of the thermo-elastic properties of carbon nanotube reinforced compositesChoi Hoi-Kil; Jung Ha Na; Jaesang Yu; 신의섭
2014-11Multiscale Material Modeling of Polymer Matrix CompositesJaesang Yu
-Multiscale modeling of CNT reinforced compositesJaesang Yu
2014-12Multiscale modeling of polymer nanocomposites for automotive applicationsJaesang Yu