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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05Carbonization of a stable beta-sheet-rich silk protein into a pseudographitic pyroproteinCho, Se Youn; Yun, Young Soo; Lee, Sungho; Jang, Dawon; Park, Kyu-Young; Kim, Jae Kyung; Kim, Byung Hoon; Kang, Kisuk; Kaplan, David L.; Jin, Hyoung-Joon
2020-09Correlating thermal conductivity of carbon fibers with mechanical and structural propertiesJang, Dawon; Lee, Sungho
2020-10Cost-effective and highly efficient surface heating elements using high thermal conductive carbon fibersLee, Sora; Jang, Dawon; Chung, Yong Sik; Lee, Sungho
2022-11Critical factors to inhibit water-splitting side reaction in carbon-based electrode materials for zinc metal anodesKang, Dong Hyuk; Lee, Eunji; Youn, Beom Sik; Ha, Son; Hyun, Jong Chan; Yoon, Juhee; Jang, Dawon; Kim, Kyoung Sun; Kim, Hyungsub; Lee, Sang Moon; Lee, Sungho; Jin, Hyoung-Joon; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Yun, Young Soo
2017-03Effect of Heating Rate in Carbonization on Mechanical Properties of Polyacrylonitrile Based Carbon FibersJang, Dawon; Joh, Han-Ik; Ku, Bon-Cheol; Kim, SeoungRyoung; Bang, YunHyuk; Lee, Sungho
2022-07Effect of phosphorylated lignin on flame retardancy of polypropylene-based compositesLee, Jung-Hun; Jang, Dawon; Yang, Inchan; Jo, Seong Mu; Lee, Sungho
2020-09Electrolyte-Dependent Sodium Ion Transport Behaviors in Hard Carbon AnodeLee, Min Eui; Lee, Sang Moon; Choi, Jaewon; Jang, Dawon; Lee, Sungho; Jin, Hyoung-Joon; Yun, Young Soo
2022-10Enhancing energy efficiency and long-term durability of vanadium redox flow battery with catalytically graphitized carbon fiber felts as electrodes by boron dopingYang, Inchan; Lee, Sora; Jang, Dawon; Lee, Jung-Eun; Cho, Se Youn; Lee, Sungho
2017-11-14High Performance Graphitic Carbon from Waste Polyethylene: Thermal Oxidation as a Stabilization Pathway RevisitedChoi, Dalsu; Jang, Dawon; Joh, Han-Ik; Reichmanis, Elsa; Lee, Sungho
2017-01-14Iron oxide/porous carbon as a heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for fast decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and efficient removal of methylene blueYoo, Seung Hwa; Jang, Dawon; Joh, Han-Ik; Lee, Sungho
2017-04Multi-functional nitrogen self-doped graphene quantum dots for boosting the photovoltaic performance of BHJ solar cellsMoon, Byung Joon; Jang, Dawon; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Hyunbok; Kim, Sang Jin; Oh, Yelin; Lee, Sang Hyun; Park, Min; Lee, Sungho; Bae, Sukang
2019-10Opto-thermal technique for measuring thermal conductivity of polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibersJang, Dawon; Lee, Dong Su; Lee, Aram; Joh, Han-Ik; Lee, Sungho
2023-03Processing-controlled radial heterogeneous structure of carbon fibers and primary factors determining their mechanical propertiesLee, Jung-Eun; Choi, Jiho; Jang, Dawon; Lee, Sora; Kim, Tae-Hwan; Lee, Sungho
2016-12Reduced graphene oxide-assisted crystallization of perovskite via solution process for efficient and stable planar solar cells with module-scalesYeo, Jun-Seok; Lee, Cheol-Ho; Jang, Dawon; Lee, Sungho; Jo, Seung Mu; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Dong-Yu
2021-11-30Silk Protein-Derived carbon fabric as an electrode with high Electro-Catalytic activity for All-Vanadium redox flow batteriesLee, Min Eui; Jang, Dawon; Lee, Sora; Yoo, Jiseon; Choi, Jaewon; Jin, Hyoung-Joon; Lee, Sungho; Cho, Se Youn
2022-01Strategies for the production of PAN-Based carbon fibers with high tensile strengthJang, Dawon; Lee, Min Eui; Choi, Jiwon; Cho, Se Youn; Lee, Sungho
2016-03-23Strengthened PAN-based carbon fibers obtained by slow heating rate carbonizationKim, Min-A; Jang, Dawon; Tejima, Syogo; Cruz-Silva, Rodolfo; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sungho; Endo, Morinobu
2017-07Ultra strong pyroprotein fibres with long-range orderingCho, Se Youn; Yun, Young Soo; Jang, Dawon; Jeon, Jun Woo; Kim, Byung Hoon; Lee, Sungho; Jin, Hyoung-Joon