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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07-11A 4V Li-Ion Battery using All-Spinel-Based ElectrodesIslam, Mobinul; Jeong, Min-Gi; Ali, Ghulam; Oh, In-Hwan; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2020-11A facile control in free-carbon domain with divinylbenzene for the high-rate-performing Sb/SiOCcomposite anode material in sodium-ion batteriesKim, Dowon; Kim, Hyeongwoo; Lim, Hyojun; Kim, Ki Jae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Byun, Dongjin; Kim, Changsam; Choi, Wonchang
2023-07A fluoroalkyl iodide additive for Li-O2 battery electrolytes enables stable cycle life and high reversibilityJeong, Min-Gi; Lee, Hyun Ho; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Jeong, Yeseul; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kwak, Won-Jin; Oh, Gwangseok; Kim, Wonkeun; Ryu, Kyounghan; Yu, Seungho; Lim, Hee-Dae; Lee, Minah; Jung, Hun-Gi
2020-11A high voltage Li-ion full-cell battery with MnCo2O4/LiCoPO4 electrodesIslam, Mobinul; Akbar, Muhammad; Ali, Ghulam; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Jung, Hun-Gi
2015-11A high-capacity Li[Ni0.8Co0.06Mn0.14]O-2 positive electrode with a dual concentration gradient for next-generation lithium-ion batteriesPark, Kang-Joon; Lim, Byung-Beom; Choi, Moon-Ho; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Haro, Marta; Vicente, Nuria; Bisquert, Juan; Garcia-Belmonte, Germa
2017-12-21A nano-LiNbO3 coating layer and diffusion-induced surface control towards high-performance 5 V spinel cathodes for rechargeable batteriesKim, Hyeongwoo; Byun, Dongjin; Chang, Wonyoung; Jung, Hun-Gi; Choi, Wonchang
2021-07A New Approach to Stable Cationic and Anionic Redox Activity in O3-Layered Cathode for Sodium-Ion BatteriesVoronina, Natalia; Yaqoob, Najma; Kim, Hee Jae; Lee, Kug-Seung; Lim, Hee-Dae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Guillon, Olivier; Kaghazchi, Payam; Myung, Seung-Taek
2019-10-07A new P2-type layered oxide cathode with superior full-cell performances for K-ion batteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Jongsoon; Yu, Tae-Yeon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, JaeKook; Kim, Kwang-Ho; Sun, Yang-Kook
2022-09A nitrogen-doped amorphous/graphitic hybrid carbon material derived from a sustainable resource for low-cost K-ion battery anodesJeong, Yeseul; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Oh, Gwangeon; Alfaruqi, Muhammad Hilmy; Ahmed, Mohammad Shamsuddin; Mathew, Vinod; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Jaekook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2021-05A phase-convertible fast ionic conductor with a monolithic plastic crystalline hostLee, Seongsoo; Moon, Janghyuk; Bintang, His Muhammad; Shin, Sunghee; Jung, Hun-Gi; Yu, Seung-Ho; Oh, Si Hyoung; Whang, Dongmok; Lim, Hee-Dae
2020-03A review of challenges and issues concerning interfaces for all-solid-state batteriesLim, Hee-Dae; Park, Jae-Ho; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Jeong, Jiwon; Kim, Jun Tae; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Jung, Hun-Gi; Chung, Kyung Yoon
2012-08A Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Electrochemical Process of Lithium-Oxygen CellsJung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Hee-Soo; Park, Jin-Bum; Oh, In-Hwan; Hassoun, Jusef; Yoon, Chong Seung; Scrosati, Bruno; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-10Ambilaterality of RM towards O-1(2) in Li-O-2 Batteries: Trap and QuencherLee, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Kwak, Won-Jin
-An advanced lithium-air battery using a stable glyme electrolyteJung, Hun-Gi; Jusef Hassoun; Chong Seung Yoon; Lee, Joong Kee; Oh, In Hwan; Bruno Scrosati; Yang-Kook Sun
2023-10An argyrodite sulfide coated NCM cathode for improved interfacial contact in normal-pressure operational all-solid-state batteriesKim, Jun Tae; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Kim, A-Yeon; Oh, Hyeonseong; Kim, Hun; Yu, Seungho; Kim, Hyoungchul; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Kim, Jongsoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2017-01-05Anatase TiO2-reduced graphene oxide nanostructures with high-rate sodium storage performanceKirn, Jung Hyun; Choi, Wonchang; Jung, Hun-Gi; Oh, Si Hyong; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Cho, Won Il; Oh, In Hwan; Nah, In Wook
2023-03Annealing-Free Thioantimonate Argyrodites with High Li-Ion Conductivity and Low Elastic ModulusJung, Wo Dum; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Young Jung; Jeong, Hyeseong; Han, Daseul; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Ahn, Docheon; Kwon, Deok-Hwang; Jung, Hun-Gi; Lee, Jong-Ho; Kim, Hyoungchul
2019-01-09Atomistic Assessments of Lithium-Ion Conduction Behavior in Glass-Ceramic Lithium ThiophosphatesKim, Ji-Su; Jung, Wo Dum; Son, Ji-Won; Lee, Jong-Ho; Kim, Byung-Kook; Chung, Kyung-Yoon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Hyoungchul
2014-12-12Bundle-type silicon nanorod anodes produced by electroless etching using silver ions and their electrochemical characteristics in lithium ion cellsKim, Jung Sub; Jung, Hun-Gi; Choi, Wonchang; Lee, Haw Young; Byun, Dongjin; Lee, Joong Kee
2022-03Carbon microsphere encapsulated SnS for use as an anode material in full-cell sodium-ion batteryIslam, Mobinul; Ali, Basit; Jeong, Min-Gi; Akbar, Muhammad; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Jung, Hun-Gi
2019-02Carbon-Free TiO2 Microspheres as Anode Materials for Sodium Ion BatteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Du, Hoang-Long; Yun, Bin-Na; Jeong, Min-Gi; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Hyoungchul; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2017-08Chemically Evolved Composite Lithium-Ion Conductors with Lithium Thiophosphates and Nickel SulfidesPark, Mansoo; Jung, Hun-Gi; Jung, Wo Dum; Cho, Soo Young; Yun, Bin-Na; Lee, Yoon Sung; Choi, Sungjun; Ahn, Junsung; Lim, Jaemin; Sung, Ju Young; Jang, Yong-Jun; Ahn, Jae-Pyoung; Lee, Jong-Ho; Kim, Hyoungchul
2023-11Chiolite Na5Ti3F14: A novel sodium titanium fluoride anode for low-cost and high-performance Na-ion batteriesKang, Jungmin; Ahn, Jinho; Lee, Yongseok; Park, Hyunyoung; Ko, Wonseok; Ku, Bonyoung; Choi, Myungeun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Ryu, Won-Hee; Kim, Jongsoon
2022-02CO2-adsorbent spongy electrode for non-aqueous Li-O-2 batteriesYoo, Yiseul; Lee, Giseung; Jeong, Min-Gi; Jung, Hun-Gi; Shin, Sunghee; Byun, Dongjin; Yim, Taeeun; Lim, Hee-Dae
2015-05-20Coating Lithium Titanate with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon by Simple Refluxing for High-Power Lithium-Ion BatteriesDu Hoang Long; Jeong, Min-Gi; Lee, Yoon-Sung; Choi, Wonchang; Lee, Joong Kee; Oh, In-Hwan; Jung, Hun-Gi
2019-02Color and Hardness of Abalone Shells Enhanced by Nano-Quantum Dots and Hydrophobic SilicaSANGHYE KIM; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Sang Woo
2018-04Configuring PSx tetrahedral clusters in Li-excess Li7P3S11 solid electrolyteJung, Wo Dum; Yun, Bin-Na; Jung, Hun-Gi; Choi, Sungjun; Son, Ji-Won; Lee, Jong-Ho; Lee, Jong-Heun; Kim, Hyoungchul
2015-02-01Control of electrochemical properties of nickel-rich layered cathode materials for lithium ion batteries by variation of the manganese to cobalt ratioSun, Ho-Hyun; Choi, Wonchang; Lee, Joong Kee; Oh, In-Hwan; Jung, Hun-Gi
2017-12Controversial Topics on Lithium Superoxide in Li-O-2 BatteriesKwak, Won-Jin; Park, Jin-Bum; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2024-02Correlation between the particle size of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 solid electrolyte and lithium-ion transport in composite cathodes for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteriesPark, Jae-Ho; Kim, Mingony; Kim, Min-Young; Jeong, Jiwon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Yoon, Woo Young; Chung, Kyung Yoon