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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-193D Cross-Point Plasmonic Nanoarchitectures Containing Dense and Regular Hot Spots for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy AnalysisJeong, Jae Won; Arnob, Md Masud Parvez; Baek, Kwang-Min; Lee, Seung Yong; Shih, Wei-Chuan; Jung, Yeon Sik
2023-10Bifunctional Electrode Design Targeting Co-Enhanced Kinetics and Mass Transport for Hydrogen and Water Oxidation ReactionsKim, Ye Ji; Lim, Ahyoun; Lee, Gyu Rac; Kim, Minjoon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Jong Min; Jung, Yeon Sik; Park, Hyun S.
2021-07Conformation-modulated three-dimensional electrocatalysts for high-performance fuel cell electrodesKim, Jong Min; Jo, Ahrae; Lee, Kyung Ah; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Kim, Ye Ji; Kim, Ho Young; Lee, Gyu Rac; Kim, Minjoon; Park, Yemin; Kang, Yun Sik; Jung, Juhae; Chae, Keun Hwa; Lee, Eoyoon; Ham, Hyung Chul; Ju, Hyunchul; Jung, Yeon Sik; Kim, Jin Young
2023-03Customized Patterning of Deep Nanowell Structures in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Highly Enhanced Fuel Cell PerformancesJeon, Kiung; Lee, SangJae; Kim, Jong Min; Um, Sukkee; Cho, EunAe; Jung, Yeon Sik
2023-09Efficient and sustainable water electrolysis achieved by excess electron reservoir enabling charge replenishment to catalystsLee, Gyu Rac; Kim, Jun; Hong, Doosun; Kim, Ye Ji; Jang, Hanhwi; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Hwang, Chang-Kyu; Kim, Donghun; Kim, Jin Young; Jung, Yeon Sik
2006-12Enhancement of the surface and structural properties of ZnO epitaxial films grown on Al2O3 substrates utilizing annealed ZnO buffer layersNo, Young Soo; Kononenko, Oleg; Jung, Yeon Sik; Choi, Won Kook; Kima, Tae Whan
2014-11High-resolution nanotransfer printing applicable to diverse surfaces via interface-targeted adhesion switchingJeong, Jae Won; Yang, Se Ryeun; Hur, Yoon Hyung; Kim, Seong Wan; Baek, Kwang Min; Yim, Soonmin; Jang, Hyun-Ik; Park, Jae Hong; Lee, Seung Yong; Park, Chong-Ook; Jung, Yeon Sik
2016-03-02Highly Asymmetric n(+)-p Heterojunction Quantum-Dot Solar Cells with Significantly Improved Charge-Collection EfficienciesChoi, Min-Jae; Kim, Sunchuel; Lim, Hunhee; Choi, Jaesuk; Sim, Dong Min; Yim, Soonmin; Ahn, Byung Tae; Kim, Jin Young; Jung, Yeon Sik
2020-10Highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction via facile bubble transport realized by three-dimensionally stack-printed catalystsKim, Ye Ji; Lim, Ahyoun; Kim, Jong Min; Lim, Donghoon; Chae, Keun Hwa; Cho, Eugene N.; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Jeon, Ki Ung; Kim, Moohyun; Lee, Gun Ho; Lee, Gyu Rac; Ahn, Hyun S.; Park, Hyun S.; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Kim, Jin Young; Jung, Yeon Sik
2017-01Interfacial band-edge engineered TiO2 protection layer on Cu2O photocathodes for efficient water reduction reactionChoi, Jaesuk; Song, Jun Tae; Jang, Ho Seong; Choi, Min-Jae; Sim, Dong Min; Yim, Soonmin; Lim, Hunhee; Jung, Yeon Sik; Oh, Jihun
2017-05-24Interfacial Energy-Controlled Top Coats for Gyroid/Cylinder Phase Transitions of Polystyrene-block-polydimethylsiloxane Block Copolymer Thin FilmsRyu, In Hyu; Kim, Yong Joo; Jung, Yeon Sik; Lim, Jong Sung; Ross, Caroline A.; Son, Jeong Gon
2022-03Modulation and Modeling of Three-Dimensional Nanowire Assemblies Targeting Gas Sensors with High Response and ReliabilityHan, Hyeuk Jin; Lee, Gyu Rac; Han, Yujin; Jang, Hanhwi; Cho, Eugene N.; Kim, Sunho; Kim, Chang Sub; Yim, Soonmin; Jeong, Jae Won; Kim, Jong Min; Yu, Seunghee; Tuller, Harry L.; Jung, Yeon Sik
2015-07-28Sequentially Self-Assembled Rings-in-Mesh Nanoplasmonic Arrays for Surface-Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyBaek, Kwang Min; Kim, Jong Min; Jeong, Jae Won; Lee, Seung Yong; Jung, Yeon Sik
2023-11Sub-30 nm 2D Perovskites Patterns via Block Copolymer Guided Self-Assembly for Color Conversion Optical PolarizerPark, Youjin; Han, Hyowon; Lee, Hyeokjung; Kim, Sohee; Park, Tae Hyun; Jang, Jihye; Kim, Gwanho; Park, Yemin; Lee, Jiyeon; Kim, Dongjun; Kim, Jiwon; Jung, Yeon Sik; Jeong, Beomjin; Park, Cheolmin
2019-12Suppressing Interfacial Dipoles to Minimize Open-Circuit Voltage Loss in Quantum Dot PhotovoltaicsLim, Hunhee; Kim, Donghun; Choi, Min-Jae; Sargent, Edward H.; Jung, Yeon Sik; Kim, Jin Young
2021-11Synergistic Integration of Chemo-Resistive and SERS Sensing for Label-Free Multiplex Gas DetectionHan, Hyeuk Jin; Cho, Seunghee H.; Han, Sangjun; Jang, Ji-Soo; Lee, Gyu Rac; Cho, Eugene N.; Kim, Sang-Joon; Kim, Il-Doo; Jang, Min Seok; Tuller, Harry L.; Cha, Judy J.; Jung, Yeon Sik
2019-08Tuning Solute-Redistribution Dynamics for Scalable Fabrication of Colloidal Quantum-Dot OptoelectronicsChoi, Min-Joe; Kim, YongJoo; Lim, Hunhee; Alarousu, Erkki; Adhikari, Aniruddha; Shaheen, Basamat S.; Kim, Yong Ho; Mohammed, Omar F.; Sargent, Edward H.; Kim, Jin Young; Jung, Yeon Sik
2019-09Universal Synthesis of Porous Inorganic Nanosheets via Graphene-Cellulose Templating RouteJang, Ji Soo; Cho, Seunghee; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Song, Seok-Won; Kim, Sang-Joon; Koo, Won-Tae; Kim, Dong-Ha; Jeong, Hyeonsu; Jung, Yeon Sik; Kim, Il-Doo
-(Undefined)LEE HONG CHAN; Jung, Yeon Sik; CHOI, WON-KOOK; PARK HOON; 심광보; Oh, Young-Jei