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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Chabazite-Type Zeolite Membranes for Effective CO2 Separation: The Role of Hydrophobicity and Defect Structure최낙원; Minseong Lee; Sungwon Hong; Dongjae Kim; Kyunghwan Lim; Jae Chil Jung; Hannes Richter; Jong-Ho Moon; Jaewook Nam; Jungkyu Choi
2021-09Condensation of furans for the production of diesel precursors: A study on the effects of surface acid sites of sulfonated carbon catalysts서동진; 최재욱; 추현아; 하정명; 이웅; 양혜민; Han-Ik Cho; Jungkyu Choi
2020-06Continuous-flow production of petroleum-replacing fuels from highly viscous Kraft lignin pyrolysis oil using its hydrocracked oil as a solvent서동진; 최재욱; 하정명; 이웅; 김윤수; 심진기; Young-Kwon Park; Jungkyu Choi
2018-07Effects of metal or metal oxide additives on oxidative coupling of methane using Na2WO4/SiO2 catalysts: Reducibility of metal additives to manipulate the catalytic activity서동진; 최재욱; 하정명; 제정호; 오형석; 구상서; Jungkyu Choi
2018-05Healing of microdefects in SSZ-13 membranes via filling with dye molecules and its effect on dry and wet CO2 separations최낙원; Sungwon Hong; Dongjae Kim; Yanghwan Jeong; Eunjoo Kim; Jae Chil Jung; Jaewook Nam; Alex C. K. Yip; Jungkyu Choi
2021-01Improved catalytic depolymerization of lignin waste usingcarbohydrate derivatives서동진; 이현주; 최재욱; 하정명; 구상서; Jungkyu Choi
2019-08Microstructural control of a SSZ-13 zeolite film via rapid thermal processing최낙원; Jinseong Kim; Eunhee Jang; Sungwon Hong; Dongjae Kim; Eunjoo Kim; Hannes Richter; Adrian Simon; Danil Korelskiy; Shahpar Fouladvand; Jaewook Nam; Jungkyu Choi
2018-06Multifunctional Reduced Graphene Oxide Biosensors for Simultaneous Monitoring of Structural Changes in Amyloid-beta 40김승민; 양승훈; Dahye Jeong; Jinsik Kim; Myung-Sic Chae; Wonseok Lee; YoungSoo Kim; Jin San Lee; Jeong Hoon Lee; Jungkyu Choi; Dae Sung Yoon; Kyo Seon Hwang
2021-10Na2WO4/Mn/SiO2 Catalyst Pellets for Upgrading H2S-Containing Biogas via the Oxidative Coupling of Methane서동진; 최재욱; 하정명; 유천재; 구상서; Jungkyu Choi
2018-03Organic template-free synthesis of high-quality CHA type zeolite membranes for carbon dioxide separation최낙원; Eunhee Jang; Sungwon Hong; Eunjoo Kim; Sung June Cho; Jungkyu Choi
2018-10Quantitative elucidation of the elusive role of defects in polycrystalline MFI zeolite membranes on xylene separation performance최낙원; Sungwon Hong; Dongjae Kim; Hannes Richter; Jong-Ho Moon; Jaewook Nam; Jungkyu Choi
2015-08Selective condensation of biomass-derived pinene to diesel fuels정자경; 이윤수; 최재욱; 하정명; 서동진; Jungkyu Choi; 이관영
2015-04Thermosensitive Structural Changes and Adsorption Properties of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8)Taehee Lee; Hyungmin kim; Woosuk Cho; Doug-Young Han; 리드완; 윤창원; 이종석; 최낙원; Kyoung-Su Ha; Alex C. K. Yip; Jungkyu Choi