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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A proteomic approach to investigate potential biomarkers differentially expressed proteins between breast cancer tissues and normal tissuesKim, Dong Hyun; Noh DY; Yu, Myeong-Hee; Lee, Cheolju
2022-09A unifying mechanism for cation effect modulating C1 and C2 productions from CO2 electroreductionShin, Seung-Jae; Choi, Hansol; Ringe, Stefan; Won, Da Hye; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Kim, Dong Hyun; Lee, Taemin; Nam, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hyungjun; Choi, Chang Hyuck
-Alkyloxycarbonylation as an alternative method for liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of urinary diureticsJunghyun Son; Kim Jong Dae; Moon, Yu-Yeon; Kim, Dong Hyun; Choi, Man Ho
-Application to Quality Control of Herbal Medicine by LC-MSYoo, Hye Hyun; Kim, Dong Hyun
2009-05Autoantibody to Tumor Antigen, Alpha 2-HS Glycoprotein: A Novel Biomarker of Breast Cancer Screening and DiagnosisYi, Jae Kyo; Chang, Jong Wook; Han, Wonshik; Lee, Jong Won; Ko, Eunyoung; Kim, Dong Hyun; Bae, Ji-Yeon; Yu, Jonghan; Lee, Cheolju; Yu, Myeong-Hee; Noh, Dong-Young
-Bioanalysis of carphedon using GC-NPD/MSD in sportPark Sang Jun; Lee Yun-Joung; Kim, Seungki; Kim, Dong Hyun
-Bioanalysis of ephedrine analogues by GC-NPD/MSD in doping controlPark Sang Jun; Kim, Seungki; Kim, Dong Hyun
2019-07Cep131 overexpression promotes centrosome amplification and colon cancer progression by regulating Plk4 stabilityKim, Dong Hyun; Ahn, Jong Seog; Han, Ho Jin; Kim, Hye-Min; Hwang, Joonsung; Lee, Kyung Ho; Cha-Molstad, Hyunjoo; Ryoo, In-Ja; Jang, Jae-Hyuk; Ko, Sung-Kyun; Yang, Jin Ok; Lee, Hee Gu; Lee, Sangku; Song, Eun Joo; Kim, Jin Young; Huh, Yang Hoon; Kwon, Yong Tae; Soung, Nak-Kyun; Kim, Bo Yeon
2008-01Characterization of in vitro metabolites of deoxypodophyllotoxin in human and rat liver microsomes using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometryLee, Sang Kyu; Jun, In Hye; Yoo, Hye Hyun; Kim, Ju Hyun; Seo, Young Min; Kang, Mi Jeong; Lee, Seung Ho; Jeong, Tae Cheon; Kim, Dong Hyun
2013-06Characterization of in vitro metabolites of luotonin A in human liver microsomes using electrospray/tandem mass spectrometryLee, Sangkyu; Lee, Jaeick; Jahng, Yurngdong; Jeong, Tae Cheon; Kim, Dong Hyun
-Comparison of HPLC-MS/MS and GC-MSD analysis methods for determination of urinary testosterone to epitestosterone ratioMin-Jung Kang; Hwang Young Hee; Park, So Hee; Kim, Dong Hyun
-Comparison of HPLC-MSMS and GC-MS analysis methods for T/E raio determinationMin-Jung Kang; Park, So Hee; Hwang Young Hee; Kim, Dong Hyun
-Confirmation method development for anti-estrogenic agents and steroid using TSQ and LTQ-orbitrapMin-Jung Kang; Hwang Young Hee; Park, Jung-Min; Kim So hee; Kim, Dong Hyun
2007-03Disposition and metabolism of dietary flavonoidsMin-Jung Kang; Kim, Dong Hyun
2022-09Effect of optimum current-collector design on electrochemical performance of Mg-air primary batteries for large-scale energy storageKim, Dong Hyun; Jang, Kyung-Hoon; Jang, Kwangyup; Shin, Kyung-Seop; Kim, Hyung-Seok; Kim, Sang-Ok; Kim, Kwang-Bum; Chung, Kyung Yoon
2011-03-05Effect of Shear Rate on Structural, Mechanical, and Barrier Properties of Chitosan/Montmorillonite Nanocomposite FilmHong, Seung In; Lee, Jin Hwan; Bae, Ho Jae; Koo, Song Yi; Lee, Hyun Soo; Choi, Jae Hoon; Kim, Dong Hyun; Park, Seok-Hoon; Park, Hyun Jin
2017-05Electronic structural studies on the improved thermal stability of Li(Ni0.8Co0.15Al0.05)O-2 by ZrO2 coating for lithium ion batteriesKim, Ji-Young; Kim, Sang Hoon; Kim, Dong Hyun; Susanto, Dieky; Kim, Se Young; Chang, Won-Young; Cho, Byung Won; Yoon, Won-Sub; Bak, Seong Min; Yang, Xiao Qing; Nam, Kyung Wan; Chung, Kyung Yoon
-Evaluation of a direct method to detect the misuse of recombinant EPO in sportsKhurram Shahzad; Kim, Dong Hyun; Min-Jung Kang
-Evaluation of salbutamol quantitation methods in human urine using GC-MS and LC-MSRahman Md. Mujibur; Hwang Young Hee; Kim Eun Mi; Kim, Dong Hyun; Min-Jung Kang
2009-10Gluco-obtusifolin and Its Aglycon, Obtusifolin, Attenuate Scopolamine-Induced Memory ImpairmentKim, Dong Hyun; Hyun, Sook Kyung; Yoon, Byung Hoon; Seo, Ji-Hyung; Lee, Kyung-Tae; Cheong, Jae Hoon; Jung, Seo Yun; Jin, Changbae; Choi, Jae Sue; Ryu, Jong Hoon
2023-01Graphene and Two-Dimensional Materials-Based Flexible Electronics for Wearable Biomedical SensorsJoe, Daniel J. J.; Park, Eunpyo; Kim, Dong Hyun; Doh, Il; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Kwak, Joon Young
-High-performance liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous quantification of four ingredients, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, senkyunolide A, (Z)-ligustilide from Cnidium officinale extractYoo, Hye Hyun; Islam Md. Nurul; Lim Sun Young; 동미숙; 박영인; 성충기; Kim, Dong Hyun
2016-03Hydrogen-enriched porous carbon nanosheets with high sodium storage capacityYoon, Dohyeon; Kim, Dong Hyun; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Chang, Wonyong; Kim, Seung Min; Kim, Jaehoon
2012-11HYP-1, a novel diamide compound, relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain in ratsKam, Yoo Lim; Back, Seung Keun; Kang, Bohee; Kim, Young-Yun; Kim, Hwa-Jung; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Chung, Jun-mo; Kim, Dong Hyun; Choi, Jin-Sung; Na, Heung Sik; Choo, Hea-Young Park
2017-02HYP-17, a novel voltage-gated sodium channel blocker, relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain in ratsLee, Jee Youn; Kam, Yoo Lim; Oh, Jungae; Kim, Dong Hyun; Choi, Jin-Sung; Choi, Hae Young; Han, Sungmin; Youn, Inchan; Choo, Hea-Young Park; Yune, Tae Young
2007-10Identification of a tryptanthrin metabolite in rat liver microsomes by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometryLee, Sang Kyu; Kim, Ghee Hwan; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Kim, Dong Hyun; Jahng, Yurngdong; Jeong, Tae Cheon
-Identification of adenosylhomocysteinase as a novel serum tumor marker for colorectal cancerKim Hye Jung; Kang HJ; Lee H; Kim, Dong Hyun; Lee ST; Kim H; Yu, Myeong-Hee; Lee, Cheolju
2008-01Identification of circulating endorepellin LG3 fragment: Potential use as a serological biomarker for breast cancerChang, Jong Wook; Kang, Un-Beom; Kim, Dong Hyun; Yi, Jae Kyo; Lee, Jong Won; Noh, Dong-Young; Lee, Cheolju; Yu, Myeong-Hee
-Identification of the aromatase inhibitors formestane, exemestane and anastrozole in urine by LC-MS/MSHwang Young Hee; Jihyun Lee; Park, So Hee; Kim, Dong Hyun; Min-Jung Kang
2006-05In silico renal clearance model using classical Volsurf approachDoddareddy, Munikumar R.; Cho, Yong Seo; Koh, Hun Yeong; Kim, Dong Hyun; Pae, Ae Nim