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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04A Laboratory Column Study on the Biodegradation of Toluene and Methyl tert-Butyl Ether: The Effect of Substrate InteractionsChung, Seung-Gun; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Choi, Jae-Woo
2012-06Adsorption of Phosphate by Amino-Functionalized and Co-condensed SBA-15Choi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Seung-Yeon; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Lee, Ki-Bong; Kim, Dong-Ju; Hong, Seok-Won
2012-04Comparison between Ti- and Si-based mesostructures for the removal of phosphorous from aqueous solutionChoi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Ki-Bong; Park, Ki-Young; Lee, Seung-Yeon; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2012-11Comparison of First-Order Sorption Kinetics Using Concept of Two-Site Sorption ModelLee, Soonjae; Kim, Dong-Ju; Choi, Jae-Woo
2016-02Comparison of optimization algorithms for modeling of Haldane-type growth kinetics during phenol and benzene degradationKang, Su-Youn; Lee, Sang-Gil; Kim, Dong-Ju; Shin, Jaemin; Kim, Junseok; Lee, Soonjae; Choi, Jae-Woo
2012-07Comparison of Surface-Modified Adsorbents for Phosphate Removal in WaterChoi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Seung-Yeon; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Kim, Ji-Eun; Park, Ki-Young; Kim, Dong-Ju; Hong, Seok-Won
2013-10Deposition and transport of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in porous media: lab-scale experiments and model analysisKwon, Kyu-Sang; Kim, Song-Bae; Choi, Nag-Choul; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Soonjae; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Choi, Jae-Woo
2012-05Development of an Environmentally Friendly Adsorbent for the Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals from Aqueous SolutionChoi, Jae-Woo; Chung, Seung-Gun; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2012-07Effect of pH and Coexisting Anions on Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous Solutions by Inorganic-Based MesostructuresChoi, Jae-Woo; Choi, Yong-Soo; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2013-05Impact of Nitrate Dose on Toluene Degradation under Denitrifying ConditionKim, Dong-Ju; Park, Mee-Rye; Lim, Dae-Soon; Choi, Jae-Woo
2013-03Influence of Immobilization of Bacterial Cells and TiO2 on Phenol DegradationPark, Mee-Ree; Kim, Dong-Ju; Choi, Jae-Woo; Lim, Dae-Soon
2012-10Investigation of phosphate removal using sulphate-coated zeolite for ion exchangeChoi, Jae-Woo; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2011-01Investigation of phosphorous removal from wastewater through ion exchange of mesostructure based on inorganic materialChoi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Seung-Yeon; Park, Ki-Young; Lee, Ki-Bong; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2013-12Novel method for determination of phenol degradation kineticsLee, Soonjae; Kim, Dong-Ju; Choi, Jae-Woo
2013-03Photocatalytic Activity of 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol by TiO2 Mesostructures: Effects of Surface Modification, Calcination Temperature and Initial pHKim, Hee-Chan; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Kim, Dong-Ju; Choi, Jae-Woo
2012-03Photocatalytic Degradation of Chlorophenol Compounds using Poly Aromatic Star CopolymerChoi, Jae-Woo; Chung, Seung-Gun; Cho, Kie-Yong; Baek, Kyung-Youl; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2012-02Removal of Benzene Using the Characteristics of Block Copolymers for EncapsulationChoi, Jae-Woo; Chung, Seung-Gun; Baek, Kyung-Youl; Cho, Kie-Yong; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2011-11Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution by Functionalized Mesoporous MaterialsChoi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Seung-Yeon; Chung, Seung-Gun; Hong, Seok-Won; Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Hyup