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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08-28Chemical Method for Improving Both the Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Yarn via Intramolecular Cross-Dehydrogenative CouplingChoi, Yong-Mun; Choo, Hungo; Yeo, Hyeonuk; You, Nam-Ho; Lee, Dons Su; Ku, Bon-Cheol; Kim, Hwan Chul; Bong, Pill-Hoon; Jeong, Youngjin; Goh, Munju
2013-02Efficient catalytic conversion of ammonia borane to borazine and its use for hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene)Kim, Sung-Kwan; Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Myung Jong; Lee, Hee-Jun; Park, Jin-hyung; Lee, Young-Boo; Kim, Hwan Chul; Yoon, Chang Won; Nam, Suk Woo; Kang, Sang Ook
2017-01Evaluating the stabilization of isotropic pitch fibers for optimal tensile properties of carbon fibersJang, So Young; Ko, Seunghyun; Jeon, Young Pyo; Choi, Jisu; Kang, Namkyu; Kim, Hwan Chul; Joh, Han-Ik; Lee, Sungho
2012-10Fabrication and Applications of Carbon Nanotube FibersChoo, Hungo; Jung, Yeonsu; Jeong, Youngjin; Kim, Hwan Chul; Ku, Bon-Cheol
2017-11-22Graphene-Carbon-Metal Composite Film for a Flexible Heat SinkCho, Hyunjin; Rho, Hokyun; Kim, Jun Hee; Chae, Su-Hyeong; Thang Viet Pham; Seo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Hak Yong; Ha, Jun-Seok; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sang Hyun; Kim, Myung Jong
2015-07-09Growth kinetics of white graphene (h-BN) on a planarised Ni foil surfaceCho, Hyunjin; Park, Sungchan; Won, Dong-Il; Kang, Sang Ook; Pyo, Seong-Soo; Kim, Dong-Ik; Kim, Soo Min; Kim, Hwan Chul; Kim, Myung Jong
2013-10Investigation of carbon nanotube growth termination mechanism by in-situ transmission electron microscopy approachesKim, Seung Min; Jeong, Seojeong; Kim, Hwan Chul
2018-01-15Mechanical properties enhanced by solid-state coupling reaction for molecular covalent bridges of carbon nanotube fibersKim, Hyun Ju; Choo, Hungo; Park, Ok-Kyung; You, Nam-Ho; Jeong, Youngjin; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Jae Kwan; Ku, Bon-Cheol
2014-05-05Multifunctional Polyimide/Graphene Oxide Composites via In Situ PolymerizationZhu, Jiadeng; Lim, Jun; Lee, Cheol-Ho; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Park, Byoungnam; You, Nam-Ho; Lee, Sungho
2012-10Parametric Study of Methanol Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth for GrapheneCho, Hyunjin; Lee, Changhyup; Oh, In Seoup; Park, Sungchan; Kim, Hwan Chul; Kim, Myung Jong
2020-11-06Polyacrylonitrile(PAN) Copolymer-CNT Composite FibersKim Sung Yong; Kim, Jong-ho; Kim, Hwan Chul; Bon-Cheol Ku; YOU NAM HO
2013-04Preparation and characterization of isotropic pitch-based carbon fiberZhu, Jiadeng; Park, Sang Wook; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sungho
2016-03-23Strengthened PAN-based carbon fibers obtained by slow heating rate carbonizationKim, Min-A; Jang, Dawon; Tejima, Syogo; Cruz-Silva, Rodolfo; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sungho; Endo, Morinobu
2015-01Study on the Stabilization of Isotropic Pitch Based FibersZhu, Jiadeng; Park, Sang Wook; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sungho
2012-10Synthesis and Properties of Polyimide Composites Containing Graphene Oxide Via In-Situ PolymerizationZhu, Jiadeng; Lee, Cheol-Ho; Joh, Han-Ik; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sungho
2016-11Thermal Behavior in Stabilization of Large Tow PAN-based Carbon FiberYu, Sung-Uk; Park, Sejoon; Joh, Han-Ik; Lee, Sungho; Kim, Hwan Chul; Bang, Yun-Hyuk; Ku, Bon-Cheol
2022-12Ultrahigh strength and modulus of polyimide-carbon nanotube based carbon and graphitic fibers with superior electrical and thermal conductivities for advanced composite applicationsKim, Seo Gyun; Heo, So Jeong; Kim Sung Yong; Kim, Junghwan; Sangone, Kim; Lee, Dongju; Lee Suhun; Kim, Jung won; YOU, NAM HO; Kim, Min kook; Kim, Hwan Chul; Chae, Han Gi; Ku, Bon-Cheol