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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12Amplification of olfactory signals by Anoctamin 9 is important for mammalian olfactionKim, Hyungsup; Hyesu Kim; Nguyen, Thien Luan; HA, TAEWOONG; Sujin Lim; Kim, Kyungmin; Soon Ho Kim; Han, Kyung reem; Hyeon, Seung Jae; Ryu, Hoon; Park, Yong Soo; Kim, Sang Hyun; Kim, In-Beom; Hong, Gyu-Sang; Lee, Seungeun; Choi, Yunsook; Cohen Lawrence B.; Oh, Uh taek
2019-06ANO1/TMEM16A regulates process maturation in radial glial cells in the developing brainHong, Gyu-Sang; Lee, Sung Hoon; Lee, Byeongjun; Choi, Jae Hyouk; Oh, Soo-Jin; Jang, Yongwoo; Hwang, Eun Mi; Kim, Hyungsup; Jung, Jooyoung; Kim, In-Beom; Oh, Uhtaek
2019-08Anoctamin 1/TMEM16A controls intestinal Cl- secretion induced by carbachol and cholera toxinLee, Byeongjun; Hong, Gyu-Sang; Lee, Sung Hoon; Kim, Hyungsup; Kim, Ajung; Hwang, Eun Mi; Kim, Jiyoon; Lee, Min Goo; Yang, Jin-Young; Kweon, Mi-Na; Tse, Chung-Ming; Mark, Donowitz; Oh, Uhtaek
2022-11Anoctamin 1/TMEM16A in pruritoceptors is essential for Mas-related G protein receptor-dependent itchKim, Hyesu; Kim, Hyungsup; Cho, Hawon; Lee, Byeongjun; Lu, Huan-Jun; Kim, Kyungmin; Chung, Sooyoung; Shim, Won-Sik; Shin, Young Kee; Dong, Xinzhong; Wood, John N.; Oh, Uhtaek
2018-05Anoctamin 9/TMEM16J is a cation channel activated by cAMP/PKA signalKim, Hyungsup; Kim, Hyesu; Lee, Jesun; Lee, Byeongjun; Kim, Hee-Ryang; Jung, Jooyoung; Lee, Mi-Ock; Oh, Uhtaek
2013-08Development of a photoelectrochemical sensor for monitoring algal biomass (Chlorella vulgaris)Jeon, Hyeon Jin; Choi, Yong-Keun; Song, Kyung-Guen; Lee, Sang Hyun; Yang, Yung-Hun; Kim, Hyungsup; Kim, Sunghyun; Kumaran, Rangarajulu; Hong, Seok Won; Kim, Hyung Joo
2024-03Pathophysiological Roles of Ion Channels in Epidermal Cells, Immune Cells, and Sensory Neurons in PsoriasisKim, Hyungsup; Choi, Mi Ran; Jeon, Seong Ho; Jang, Yongwoo; Yang, Young Duk
2022-01Pore-size control of chitin nanofibrous composite membrane using metal-organic frameworksSong, Younghan; Seo, Jin Young; Kim, Hyungsup; Cho, Sangho; Baek, Kyung-Youl
2023-10Rapid quantitative analysis of tobacco smoking in saliva using a TRPA1 ion channel-mediated bioelectronic tongue inspired by the human sensory systemKim, Minwoo; Kim, Hyungsup; Park, Taegyu; Ahn, Bum Ju; Lee, Solpa; Lee, Munhwan; Lee, Ju hun; Oh, Uhtaek; Jang, Yongwoo
2021-07Robust Nanocellulose/Metal-Organic Framework Aerogel Composites: Superior Performance for Static and Continuous Disposal of Chemical Warfare Agent SimulantsSeo, Jin Young; Song, Younghan; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Kim, Hyungsup; Cho, Sangho; Baek, Kyung-Youl
2019-10-15Structural control of cellulose nanofibrous composite membrane with metal organic framework (ZIF-8) for highly selective removal of cationic dyeSong, Younghan; Seo, Jin Young; Kim, Hyungsup; Beak, Kyung-Youl
2020-12Structural control of cellulose nanofibrous composite membrane with metal organic framework (ZIF-8) for highly selective removal of cationic dye (vol 222, 115018, 2019)Song, Younghan; Seo, Jin Young; Kim, Hyungsup; Baek, Kyung-Youl
2021-11Tentonin 3/TMEM150C regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cellsWee, Jungwon; Pak, Sungmin; Kim, Tahnbee; Hong, Gyu-Sang; Lee, Ji Seon; Nan, Jinyan; Kim, Hyungsup; Lee, Mi-Ock; Park, Kyong Soo; Oh, Uhtaek
2020-07-01Tentonin 3/TMEM150C senses blood pressure changes in the aortic archLu, Huan-Jun; Thien-Luan Nguyen; Hong, Gyu-Sang; Pak, Sungmin; Kim, Hyesu; Kim, Hyungsup; Kim, Dong-Yoon; Kim, Sung-Yon; Shen, Yiming; Ryu, Pan Dong; Lee, Mi-Ock; Oh, Uhtaek
2019-05Trpm2 Ablation Accelerates Protein Aggregation by Impaired ADPR and Autophagic Clearance in the BrainJang, Yongwoo; Lee, Byeongjun; Kim, Hyungsup; Jung, Seungmoon; Lee, Sung Hoon; Lee, So-Young; Jeon, Ji Hyun; Kim, In-Beom; Lee, Seo-Ho; Kim, Byung-Ju; Kim, Uh-Hyun; Lee, Yunjong; Kim, Sung Min; Jeon, Daejong; Oh, Uhtaek
2013-09Ultrasound-assisted extraction of lipids from Chlorella vulgaris using [Bmim][MeSO4]Kim, Young-Hoo; Park, Saerom; Kim, Min Hoo; Choi, Yong-Keun; Yang, Yung-Hun; Kim, Hyung Joo; Kim, Hyungsup; Kim, Han-Soo; Song, Kyung-Guen; Lee, Sang Hyun