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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Deformation behavior of nanocrystalline and ultrafine-grained CoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloysNam, Seungjin; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Jeon, Jonggyu; Park, Jihye; Bae, Donghyun; Kim, Moon J.; Kim, Jae-Hun; Choi, Hyunjoo
2012-10Degradation of a Thin Ag Layer Induced by Poly(3,4ethylenedioxythiophene):Polystyrene Sulfonate in a Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimen of an Inverted Polymer Solar CellSuh, Youngjoon; Lu, Ning; Lee, Sang H.; Chung, Won-Suk; Kim, Kyungkon; Kim, BongSoo; Ko, Min Jae; Kim, Moon J.
2022-12Design of metastable complex-concentrated alloys through composition tailoringNam, Seungjin; Kim, Sang Jun; Yoon, Kook Noh; Kim, Moon J.; Quevedo-Lopez, Manuel; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Park, Eun Soo; Choi, Hyunjoo
2014-08Properties and Microstructure of the Ru-Coated Carbon Nano Tube Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsHan, Jeungjo; Yu, Byungkwan; Noh, Yunyoung; Suh, Young Joon; Kim, Moon J.; Yoo, Kicheon; Ko, Min Jae; Song, Ohsung
2022-03Role of surface steps in activation of surface oxygen sites on Ir nanocrystals for oxygen evolution reaction in acidic mediaKim, Myeongjin; Park, Jinho; Wang, Maoyu; Wang, Qingxiao; Kim, Moon J.; Kim, Jin Young; Cho, Hyun-Seok; Kim, Chang-Hee; Feng, Zhenxing; Kim, Byung-Hyun; Lee, Seung Woo
2014-06Side chains contributions to characteristics of resistive memory based on water-soluble polyfluorenes: Effects of structure and length of side pendant groupLee, Seung-Hoon; Oh, Seung-Hwan; Ji, Yongsung; Kim, Juhwan; Kang, Rira; Khim, Dongyoon; Lee, Sehyun; Yeo, Jun-Seok; Lu, Ning; Kim, Moon J.; Ko, Heung Cho; Kim, Tae-Wook; Noh, Yong-Young; Kim, Dong-Yu
2018-09-25Strengthening of Al0.15CoCrCuFeNiTix-C (x=0, 1, 2) high-entropy alloys by grain refinement and using nanoscale carbides via powder metallurgical routeNam, Seungjin; Kim, Moon J.; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Choi, Hyunjoo
2018-01-25Structural effect of two-dimensional BNNS on grain growth suppressing behaviors in Al-matrix nanocompositesNam, Seungjin; Chang, Kunok; Lee, Woonki; Kim, Moon J.; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Choi, Hyunjoo
2022-01Synthesis of high-entropy alloy thin films via grain boundary diffusion-assisted solid-state alloyingNam, Seungjin; Kim, Sang Jun; Kim, Moon J.; Quevedo-Lopez, Manuel; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Park, Eun Soo; Choi, Hyunjoo
2013-03Three-dimensional observation of TiO2 nanostructures by electron tomographySuh, Young Joon; Lu, Ning; Park, Seong Yong; Lee, Tae Hun; Lee, Sang Hoon; Cha, Dong Kyu; Lee, Min Gun; Huang, Jie; Kim, Sung-Soo; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok; Kim, Geung-Ho; Ko, Min Jae; Kim, Jiyoung; Kim, Moon J.