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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11Arc discharge synthesis of graphene with enhanced boron doping concentration for electrochemical applicationsKim, Chunghun; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Myung Jong
2017-11-14Boron nitride nanotubes as a heat sinking and stress-relaxation layer for high performance light-emitting diodesSeo, Tae Hoon; Lee, Gun Hee; Park, Ah Hyun; Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Jun-Hee; Chandramohan, S.; Jeon, Seong-Ran; Jang, Se Gyu; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2024-05Boron nitride nanotubes supported icosahedral Pd nanoparticles: Enabling ultrahigh current density-superior hydrogen evolution activity and theoretical insightsVenkateswarlu, Sada; Kim, Sooyeon; Balamurugan, Mani; Son, Younghu; Yoon, Minyoung; Nam, Ki Tae; Han, Sang Soo; Kim, Myung Jong
2018-06Boron nitride nanotubes: synthesis and applicationsKim, Jun Hee; Thang Viet Pham; Hwang, Jae Hun; Kim, Cheol Sang; Kim, Myung Jong
2016-07-08Carbon-nanotube-assisted nanoepitaxy of Si-doped GaN for improved performance of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodesPark, Ah Hyun; Chandramohan, S.; Seo, Tae Hoon; Lee, Gun Hee; Min, Kyung Hyun; Hong, Chang-Hee; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2014-11-07Catalyst and doping methods for arc grapheneCho, Hyunjin; Oh, InSeoup; Kang, JungHo; Park, Sungchan; Ku, Boncheol; Park, Min; Kwak, Soonjong; Khanra, Partha; Lee, Joong Hee; Kim, Myung Jong
2015-09Chirality assignment for metallic species via coherent phonon oscillations in arc-discharge single-walled carbon nanotubesShin, Seong-Il; Lim, Yong-Sik; Kim, Myung Jong
2014-09Chirality-controlled growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes via nanotube cloningKim, Myung Jong; Kang, JungHo; Park, Min
2014-05-30Compound Ag nanocluster-graphene electrodes as transparent and current spreading electrodes for improved light output power in near-ultraviolet light emitting diodesSeo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Seongjun; Kim, Myung Jong; Kim, Hyunsoo; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2015-01-19Direct growth of GaN layer on carbon nanotube-graphene hybrid structure and its application for light emitting diodesSeo, Tae Hoon; Park, Ah Hyun; Park, Sungchan; Kim, Yong Hwan; Lee, Gun Hee; Kim, Myung Jong; Jeong, Mun Seok; Lee, Young Hee; Hahn, Yoon-Bong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2016-05-25Domain size engineering of CVD graphene and its influence on physical propertiesMas'ud, Felisita Annisanti; Cho, Hyunjin; Lee, Taegeon; Rho, Heesuk; Seo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Myung Jong
2021-09Dominant formation of h-BC2N in h-BxCyNz films: CVD synthesis and characterizationSeo, Tae Hoon; Lee, WonKi; Lee, Kyu Seung; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Son, Dong Ick; Ahn, Seokhoon; Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Myung Jong
2019-10-30Dual growth mode of boron nitride nanotubes in high temperature pressure laser ablationKim, Jun Hee; Cho, Hyunjin; Thang Viet Pham; Hwang, Jae Hun; Ahn, Seokhoon; Jang, Se Gyu; Lee, Hunsu; Park, Cheol; Kim, Cheol Sang; Kim, Myung Jong
2015-12Dual-Wavelength Light Emission from CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots on Blue Light-Emitting DiodesSeo, Tae Hoon; Park, Ah Hyun; Lee, Seul Bee; Lee, Gun Hee; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2016-10Effect of p-GaN hole concentration on the stabilization and performance of a graphene current spreading layer in near-ultraviolet light-emitting diodesMin, Jung-Hong; Seo, Tae Hoon; Choi, Sang-Bae; Kim, Kiyoung; Lee, Jun-Yeob; Park, Mun-Do; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung; Kim, Jong-Ryeol; Lee, Dong-Seon
2020-05-26Effect of Polymeric In Situ Stabilizers on Dispersion Homogeneity of Nanofillers and Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of CompositesLim, Hongjin; Islam, Akherul; Hossain, Md Monir; Yun, Hongseok; Kim, Myung Jong; Seo, Tae Hoon; Hahn, Jae Ryang; Kim, Bumjoon J.; Jang, Se Gyu
2016-05-01Effects of the functionalized graphene oxide on the oxygen barrier and mechanical properties of layer-by-layer assembled filmsKim, Seon-Guk; You, Nam-Ho; Lee, Wonki; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Kim, Myung Jong; Hui, David; Ku, Bon-Cheol; Lee, Joong Hee
2014-08-06Efficiency enhancement of nanorod green light emitting diodes employing silver nanowire-decorated graphene electrode as current spreading layerSeo, Tae Hoon; Park, Ah Hyun; Lee, Gun Hee; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2013-02Efficient catalytic conversion of ammonia borane to borazine and its use for hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene)Kim, Sung-Kwan; Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Myung Jong; Lee, Hee-Jun; Park, Jin-hyung; Lee, Young-Boo; Kim, Hwan Chul; Yoon, Chang Won; Nam, Suk Woo; Kang, Sang Ook
2015-10Efficient stress-relaxation in InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes using carbon nanotubesPark, Ah Hyun; Seo, Tae Hoon; Chandramohan, S.; Lee, Gun Hee; Min, Kyung Hyun; Lee, Seula; Kim, Myung Jong; Hwang, Yong Gyoo; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2013-12-14Enhancement of light output power in ultraviolet light emitting diodes using graphene film on self-assembled Au nanocluster by agglomeration processSeo, Tae Hoon; Shin, GangU; Kim, Bo Kyoung; Choi, Chel-Jong; Lee, Changhyup; Kim, Myung Jong; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2016-09Environment friendly, transparent nanofiber textiles consolidated with high efficiency PLEDs for wearable electronicsPark, Mira; Lee, Kyu Seung; Shim, Jaeho; Liu, Yanan; Lee, Chohye; Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Myung Jong; Park, Soo-Jin; Yun, Yong Ju; Kim, Hak Yong; Son, Dong Ick
2017-01-11Facile Synthesis of Highly Crystalline and Large Areal Hexagonal Boron Nitride from Borazine OligomersPark, Sungchan; Seo, Tae Hoon; Cho, Hyunjin; Min, Kyung Hyun; Lee, Dong Su; Won, Dong-Il; Kang, Sang Ook; Kim, Myung Jong
2017-11-22Graphene-Carbon-Metal Composite Film for a Flexible Heat SinkCho, Hyunjin; Rho, Hokyun; Kim, Jun Hee; Chae, Su-Hyeong; Thang Viet Pham; Seo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Hak Yong; Ha, Jun-Seok; Kim, Hwan Chul; Lee, Sang Hyun; Kim, Myung Jong
2015-04Graphene-GaN Schottky diodesKim, Seongjun; Seo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Myung Jong; Song, Keun Man; Suh, Eun-Kyung; Kim, Hyunsoo
2013-07-29Graphene-silver nanowire hybrid structure as a transparent and current spreading electrode in ultraviolet light emitting diodesSeo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Bo Kyoung; Shin, GangU; Lee, Changhyup; Kim, Myung Jong; Kim, Hyunsoo; Suh, Eun-Kyung
2015-07-09Growth kinetics of white graphene (h-BN) on a planarised Ni foil surfaceCho, Hyunjin; Park, Sungchan; Won, Dong-Il; Kang, Sang Ook; Pyo, Seong-Soo; Kim, Dong-Ik; Kim, Soo Min; Kim, Hwan Chul; Kim, Myung Jong
2019-11High Areal Capacitance of N-Doped Graphene Synthesized by Arc DischargePham, Thang Viet; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Jung, Joe Young; Kim, Jun Hee; Cho, Huynjin; Seo, Tae Hoon; Lee, Hunsu; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Myung Jong
2018-04-01High-performance, recyclable ultrafiltration membranes from P4VP-assisted dispersion of flame-resistive boron nitride nanotubesLim, Hongjin; Suh, Bong Lim; Kim, Myung Jong; Yun, Hongseok; Kim, Jihan; Kim, Bumjoon J.; Jang, Se Gyu
2021-07Highly Selective Multiplex Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction with a Nanomaterial Composite Hydrogel for Precise Diagnosis of Viral InfectionKim, Jung Min; Jung, Seungwon; Jeon, Eui Ju; Kim, Bong Kyun; No, Jin Yong; Kim, Myung Jong; Kim, Heesuk; Song, Chang Seon; Kim, Sang Kyung