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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-073D Architecturing Strategy on the Utmost Carbon Nanotube Fiber for Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Shaped SupercapacitorKim, Jeong-Gil; Yu, Hayoung; Jung, Jae Young; Kim, Min Ji; Jeon, Dae-Young; Jeong, Hyeon Su; Kim, Nam Dong
2024-02Active Material-Free Continuous Carbon Nanotube Fibers with Unprecedented Enhancement of Physicochemical Properties for Fiber-Type Solid-State SupercapacitorsYu, Hayoung; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Lee, Dong-Myeong; Lee, Sungju; Han, Min Gook; Park, Ji-Woon; Kim, Seung Min; Kim, Nam Dong; Jeong, Hyeon Su
2021-04Anion Constructor for Atomic-Scale Engineering of Antiperovskite Crystals for Electrochemical ReactionsLee, Sehyun; Jung, Jae Young; Jang, Injoon; Choi, Daeil; Lee, Myeong Jae; Lee, Dong Wook; Jang, Jue-Hyuk; Lee, Jeong Hee; Jin, Haneul; Im, Kyungmin; Lee, Eungjun; Kim, Seung-hoon; Kim, Nam Dong; Lee, Soo-Hyoung; Kang, Yun Sik; Park, Hee-Young; Chun, Dongwon; Ham, Hyung Chul; Lee, Kug-Seung; Ahn, Docheon; Kim, Pil; Yoo, Sung Jong
2023-11Arc discharge synthesis of graphene with enhanced boron doping concentration for electrochemical applicationsKim, Chunghun; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Myung Jong
2023-04Atomization driven crystalline nanocarbon based single-atom catalysts for superior oxygen electroreductionJae Young Jung; Jin, Haneul; Kim Min Woo; Kim, Sungjun; Jeong_Gil Kim; Kim, Pil; Sung, Yung-Eun; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Nam Dong
2023-04Boost Up the Mechanical and Electrical Property of CNT Fibers by Governing Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Mesophases with Aramid Polymers for Robust Lightweight Wiring ApplicationsRyu, Ki-Hyun; Kim, Jeong Gil; Lee, Dongju; Kim, Seo Gyun; Ku, Bon Cheol; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Jeong, Kwang-Un; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Dae-Yoon
2021-10Carbon nanotube fibers with high specific electrical conductivity: Synergistic effect of heteroatom doping and densificationHong, Seung ki; Nam, Jung Tae; Park, Seung gyu; Lee, Dongju; Park, Min; Lee, Dong Su; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Dae-Yoon; Ku, Bon Cheol; Kim, Yoong Ahm; Hwang, Jun Yeon
2022-07Compacted Laser-Induced Graphene with Bamboo-Like Carbon Nanotubes for Transformable Capacitive Energy Storage ElectrodesHyeong, Seok-Ki; Park, Mina; Kim, Seung-Il; Park, Seoungwoong; Choi, Kwang-Hun; Im, Min Ji; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Tae-Wook; Lee, Sang Hyun; Park, Ji-Won; Bae, Sukang; Lee, Jae-Hyun; Lee, Seoung-Ki
2023-03Effect of Posttreatment on the Catalytic Performances of Fe-N-C for Oxygen Reduction ReactionsKim, Dong-gun; Jang, Injoon; Sohn, Yeonsun; Joo, Eunhye; Jung, Chanil; Kim, Nam Dong; Jung, Jae Young; Paidi, Vinod K.; Lee, Kug-Seung; Kim, Pil; Yoo, Sung Jong
2020-10-15Effect of sorted, homogeneous electronic grade single-walled carbon nanotube on the electromagnetic shielding effectivenessYu, Ilhwan; Ko, Jaehyoung; Kim, Tea-Wook; Lee, Dong Su; Kim, Nam Dong; Bae, Sukang; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Choi, Jaewon; Lee, Sang Seok; Joo, Yongho
2021-06Energy-efficient three-terminal SiOx memristor crossbar array enabled by vertical Si/graphene heterojunction barristorChoi, Sanghyeon; Choi, Jae-Wan; Kim, Jong Chan; Jeong, Hu Young; Shin, Jaeho; Jang, Seonghoon; Ham, Seonggil; Kim, Nam Dong; Wang, Gunuk
2019-01-16Facile in Situ Synthesis of Multiple-Heteroatom-Doped Carbons Derived from Polyimide Precursors for Flexible All-Solid-State SupercapacitorsKim, Dae Kyom; Bong, Sehwa; Jin, Xuanzhen; Seong, Kwang-dong; Hwang, Minsik; Kim, Nam Dong; You, Nam-Ho; Piao, Yuanzhe
2021-08Flash Bottom-Up Arc Synthesis of Nanocarbons as a Universal Route for Fabricating Single-Atom ElectrocatalystsJung, Jae Young; Jang, Jue-Hyuk; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Lee, Kug-Seung; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Kim, Pil; Chang, Robert P. H.; Park, Ji-Woong; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Nam Dong
2022-04Flexible Neural Network Realized by the Probabilistic SiOx Memristive Synaptic Array for Energy-Efficient Image LearningChoi, Sanghyeon; Jang, Jingon; Kim, Min Seob; Kim, Nam Dong; Kwag, Jeehyun; Wang, Gunuk
2023-02Flexible supercapacitor with superior length and volumetric capacitance enabled by a single strand of ultra-thick carbon nanotube fiberLee, Sungju; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Yu, Hayoung; Lee, Dong-Myung; Hong, Seungki; Kim, Seung Min; Choi, Seon-Jin; Kim, Nam Dong; Jeong, Hyeon Su
2020-04-08Formation Mechanism and Gram-Scale Production of PtNi Hollow Nanoparticles for Oxygen Electrocatalysis through In Situ Galvanic Displacement ReactionKang, Yun Sik; Jung, Jae Young; Choi, Daeil; Sohn, Yeonsun; Lee, Soo-Hyoung; Lee, Kug-Seung; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Pil; Yoo, Sung Jong
2017-10Germanium on seamless graphene carbon nanotube hybrids for lithium ion anodesGao, Caitian; Kim, Nam Dong; Salvatierra, Rodrigo Villegas; Lee, Seoung-Ki; Li, Lei; Li, Yilun; Sha, Junwei; Silva, Gladys A. Lopez; Fei, Huilong; Xie, Erqing; Tour, James M.
2022-06Hierarchical porous single-wall carbon nanohorns with atomic-level designed single-atom Co sites toward oxygen reduction reactionJung, Jae Young; Kim, Sungjun; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Kim, Min Ji; Lee, Kug-Seung; Sung, Yung-Eun; Kim, Pil; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Kim, Nam Dong
2019-11High Areal Capacitance of N-Doped Graphene Synthesized by Arc DischargePham, Thang Viet; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Jung, Joe Young; Kim, Jun Hee; Cho, Huynjin; Seo, Tae Hoon; Lee, Hunsu; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Myung Jong
2021-02Hybrid Polyaniline/Liquid Crystalline CNT Fiber Composite for Ultimate Flexible SupercapacitorsKim, Jeong-Gil; Lee, Dong-Myung; Jung, Jae Young; Kim, Min Ji; Khil, Myung-Seob; Jeong, Hyeon Su; Kim, Nam Dong
2024-05Instantaneous Thermal Energy for Swift Synthesis of Single-Atom Catalysts for Unparalleled Performance in Metal-Air Batteries and Fuel CellsJang, Injoon; Lee, Sehyun; Kim, Dong-gun; Paidi, Vinod K.; Lee, Sujin; Kim, Nam Dong; Jung, Jae Young; Lee, Kug-Seung; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Kim, Pil; Yoo, Sung Jong
2020-04-01N-doped hierarchical porous hollow carbon nanofibers based on PAN/PVP@SAN structure for high performance supercapacitorKim, Jeong-Gil; Kim, Hyun-Chel; Kim, Nam Dong; Khil, Myung-Seob
2021-10-15New insight of tailor-made graphene oxide for the formation of atomic Co-N sites toward hydrogen evolution reactionJung, Jae Young; Hong, Yu Lim; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Kim, Min Ji; Kim, Young-Kwan; Kim, Nam Dong
2018-03-15Nitrogen doped carbon derived from polyimide/multiwall carbon nanotube composites for high performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitorsKim, Dae Kyom; Kim, Nam Dong; Park, Seung-Keun; Seong, Kwang-dong; Hwang, Minsik; You, Nam-Ho; Piao, Yuanzhe
2017-10-04Structurally Engineered Nanoporous Ta2O5-x Selector-Less Memristor for High Uniformity and Low Power ConsumptionKwon, Soonbang; Kim, Tae-Wook; Jang, Seonghoon; Lee, Jae-Hwang; Kim, Nam Dong; Ji, Yongsung; Lee, Chul-Ho; Tour, James M.; Wang, Gunuk
2022-07Synthesis of hollow structured PtNi/Pt core/shell and Pt-only nanoparticles via galvanic displacement and selective etching for efficient oxygen reduction reactionJung, Jae Young; Kim, Dong-gun; Jang, Injoon; Kim, Nam Dong; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Pil
2022-05Ultrasensitive and real-time optical detection of cellular oxidative stress using graphene-covered tunable plasmonic interfacesKim, Hakchun; An, Hyun Ji; Park, Junhee; Lee, Yohan; Kim, Min Seob; Lee, Seungki; Kim, Nam Dong; Song, Jihwan; Choi, Inhee
2022-10Ultrastrong Hybrid Fibers with Tunable Macromolecular Interfaces of Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotube for Multifunctional ApplicationsKim, Seo Gyun; Heo, So Jeong; Kim, Jeong-Gil; Sangone, Kim; Lee, Dongju; Kim, Minkook; Kim, Nam Dong; Kim, Dae-Yoon; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Chae, Han Gi; Ku, Bon-Cheol
2022-02Understanding the Effects of Interfacial Lithium Ion Concentration on Lithium Metal AnodePark, Jimin; Ha, Son; Jung, Jae Young; Hyun, Jae-Hwan; Yu, Seung-Ho; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Kim, Nam Dong; Yun, Young Soo
2020-08-18고전도성 탄소나노튜브 섬유 제조 및 이를 이용한 3차원 구조화Lee Dong Ju; Park Ji Ho; Kim Seo Gyun; Kim, Nam Dong; Bon-Cheol Ku