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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01A multifunctional protein EWS regulates the expression of Drosha and microRNAsKim, K. Y.; Hwang, Y. J.; Jung, M-K; Choe, J.; Kim, Y.; Kim, S.; Lee, C-J; Ahn, H.; Lee, J.; Kowall, N. W.; Kim, Y. K.; Kim, J-I; Lee, S. B.; Ryu, H.
1999-08A multimode-interferenced electrooptic TE/TM mode splitterKim, G.; Kang, B.; Lee, S.; Chang, H.; Choi, M.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.; Kim, S.
1990-06A new synthetic route to 1,3-benzoxazepinesLee, K.-J.; Choi, D.O.; Kim, S.; Jeong, J.U.; Park, H.
2005-09A novel method to grow silicon nitride whiskers during sinteringKim, S.; Kim, C.
1993-01A simple device of the dry tetrabromophenolphthalein ethyl ester reagent strip for the detection of methamphetamineChoi, M.J.; Song, E.Y.; Kim, S.; Choi, J.; Lho, D.-S.; Park, J.
2004-10A thermo-sensitive hydrogel actuator in dry environmentKim, J.; Kim, S.; Jeong, Y.; Park, S.; Kim, H.C.; Kim, B.; Chun, K.
2018-05Animatronic soft robots by additive foldingYim, S.; Sung, C.; Miyashita, S.; Rus, D.; Kim, S.
2007-09Balloon burster: A CORBA-based visual servoing for humanoid robot in a distributed environmentLee, J.; Jie, M.; Kim, S.; Jung, M.; Kim, C.; You, B.
2022-03Boron nitride/carbon nanotube composite paper for self-activated chemiresistive detectionLim, G.-H.; Bae, S.; Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, K.S.; Cho, H.; Park, Y.J.; Lee, H.-S.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, S.; Chung, H.-S.; Yun, Y.J.; Kim, Ka young; Kim, C.; Seo, J.-S.; Moon, H.G.; Son, D.I.
2008-10Coarse-to-fine vision-based localization for mobile robots using an object and spatial layout-based hybrid mapPark, S.; Kim, S.; Park, S.-K.
2019-02Cobalt-based electrolytes for efficient flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsKim, J.; Lee, H.; Kim, D.Y.; Kim, S.; Seo, Y.
2021-12-28Conformal Graphene Directly Synthesized on a Femtosecond Laser-Scribed In-Fiber Microstructure for High-Energy Ultrafast Optical PulsesUddin, S.; Kim, S.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.; Song, Y.-W.
2009-08Coordinated task execution by humanoid robotKim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, S.; Lee, J.; Jeong, M.-H.; Kim, C.; You, B.-J.
2021-08Decay time dynamics of red and blue luminescence of surface-functionalized silicon quantum dotsJoo, B.S.; Gu, M.; Han, J.; Jung, N.; Kim, S.; Park, D.-W.; Han, M.
2021-11Dehydrogenation-driven Li metal-free prelithiation for high initial efficiency SiO-based lithium storage materialsChung, D.J.; Youn, D.; Kim, S.; Ma, D.; Lee, J.; Jeong, W.J.; Park, E.; Kim, J.-S.; Moon, C.; Lee, J.Y.; Sun, H.; Kim, H.
2022-04Development of black-ice removal system with latent heat thermal energy storage and solar thermal collectorsKim, S.; Oh, H.J.; Han, S.J.; Ko, H.S.; SHIN, YOU HWAN; Shin, D.H.
2021-12Differences in the Electrochemical Performance of Pt-Based Catalysts Used for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells in Liquid Half- And Full-CellsAhn, C.-Y.; Park, J.E.; Kim, S.; Kim, O.-H.; Hwang, W.; Her, M.; Kang, S.Y.; Park, S.; Kwon, O.J.; Park, H.S.; Cho, Y.-H.; Sung, Y.-E.
2022-04Electrical resistivity evolution in electrodeposited Ru and Ru-Co nanowiresMoon, J.H.; Kim, S.; Kim, T.; Jeon, Y.S.; Kim, Yang hee; Ahn, Jae Pyoung; Kim, Y.K.
2021-11-22Enhanced spin-orbit torque in ni81fe19/pt bilayer with ndnio3contactJeong, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Park, J.; Lee, D.; Jeong, J.; Jang, H.; Park, E.; Jo, Y.; Lee, N.J.; Kim, K.-W.; Park, B.-G.; Lee, S.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, S.
2010-05Evenly distributing combinatorial tasks in a peer-to-peer systemJuasiripukdee, P.; Kim, S.; Kim, L.
2010-01Fast pyrolysis of rice husk under different reaction conditionsHeo, H.S.; Park, H.J.; Dong, J.-I.; Park, S.H.; Kim, S.; Suh, D.J.; Suh, Y.-W.; Kim, S.-S.; Park, Y.-K.
2012-09How diversification affects innovation by a Korean mobile content firmJung, H.; Kim, E.; Kim, S.; Hwang, J.
2015-09Identification of metabolites produced by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in the presence of amlodipine orotate using metabolomicsDe Sotto, R. B.; Kim, K. I.; Kim, S.; Song, K. G.; Park, Y.
2009-10Improvement of electrochemical characteristics by changing morphologies of carbon electrodeMin, H.S.; Kim, S.; Cheong, D.-S.; Choi, W.K.; Oh, Y.J.; Lee, J.-K.
2003-03Lasing Characteristics of Optical Thyristor for Optical Logic FunctionKim, D.; Lee, H.; Choi, W.; Choi, Y.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.; Byun, Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Nakano, Y.
2013-09Long-term behavior pattern prediction for peer-to-peer systemsSong, G.; Kim, S.
2006-06Low-voltage pentacene OTFTs with high-K gate dielectric and its application to AMOLEDChoi, Y.; Yoon, S.-S.; Choi, J.; Kim, H.J.; Son, J.H.; Kim, S.; Lee, Y.H.; Choi, Y.H.; Kim, S.T.; Kim, I.-D.; Lim, M.
2021-12Metal-Ion-Intercalated MXene Nanosheet Films for NH3Gas DetectionKim, S.; Lee, J.; Doo, S.; Kang, Y.C.; Koo, Chong Min; Kim, S.J.
1999-08Multiplexed strain sensor for long-distance remote sensing using fiber grating-tuned fiber laser schemeKim, S.; Yoon, H.; Lee, S.B.; Choi, S.S.; Lee, B.
2021-11Photoechogenic Inflatable Nanohybrids for Upconversion-Mediated SonotheranosticsJeong, K.; Kim, D.; Kim, H.J.; Lee, Y.-D.; Yoo, J.; Jang, D.; Lee, S.; Park, H.; Kim, Y.; Singh, A.; Ahn, D.J.; Kim, D.H.; Bang, J.; Kim, J.; Prasad, P.N.; Kim, S.