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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07A patinib-loaded nanoparticles suppress vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis and experimental corneal neovascularizationLee, Jung Eun; Kim, Koung Li; Kim, Danbi; Yeo, Yeongju; Han, Hyounkoo; Kim, Myung Goo; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kim, Hyuncheol; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Suh, Wonhee
2021-07-27A Trojan-Horse Strategy by In Situ Piggybacking onto Endogenous Albumin for Tumor-Specific Neutralization of Oncogenic MicroRNAKwak, Gijung; Kim, Hyosuk; Park, Jooho; Kim, Eun Hye; Jang, Hochung; Han, Geonhee; Wang, Sun Young; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Sun Hwa
2013-06-10Anti-apoptotic cardioprotective effects of SHP-1 gene silencing against ischemia-reperfusion injury: Use of deoxycholic acid-modified low molecular weight polyethyleneimine as a cardiac siRNA-carrierKim, Dongkyu; Hong, Jueun; Moon, Hyung-Ho; Nam, Hye Yeong; Mok, Hyejung; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Kim, Sung Wan; Choi, Donghoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2017-01Antitumor therapeutic application of self-assembled RNAi-AuNP nanoconstructs: Combination of VEGF-RNAi and photothermal ablationSon, Sejin; Kim, Namho; You, Dong Gil; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Yhee, Ji Young; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Sun Hwa
2013-11-28Biocompatible gelatin nanoparticles for tumor-targeted delivery of polymerized siRNA in tumor-bearing miceLee, So Jin; Yhee, Ji Young; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2012-11Bioorthogonal Copper-Free Click Chemistry In Vivo for Tumor-Targeted Delivery of NanoparticlesKoo, Heebeom; Lee, Sangmin; Na, Jin Hee; Kim, Sun Hwa; Hahn, Sei Kwang; Choi, Kuiwon; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Seo Young; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2012-08Bioreducible Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Complexes for MMP-2 siRNA Delivery into Human Vascular Smooth Muscle CellsLee, Dokyoung; Kim, Dongkyu; Mok, Hyejung; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Choi, Donghoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2022-04Bovine colostrum derived-exosomes prevent dextran sulfate sodium-induced intestinal colitis via suppression of inflammation and oxidative stressHan, Geonhee; Cho, Haeun; Kim, Hyosuk; Jang, Yeongji; Jang, Hochung; Kim, Da Eun; Kim, Eun Sun; Kim, Eun Hye; Hwang, Kwang Yeon; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Sun Hwa
2017-08Bubbled RNA-Based Cargo for Boosting RNA InterferenceKim, Hyejin; Jeong, Jaepil; Kim, Dajeong; Kwak, Gijung; Kim, Sun Hwa; Lee, Jong Bum
2012-12Cancer targeting strategies in nanomedicine: Design and application of chitosan nanoparticlesJee, Jun-Pil; Na, Jin Hee; Lee, Sangmin; Kim, Sun Hwa; Choi, Kuiwon; Yeo, Yoon; Kwon, Ick Chan
2015-01-28Cancer-targeted MDR-1 siRNA delivery using self-cross-linked glycol chitosan nanoparticles to overcome drug resistanceYhee, Ji Young; Song, Seungyong; Lee, So Jin; Park, Sung-Gurl; Kim, Ki-Suk; Kim, Myung Goo; Son, Sejin; Koo, Heebeom; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Jeong, Seo Young; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2014-08Cardiac RNAi therapy using RAGE siRNA/deoxycholic acid-modified polyethylenimine complexes for myocardial infarctionHong, Jueun; Ku, Sook Hee; Lee, Min Sang; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Mok, Hyejung; Choi, Donghoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2014-04Cell Labeling and Tracking Method without Distorted Signals by Phagocytosis of MacrophagesKang, Sun-Woong; Lee, Sangmin; Na, Jin Hee; Yoon, Hwa In; Lee, Dong-Eun; Koo, Heebeom; Cho, Yong Woo; Kim, Sun Hwa; Jeong, Seo Young; Kwon, Ick Chan; Choi, Kuiwon; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2012-09-15Cell-penetrating peptide mimicking polymer-based combined delivery of paclitaxel and siRNA for enhanced tumor growth suppressionJang, Yeon Lim; Yun, Ui Jeong; Lee, Min Sang; Kim, Myung Goo; Son, Sohee; Lee, Kyuri; Chae, Su Young; Lim, Dong Woo; Kim, Hong Tae; Kim, Sun Hwa; Jeong, Ji Hoon
2016-09-01Chemical and structural modifications of RNAi therapeuticsKu, Sook Hee; Jo, Sung Duk; Lee, Yeon Kyung; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kim, Sun Hwa
2016-11Chemical gas-generating nanoparticles for tumor-targeted ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-triggered drug deliveryMin, Hyun Su; Son, Sejin; You, Dong Gil; Lee, Tae Woong; Lee, Jangwook; Lee, Sangmin; Yhee, Ji Young; Lee, Jaeyoung; Han, Moon Hee; Park, Jae Hyung; Kim, Sun Hwa; Choi, Kuiwon; Park, Kinam; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan
2014-03Chemical Tumor-Targeting of Nanoparticles Based on Metabolic Glycoengineering and Click ChemistryLee, Sangmin; Koo, Heebeom; Na, Jin Hee; Han, Seung Jin; Min, Hyun Su; Lee, So Jin; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yun, Seok Hyun; Jeong, Seo Young; Kwon, Ick Chan; Choi, Kuiwon; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2015-12-28Co-delivery of VEGF and Bcl-2 dual-targeted siRNA polymer using a single nanoparticle for synergistic anti-cancer effects in vivoLee, So Jin; Yook, Simmyung; Yhee, Ji Young; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Kim, Myung-Goo; Ku, Sook Hee; Kim, Sun Hwa; Park, Jae Hyung; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Kwon, Ick Chan; Lee, Seulki; Lee, Hyukjin; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2020-02Combination of KRAS gene silencing and PI3K inhibition for ovarian cancer treatmentKim, Min Ju; Lee, So Jin; Ryu, Ju Hee; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kwon, Ick Chan; Roberts, Thomas M.
2014-03Cross-linked Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Engineering and in Vivo Monitoring of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cerebral Ischemia ModelPark, Ji Won; Ku, Sook Hee; Moon, Hyung-Ho; Lee, Minhyung; Choi, Donghoon; Yang, Jaemoon; Huh, Yong-Min; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Park, Tae Gwan; Mok, Hyejung; Kim, Sun Hwa
2020-03Dendritic cell activation by an E. coli-derived monophosphoryl lipid A enhances the efficacy of PD-1 blockadeJeong, Youngmin; Kim, Gi Beom; Ji, Yuhyun; Kwak, Gi-Jung; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Hong, Yeonsun; Kim, Seohyun; An, Jinsu; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo; Chung, Hak Suk; Kim, In-San
2015-07Deoxycholic acid-modified polyethylenimine based nanocarriers for RAGE siRNA therapy in acute myocardial infarctionKu, Sook Hee; Hong, Jueun; Moon, Hyung-Ho; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Mok, Hyejung; Park, Sungha; Choi, Donghoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2024-03Design of PD-L1-Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles to Turn on PTEN for Efficient Cancer TherapyKim, Yelee; Choi, Jiwoong; Kim, Eun Hye; Park, Wonbeom; Jang, Hochung; Jang, Yeongji; Chi, Sung-Gil; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk; Lee, Kyuri; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo
2023-10Design of siRNA Bioconjugates for Efficient Control of Cancer-Associated Membrane ReceptorsLee, Jong Won; Choi, Jiwoong; Kim, Eun Hye; Choi, Jiwon; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo
2018-11Development of Biocompatible HA Hydrogels Embedded with a New Synthetic Peptide Promoting Cellular Migration for Advanced Wound Care ManagementWang, Sun Young; Kim, Hyosuk; Kwak, Gijung; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Jo, Sung Duk; Lee, Ji Eun; Cho, Daeho; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Sun Hwa
2020-02Development of microRNA-21 mimic nanocarriers for the treatment of cutaneous woundsWang, Sun Young; Kim, Hyosuk; Kwak, Gijung; Jo, Sung Duk; Cho, Daeho; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2015-05Direct Observation of Interactions of Silk-Elastinlike Protein Polymer with Adenoviruses and ElastaseJung, Se-Hui; Choi, Joung-Woo; Yun, Chae-Ok; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kwon, Ick Chan; Ghandehari, Hamidreza
2014-05DNA Amplification in Neutral Liposomes for Safe and Efficient Gene DeliveryLee, Sangmin; Koo, Heebeom; Na, Jin Hee; Lee, Kyung Eun; Jeong, Seo Young; Choi, Kuiwon; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2017-09Engineered Zn(II)-Dipicolylamine-Gold Nanorod Provides Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment by Combining siRNA Delivery and Photothermal TherapyMin, Kyung Hyun; Kim, Young-Hwa; Wang, Zhantong; Kim, Jihoon; Kim, Jee Seon; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kiesewetter, Dale O.; Chen, Xiaoyuan
2015-12Enhanced Cytoplasmic Delivery of RAGE siRNA Using Bioreducible Polyethylenimine-based Nanocarriers for Myocardial Gene TherapyYang, Min Jung; Ku, Sook Hee; Kim, Dongkyu; Kim, Won Jong; Mok, Hyejung; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kwon, Ick Chan