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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01Boosted Output Voltage of BiSbTe-Based Thermoelectric Generators via Coupled Effect between Thermoelectric Carriers and Triboelectric ChargesKim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom; Park, Ji Young; Mun, Jinhong; Jung, Sungwoo; Yang, Seong Eun; Lee, Geunsik; Lee, Pooi See; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Yang, Changduk; Park, Hye Sung; Son, Jae Sung; Baik, Jeong Min
2020-05Crystal structure and piezoelectric characteristics of various phases near the triple-point composition in PZ-PT-PNN systemLee, Tae-Gon; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Eun-Ji; Lee, Sang Jin; Hwang, Hyun-Gyu; Hong, Youn-Woo; Kim, Jeong Seog; Chae, Keun Hwa; Choi, Ji-Won; Kang, Chong-Yun; Nahm, Sahn
2019-03Determination of the appropriate piezoelectric materials for various types of piezoelectric energy harvesters with high output powerKim, Sun-Woo; Lee, Tae-Gon; Kim, Dae-Hyeon; Lee, Ku-Tak; Jung, Inki; Kang, Chong-Yun; Han, Seung Ho; Kang, Hyung-Won; Nahm, Sahn
2023-02Electric-field-driven interfacial trapping of drifting triboelectric charges via contact electrificationKim, Jin-Kyeom; Han, Gi Hyeon; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Hee Jun; Purbia, Rahul; Lee, Dong-Min; Kim, Jong Kyu; Hwang, Hee Jae; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Choi, Dukhyun; Kim, Sang-Woo; Wang, Zhong Lin; 백정민
2023-10Enhanced output voltage of thermoelectric generators driven by alternate triboelectric chargesKim, Sun-Woo; Park, Ji Young; Kim, Do-Heon; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Park, Hyesung; Baik, Jeong Min
2020-08Genome-wide functional analysis of phosphatases in the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformansJin, Jae-Hyung; Lee, Kyung-Tae; Hong, Joohyeon; Lee, Dongpil; Jang, Eun-Ha; Kim, Jin-Young; Lee, Yeonseon; Lee, Seung-Heon; So, Yee-Seul; Jung, Kwang-Woo; Lee, Dong-Gi; Jeong, Eunji; Lee, Minjae; Jang, Yu-Byeong; Choi, Yeseul; Lee, Myung Ha; Kim, Ji-Seok; Yu, Seong-Ryong; Choi, Jin-Tae; La, Jae-Won; Choi, Haneul; Kim, Sun-Woo; Seo, Kyung Jin; Lee, Yelin; Thak, Eun Jung; Choi, Jaeyoung; Averette, Anna F.; Lee, Yong-Hwan; Heitman, Joseph; Kang, Hyun Ah; Cheong, Eunji; Bahn, Yong-Sun
2023-06Hybrid photothermal structure based on Cr-MgF2 solar absorber/ PMMA-graphene heat reservoir for enhanced thermoelectric power generationKwak, Geonho; Jeong, Yoo-Seok; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom; Choi, Jihyeok; Song, Kyung Guen; Kim, Hee Jun; Choi, Won Jun; Yang, Ya; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Baik, Jeong Min; Yu, Hak Ki
2023-01Low-temperature crystallization of LaFeO3 perovskite with inherent catalytically surface for the enhanced oxygen evolution reactionKim, Hee Jun; Kim, Sang Heon; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom; Cao, Chentian; Kim, Yongchul; Kim, Ungsoo; Lee, Geunsik; Choi, Jae-Young; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Choi, Won Jun; Park, Hyesung; Baik, Jeong Min
2022-05Output signals control of triboelectric nanogenerator with metal-dielectric-metal configuration through high resistance grounded systemsKim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom; Kim, Hee Jun; Cao, Chen Tian; Oh, Nam Khen; Yang, Ya; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Shim, Minseob; Park, Hye Sung; Baik, Jeong Min
2020-12Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Design Principles for Materials and Structures: Material Figure-of-Merit and Self-Resonance TuningSong, Hyun-Cheol; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Hyun Soo; Lee, Dong-Gyu; Kang, Chong-Yun; Nahm, Sahn
2017-10Piezoelectric properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3-Pb(Ni,Nb)O-3 ceramics and their application in energy harvestersLee, Tae-Gon; Lee, Ho-Jun; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Dae-Hyeon; Han, Seung Ho; Kang, Hyung-Won; Kang, Chong-Yun; Nahm, Sahn
2018-11Relationship between piezoelectric properties of ceramics and output performance of 33-mode piezoelectric energy harvestersLee, Tae-Gon; Lee, Ho-Jun; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Dae-Hyeon; Lee, Ku-Tak; Kang, Chong-Yun; Kim, Miso; Nahm, Sahn
2020-09Superior piezoelectric properties of lead-free thick-films and their application to alternative multilayer actuatorChae, Seok-June; Lee, Tae-Gon; Kim, Dae Su; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Eun-Ji; Park, Sung-Mean; Kang, Woo-Seok; Lee, Sang Jin; Kang, Chong-Yoon; Nahm, Sahn
2019-10Thermally stable high strain and piezoelectric characteristics of (Li, Na, K)(Nb, Sb)O-3-CaZrO3 ceramics for piezo actuatorsLee, Ku-Tak; Lee, Tae-Gon; Kim, Sun-Woo; Chae, Seok-June; Kim, Eun-Ji; Kim, Jeong-Seog; Choi, Ji-Won; Nahm, Sahn