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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09Biomimetic photocatalysts for the conversion of aqueous- and gas-phase nitrogen species to molecular nitrogen via denitrification and ammonia oxidationPark, Cheolwoo; Kwak, Hyelim; Moon, Gun-hee; Kim, Wooyul
2022-02Changes in levels of N-nitrosamine formed from amine-containing compounds during chloramination via photocatalytic pretreatment with immobilized TiO2: Effect of source water and pHSeid, Mingizem Gashaw; Byun, Jeehye; Kim, Wooyul; Cho, Kangwoo; Hong, Seok Won
2021-06Crystal phase-dependent generation of mobile OH radicals on TiO2: Revisiting the photocatalytic oxidation mechanism of anatase and rutileHwang, Ji Young; Moon, Gun-hee; Kim, Bupmo; Tachikawa, Takashi; Majima, Tetsuro; Hong, Seungwoo; Cho, Kangwoo; Kim, Wooyul; Choi, Wonyong
2019-08-25Enhanced water disinfection using vertically aligned TiO2 nanowires through physical puncture and photocatalytic actionKim, Eunju; Kim, Wooyul; Choi, Mingi
2017-12Environmentally benign synthesis of CuInS2/ZnO heteronanorods: visible light activated photocatalysis of organic pollutant/bacteria and study of its mechanismBaek, Minki; Kim, Eun-Ju; Hong, Seok Won; Kim, Wooyul; Yong, Kijung
2022-06Interface rich CuO/Al2CuO4 surface for selective ethylene production from electrochemical CO2 conversionSultan, Siraj; Lee, Hojeong; Park, Sojung; Kim, Minho M.; Yoon, Aram; Choi, Hansaem; Kong, Tae-Hoon; Koe, Young-Jin; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Zonghoon; Kim, Hyungjun; Kim, Wooyul; Kwon, Youngkook
2019-12Morphology control of perovskite in green antisolvent system for MAPbI(3)-based solar cells with over 20% efficiencyKim, Soyoung; Jeong, Inyoung; Park, Cheolwoo; Kang, Gumin; Han, Il Ki; Kim, Wooyul; Park, Minwoo
2021-02-15Oxygen vacancy engineering of cerium oxide for the selective photocatalytic oxidation of aromatic pollutantsBui, Hoang Tran; Weon, Seunghyun; Bae, Ji Won; Kim, Eun-Ju; Kim, Bupmo; Ahn, Yong-Yoon; Kim, Kitae; Lee, Hangil; Kim, Wooyul
2024-01Photoelectrochemical water oxidation using hematite modified with metal-incorporated graphitic carbon nitride film as a surface passivation and hole transfer overlayerJeon, Tae Hwa; Park, Cheolwoo; Kang, Unseock; 문건희; Kim, Wooyul; Park, Hyunwoong; Choi, Wonyong
2021-03Selective electrochemical reduction of nitric oxide to hydroxylamine by atomically dispersed iron catalystKim, Dong Hyun; Ringe, Stefan; Kim, Haesol; Kim, Sejun; Kim, Bupmo; Bae, Geunsu; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Jaouen, Frederic; Kim, Wooyul; Kim, Hyungjun; Choi, Chang Hyuck
2012-09Selective Oxidative Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Singlet Oxygen-Mediated Photosensitization: Tin Porphyrin versus C-60 Aminofullerene SystemsKim, Heechan; Kim, Wooyul; Mackeyev, Yuri; Lee, Gi-Seon; Kim, Hee-Joon; Tachikawa, Takashi; Hong, Seokwon; Lee, Sanghyup; Kim, Jungbae; Wilson, Lon J.; Majima, Tetsuro; Alvarez, Pedro J. J.; Choi, Wonyong; Lee, Jaesang
2019-09Thorn-like TiO2 nanoarrays with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity through physical puncture and photocatalytic actionKim, Eun-Ju; Choi, Mingi; Park, Hyeon Yeong; Hwang, Ji Young; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Hong, Seok Won; Lee, Jaesang; Yong, Kijung; Kim, Wooyul
2020-11-01Time-resolved observation of C-C coupling intermediates on Cu electrodes for selective electrochemical CO2 reductionKim, Younghye; Park, Sojung; Shin, Seung-Jae; Choi, Woong; Min, Byoung Koun; Kim, Hyungjun; Kim, Wooyul; Hwang, Yun Jeong
2021-02-15Unexpected discovery of superoxide radical generation by oxygen vacancies containing biomass derived granular activated carbonChoong, Choe Earn; Wong, Kien Tiek; Kim, Hyeseong; Jang, Seok Byum; Yoon, So Yeon; Nah, In Wook; Kim, Wooyul; Kim, Sang-Hyoun; Jeon, Byong-Hun; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min
2022-08Visible-Light Activation of a Dissolved Organic Matter-TiO2 Complex Mediated via Ligand-to-Metal Charge TransferBui, Hoang Tran; Park, Hyeon Yeong; Alvarez, Pedro J. J.; Lee, Jaesang; Kim, Wooyul; Kim, Eun-Ju
2017-04Visible-light-induced activation of periodate that mimics dye-sensitization of TiO2: Simultaneous decolorization of dyes and production of oxidizing radicalsYun, Eun-Tae; Yoo, Ha-Young; Kim, Wooyul; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Kang, Gyeongho; Lee, Hongshin; Lee, Seunghak; Park, Taiho; Lee, Changha; Kim, Jae-Hong; Lee, Jaesang