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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11A Fuzzy Intimacy Space Model to Develop Human-Robot Attitudinal RelationshipKim, Young-Min; Kim, Munsang; Kwon, Dong-Soo
2022-07A novel strategy for enhancing photoelectrochemical performance of Ca2Fe2O5 photocathodes: An integrated experimental and DFT-based approachYoon, Joon-Soo; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Joo-Won; Sung, Yun-Mo
2013-06An injectable cell penetrable nano-polyplex hydrogel for localized siRNA deliveryKim, Young-Min; Park, Mi-Ran; Song, Soo-Chang
2017-09An injectable hydrogel enhances tissue repair after spinal cord injury by promoting extracellular matrix remodelingLe Thi Anh Hong; Kim, Young-Min; Park, Hee Hwan; Hwang, Dong Hoon; Cui, Yuexian; Lee, Eun Mi; Yahn, Stephanie; Lee, Jae K.; Song, Soo-Chang; Kim, Byung Gon
2018-03-01Bench scale catalytic fast pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches over low cost catalysts and HZSM-5 using a fixed bed reactorRo, Donghoon; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, In-Gu; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Sang Chai; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-12-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass carbohydrates with LLDPE over Al-SBA-15 and mesoporous ZSM-5Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Hyung Won; Jae, Jungho; Bin Jung, Kyung; Jung, Sang-Chul; Watanabe, Atsushi; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-12-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of epoxy-printed circuit board and plastics over HZSM-5 and HYKim, Young-Min; Han, Tae Uk; Kim, Seungdo; Jae, Jungho; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-10-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene using microporous HZSM-5 and mesoporous Al-MCM-41 catalystsKim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Kim, Beom-Sik; Hong, Yeojin; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-03Catalytic Copyrolysis of Cellulose and Thermoplastics over HZSM-5 and HYKim, Beom-Sik; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Hyung Won; Jae, Jungho; Kim, Do Heui; Jung, Sang-Chul; Watanabe, Chuichi; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-01-31Catalytic copyrolysis of cork oak and bio-oil distillation residueLee, Yejin; Oh, Daejun; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Kim, Sang Chai; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-06-01Catalytic copyrolysis of torrefied cork oak and high density polyethylene over a mesoporous HY catalystLee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Boram; Kim, Seungdo; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Tae-Wan; Park, Young-Kwon
2020-05-01Catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of organosolv lignin and polypropylene over in-situ red mud and ex-situ HZSM-5 in two-step catalytic micro reactorRyu, Sumin; Lee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-02-10Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of Geodae-Uksae pyrolysis oil over Ni/desilicated HZSM-5Lee, Heejin; Kim, Young-Min; Bin Jung, Kyung; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-11Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin using a two-stage fixed bed reactor comprised of in-situ natural zeolite and ex-situ HZSM-5Lee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Sung, Bong Hyun; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Sang Chai; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-02-01Comparison of diverse estimation methods for personal exposure to air pollutants and associations with allergic symptoms: The Allergy & Gene-Environment Link (ANGEL) studyKim, Young-Min; Kim, Jihyun; Han, Youngshin; Lee, Byung-Jae; Choi, Dong-Chull; Cheong, Hae-Kwan; Jeon, Byoung-Hak; Oh, Inbo; Bae, Gwi-Nam; Lee, Jae Young; Kim, Chang-Heok; Seo, SungChul; Noh, Su Ryeon; Ahn, Kangmo
2019-07Confined polaronic transport in (LaFeO3)(n)/(SrFeO3)(1) superlatticesChang, Seo Hyoung; Kim, Seong Keun; Kim, Young-Min; Dong, Yongqi; Folkman, Chad M.; Jeong, Da Woon; Choi, Woo Seok; Borisevich, Albina Y.; Eastman, Jeffrey A.; Bhattacharya, Anand; Fong, Dillon D.
2016-03Development of an Injectable Dopamine-conjugated Poly(organophophazene) Hydrogel for HemostasisKim, Young-Min; Kim, Chang-Ho; Park, Mi-Ran; Song, Soo-Chang
2017-04Enhanced electrocatalytic activity via phase transitions in strongly correlated SrRuO3 thin filmsLee, Sang A.; Oh, Seokjae; Hwang, Jae-Yeol; Choi, Minseok; Youn, Chulmin; Kim, Ji Woong; Chang, Seo Hyoung; Woo, Sungmin; Bae, Jong-Seong; Park, Sungkyun; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Suyoun; Choi, Taekjib; Kim, Sung Wng; Choi, Woo Seok
2016-09Enhanced thermoelectric performance of PEDOT: PSS/PANI-CSA polymer multilayer structuresLee, Hye Jeong; Anoop, Gopinathan; Lee, Hyeon Jun; Kim, Chingu; Park, Ji-Woong; Choi, Jaeyoo; Kim, Heesuk; Kim, Yong-Jae; Lee, Eunji; Lee, Sang-Gil; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Joo-Hyoung; Jo, Ji Young
2016-10-01Ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis of citrus fruit peels over mesoporous MFI and Al-MCM-41Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Lee, Hyung Won; Han, Tae Uk; Lee, Heejin; Park, Sung Hoon; Kim, Seungdo; Watanabe, Chuichi; Park, Young-Kwon
2019-09Fine-Tunable and Injectable 3D Hydrogel for On-Demand Stem Cell NicheHong, Ki Hyun; Kim, Young-Min; Song, Soo-Chang
2018-11-14Highly concentrated single-chain atomic crystal LiMo3Se3 solution using ion-exchange chromatographyChae, Sudong; Oh, Seungbae; Siddiqa, Akhtar J.; Choi, Kyung Hwan; Lee, Weon-Gyu; Jang, Woo-Sung; Lee, Joo Song; Kim, Young-Min; Huh, Joonsuk; Kim, Soo Min; Choi, Jae-Young
2020-02-21Improved polaronic transport under a strong Mott-Hubbard interaction in Cu-substituted NiOPark, Seong Gon; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Lee, Jae-Hoon; Bang, Geukchan; Kim, Junghwan; Park, Hee Jung; Oh, Min Suk; Lee, Suyoun; Kim, Young-Hoon; Kim, Young-Min; Hosono, Hideo; Bang, Joonho; Lee, Kimoon
2017-11-01In-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene over mesoporous catalystsRezaei, Pouya Sirous; Oh, Daejun; Hong, Yeojin; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-12-01Influence of defects and nanoscale strain on the photovoltaic properties of CdS/CdSe nanocomposite co-sensitized ZnO nanowire solar cellsJung, Kyungeun; Lee, Jeongwon; Kim, Young-Min; Kim, Joosun; Kim, Choong-Un; Lee, Man-Jong
2019-09-25Injectable and Quadruple-Functional Hydrogel as an Alternative to Intravenous Delivery for Enhanced Tumor TargetingZhang, Zhi-Qiang; Kim, Young-Min; Song, Soo-Chang
2022-10-06Injectable nano-complex hydrogels for immune modulation-mediated tissue regenerationKim, Young-Min
2012-07Injectable Polyplex Hydrogel for Localized and Long-Term Delivery of siRNAKim, Young-Min; Park, Mi-Ran; Song, Soo-Chang
2016-03Injectable Ternary Nanocomplex Hydrogel for Long-Term Chemical Drug/Gene Dual DeliveryKim, Young-Min; Kim, Chang-Ho; Song, Soo-Chang
2022-10-05Interactions between macrophage and human fibroblast-derived extracellular matrix leads to advanced wound healingSavitri, Cininta; Ha, Sang Su; Kwon, Jae Won; Kim Sung Hoon; Kim, Young-Min; Park, Kwideok