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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Corrosion resistance and magnetic properties of FeXN (X=Hf, CoHf, CrHf) nanocrystalline thin film head materialsKIM KI HYUN; 김상록; Kim Kwang Youn; Han Suk Hee; Kim Hi Jung
-Effects of annealing on the residual stress and bending in sputtered thin films of giant magnetostrictive alloysNa Suok Min; 서수정; JUNG JONG MAN; Kim Hi Jung; Lim Sang Ho
-Effects of high temperature austenitization on toughness and hydrogen embrittlement of ultra high strength low alloy steel AISI 4340황선효; 이병훈; Kim Hi Jung; 이재영
-Effects of sputtering condition on the internal stress of permalloy thin films.Kim Hi Jung; KIM HYON TAE; Han Suk Hee; 강일구; 김상주
-Influence of impact angle on deformation in proximal femur during side falling이문규; KIM BYUNG SOO; CHO YONG KYUN; 강승백; Kim Hi Jung; 김영민; Choi Kuiwon
-Influence of internal stress on the soft magnetic properties of permalloy multilayer films with ceramic intermediate layers.Kim Hi Jung; KIM HYON TAE; 한승만; Han Suk Hee; 강일구; 김상주
-Room-temperature ferromagnetic ordering in an n-type diluted magnetic semiconductor: (Ga,Mn)NLee Jeung mi; LEE KYOUNG IL; Chang Joonyeon; Han Suk Hee; Kim Hi Jung; LEE WOOYOUNG; 함문호; 허광수; 명재민; 황웅준; 신무환
-Structural and magnetic properties of Fe-Si3N4 thin film prepared by co-sputtering technique한승만; 유성초; 김원태; Han Suk Hee; Kim Hi Jung
-The effect of transition metals addition on soft magnetic properties in (Co0.94-xFe0.06Mx)78Si4B18 amorphous alloysKim Hi Jung; Han Suk Hee; LEE MYOUNG BOG; LEE YOUNG HO; 강일구
-The effects of osteonecrotic area on the stress in early osteonecrosis of femoral head강승백; 김영민; Kim Hi Jung; 윤강섭; JOO WON; CHOI JAE BONG; Choi Kuiwon
-The magnetic properties of Tb-Fe-(B) thin films fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering최용석; 이성래; Han Suk Hee; Kim Hi Jung; Lim, Sang Ho
-Transmission electron microscopy study on ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)N epitaxial filmsChang Joonyeon; Kim Gyeung Ho; Lee Jeung mi; Han Suk Hee; Kim Hi Jung; LEE WOOYOUNG; 함문호; 허광수; 명재민
-Transplantation of transforming growth factor- β 1 treated chondrocytes embedded collagen gels for cartilage repair성인호; KIM TAEGYUN; KIM BYUNG SOO; Choi Kuiwon; 이명철; Kim Hi Jung; 성상철
-마이크로 자기소자 제조기술 .Kim Hi Jung; 김종렬; RYU HOJUN
-(Undefined)Kim Hi Jung
-(Undefined)강승백; 윤강섭; 이지호; 박진수; 배태수; CHOI JAE BONG; Choi Kuiwon; 김영민; Kim Hi Jung