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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11Adsorption Characteristics of As(III) and As(V) on Alum Sludge from Water Purification FacilitiesYoung-Soo Kim; Do-Hyung Kim; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2017-03Adsorption of As(III) and As(V) in groundwater by Fe-Mn binary oxide-impregnated granular activated carbon (IMIGAC)양중석; So-Ri Ryu; Eun-Ki Jeon; Kitae Baek
2010-08Alkaline Enhanced-Separation of Waste Lubricant Oils from Railway Contaminated SoilSung-Woo Park; Jae-Young Lee; Kyung-Jo Kim; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2012-09Application of iron-coated zeolites (ICZ) for mine drainage treatmentChil-Sung Jeon; Sung-Woo Park; Kitae Baek; 양중석; Joon-Gyu Park
2016-07Continuous electrochemical removal of salts from Korean food wastes양중석; Young-Sun Jeon; Eung-Ryeol Park; Ji-Won Yang; Kitae Baek
2010-06Electrokinetic removal of chloride and sodium from tidelandsKyung-Jo Kim; Jung-Min Cho; Kitae Baek; 양중석; Sung-Hwan Ko
2010-02Electrokinetic Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbon from Residual Clayey Soil Following a Washing ProcessChil-Sung Jeon; 양중석; Kyung-Jo Kim; Kitae Baek
2011-12Electrokinetic Restoration of Sulfate-Accumulated Saline Greenhouse SoilJung-Min Cho; Do-Hyung Kim; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2010-08Electrokinetic Separation of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Treatment SludgeSeon-Young Park; Geun-Yong Park; Do-Hyung Kim; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2015-06Enhanced Electrokinetic Transport of Sulfate in Saline SoilSungUng Jo; Yeon-Jun Shin; 양중석; Deok Hyun Moon; Agamemnon Koutsospyros; Kitae Baek
2019-02Enhanced irreversible fixation of cesium by wetting and drying cycles in soil양중석; Sang-Min Park; Daniel C. W. Tsang; Daniel S. Alessi; Kitae Baek
2015-07Enhanced-electrokinetic extraction of heavy metals from dredged harbor sedimentJong-Chan Yoo; 양중석; Eun-Ki Jeon; Kitae Baek
2014-05Environmental assessment on electrokinetic remediation of multimetal-contaminated site: a case studyDo-Hyung Kim; Jong-Chan Yoo; Bo-Ram Hwang; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2016-09Extraction mechanism of lead from shooting range soil by ferric salts양중석; Jong-Chan Yoo; Yeon-Jun Shin; Eun-Jung Kim; Kitae Baek
2012-11Mn-Fe Layered Double Hydroxides for Adsorption of As(III) and As(V)Enkhtur Otgonjargal; Young-Soo Kim; Sang-Min Park; Kitae Baek; 양중석
2017-03One-dimensional column and three-dimensional box flushing of silicone emulsion-enhanced remediation for chlorinated solvent contaminated soils양중석; Tae-Soon Kwon; Jae-Young Lee; Kitae Baek
2010-06Pulsed electrokinetic removal of Cd and Zn from fine-grained soilByung-Gon Ryu; 양중석; Do-Hyung Kim; Kitae Baek
2014-09Removal of As(III) and As(V) using iron-rich sludge produced from coal mine drainage treatment plant양중석; Young-Soo Kim; Sang-Min Park; Kitae Baek
2013-12Selective recovery of Cu, Zn, and Ni from acid mine drainageSang-Min Park; Jong-Chan Yoo; Sang-Woo Ji; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2015-02Selective recovery of dissolved Fe, Al, Cu, and Zn in acid mine drainage based on modeling to predict precipitation pHSang-Min Park; Jong-Chan Yoo; Sang-Woo Ji; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2015-11Selective Recovery of Dissolved Metals from Mine Drainage Using Electrochemical ReactionsSang-Min Park; Su-Yeon Shin; 양중석; Sang-Woo Ji; Kitae Baek
2015-03Step-Wise Extraction of Metals from Dredged Marine SedimentsJong-Chan Yoo; Eun-Jung Kim; 양중석; Kitae Baek
2014-12The transport behavior of As, Cu, Pb, and Zn during electrokinetic remediation of a contaminated soil using electrolyte conditioning양중석; 권만재; 최재영; Kitae Baek; Edward J. O’Loughlin