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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07An azobenzene-based photochromic liquid crystalline amphiphile for a remote-controllable light shutterDae-Yoon Kim; 이상아; Huisu Kim; 김수민; Namil Kim; Kwang-Un Jeong
2019-05Application of Hexagonal Boron Nitride to a Heat-Transfer Medium of an InGaN/GaN Quantum-Well Green LED김수민; 이주송; Ilgyu Choi; Kwanjae Lee; Cheul-Ro Lee; Kwang-Un Jeong; Jin Soo Kim
2020-09Crystal Engineering of Amphiphilic Organic Dye for Metallic Coloration양철민; 전대영; 김대윤; 유기현; Seok-In Lim; Luciano De Sio; Kwang-Un Jeong
2021-07Development of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Smart Inks by Substituting Ionic Pendants and Engineering Molecular Packing Structures김대윤; Seok-In Lim; Jahyeon Koo; Junhwa Jang; Mintaek Oh; Duy Thanh Tran; Sungjune Park; Yan Cao; Kwang-Un Jeong
2020-07Diacetylene-Functionalized Dendrons: Self-Assembled and Photopolymerized Three-Dimensional Networks for Advanced Self-Healing and Wringing Soft Materials김대윤; Yu-Jin Choi; Daseal Jung; Seok-In Lim; Kwang-Un Jeong; Won-Jin Yoon
2016-11Heat Transfer Organic Materials: Robust Polymer Films with the Outstanding Thermal Conductivity Fabricated by the Photopolymerization of Uniaxially Oriented Reactive Discogens고문주; Dong-Gue Kang; Minwook Park; Dae-Yoon Kim; Namil Kim; Kwang-Un Jeong
2018-11Highly Efficient and Flexible Photosensors with GaN Nanowires Horizontally Embedded in a Graphene Sandwich Channel이승기; 김강민; Sangmoon Han; Ilgyu Choi; Jihoon Song; Cheul-Ro Lee; Mee-Yi Ryu; Kwang-Un Jeong; Jin Soo Kim
2017-05Highly thermal conductive resins formed from wide-temperature-range eutectic mixtures of liquid crystalline epoxies bearing diglycidyl moieties at the side positions유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규; 김영수; Kwang-Un Jeong; Seung Hee Lee
2018-06Kinetically Controlled Polymorphic Structures of Pyren-Based Asymmetric Liquid Crystal Dendron: Relationship Between Hierachical Superstructures and Photophysical Properties안석훈; Minwook Park; Dong-Gue Kang; Yu-Jin Choi; Won-Jin Yoon; Jahyeon Koo; Seo-hee Park; Kwang-Un Jeong
2019-03Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin with Improved Thermal Conductivity by Intermolecular Dipole-Dipole Interactions유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 장세규; 김채빈; Iseul Jeong; Dong-Gue Kang; Kwang-Un Jeong; Dai-Soo Lee
2019-06Low-Voltage Organic Transistor Memory Fiber with a Nanograined Organic Ferroelectric Film홍재민; 임정아; 김태욱; 배수강; 이승기; 황선빈; 강민지; Sang-A Lee; Sukjae Jang; Sang Hyun Lee; Kwang-Un Jeong
2021-06Soft and Stretchable Liquid Metal Composites with Shape Memory and Healable Conductivity유재상; Priyanuj Bhuyan; Yuwen Wei; Dongho Sin; Changwoon Nah; Kwang-Un Jeong; Michael. D. Dickey; Sungjune Park
2021-05Transfer and Amplification of Cyanostilbene Molecular Function to Advanced Flexible Optical Paints Through Self-Crosslinkable Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polysiloxanes김대윤; Jahyeon Koo; Junhwa Jang; Seok-In Lim; Mintaek Oh; Kyung Min Lee; Micheal E. McConney; Luciano De Sio; Kwang-Un Jeong