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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12Analysis of chemical structure of fluoro-containing copolyamic acid methyl esters and its effect on the thermal imidization processPark, SK; Park, SY; Lee, CJ
1999-11Bulk polymerization of vinyl pivalate using low-temperature azoinitiator and saponification for the preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilsLyoo, WS; Han, SS; Kim, JH; Yoon, WS; Lee, CJ; Kwon, IC; Lee, J; Ji, BC; Han, MH
2005-08-26Cloning and expression of Ca2+-activated chloride channel from rat brainJeong, SM; Park, HK; Yoon, IS; Lee, JH; Kim, JH; Jang, CG; Lee, CJ; Nah, SY
2005-06Differential effects of Gq alpha, G14 alpha, and G15 alpha on vascular smooth muscle cell survival and gene expression profilesPeavy, RD; Hubbard, KB; Lau, A; Fields, RB; Xu, KM; Lee, CJ; Lee, TT; Gernert, K; Murphy, TJ; Hepler, JR
1997-09Direct polymerization of aromatic diacid dimethyl esters with aromatic diamines .1. Analysis of reaction mechanismPark, SK; Ha, WS; Lee, CJ
2000-01Direct polymerization of aromatic diacid dimethyl esters with aromatic diamines II. Control of copolyimide chemical structurePark, SK; Park, SY; Lee, CJ
2003-02Effect of iodine absorption on the characteristics of syndiotacticity-rich high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilDo Ghim, H; Kim, JP; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ; Lee, J; Kim, SS; Lee, SM; Yoon, WS; Lyoo, WS
2001-06-15Effect of stereosequences on crystallinity and properties of zone-drawn poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilsLyoo, WS; Kim, JH; Koo, K; Lee, JS; Kim, SS; Yoon, WS; Ji, BC; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ
1996-11Effect of zone-drawing conditions on the tensile properties of gel-spun ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiberHan, SS; Yoon, WS; Lyoo, WS; Lee, CJ; Ghim, HD; Han, YA; Ji, BC
2001-08-01Effects of polymer concentration and zone drawing on the physical properties of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) thick filmLyoo, WS; Kim, JH; Yoon, WS; Kim, DH; Choi, JH; Ji, BC; Lee, CJ
2004-10Functional similarities and differences of AMPA and kainate receptors expressed by cultured rat sensory neuronsLee, CJ; Labrakakis, C; Joseph, DJ; MacDermott, AB
1996-03High temperature zone drawing of aromatic polyamide film .1. 6-amino-2-(4-aminophenyl)-4-phenyl quinoline/oxydianiline/terephthaloyl chloride copolymer filmHan, SS; Lyoo, WS; Choi, JH; Park, SK; Ji, BC; Ha, WS; Lee, CJ
1998-11Low temperature suspension polymerization of vinyl acetate using 2,2 '-azobis(2,4-dimethylvaleronitrile) for the preparation of high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) with high yieldLyoo, WS; Lee, SG; Kim, JP; Han, SS; Lee, CJ
2002-12Low-temperature suspension polymerization of vinyl pivalate for the preparation of syndiotacticity-rich ultrahigh molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrils with high yieldLyoo, WS; Park, CS; Yeum, JH; Ji, BC; Lee, CJ; Lee, SS; Lee, JY
1999-04-15Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores III. Synthesis and characterization of self-crosslinkable glycidyl methacrylate copolymersPark, KH; Kwak, MG; Jahng, WS; Lee, CJ; Kim, N
1999-05-15Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores IV. Synthesis of maleimide-styrene and maleimide-methacrylate copolymersPark, KH; Lim, JT; Song, S; Kwak, MG; Lee, CJ; Kim, N
1999-05-15Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores V. Linear and crosslinked polyurethanes using nitrothiophene and nitrophenol as electron acceptorsPark, KH; Lim, JT; Song, S; Lee, YS; Lee, CJ; Kim, N
2005-12Novel synthesis of highly phenyl-substituted spirobifluorene and carbazole derivatives through Diels-Alder reaction for light-emitting diodesLee, SE; Cho, HN; Jung, SH; Park, HC; Lee, CJ; Park, JW
2001-11Optical recording properties of styryl derivatives for digital versatile disc-recordable (DVD-R)Park, KH; Lee, CJ; Song, D; Kim, J; Huh, YJ; Min, KS
2005-05-31P2Y(1) receptor signaling is controlled by interaction with the PDZ scaffold NHERF-2Fam, SR; Paquet, M; Castleberry, AM; Oller, H; Lee, CJ; Traynelis, SF; Smith, Y; Yun, CC; Hall, RA
1999-01Poling behavior of electro-optic polymers with perfluorinated chromophoresPark, KH; Shin, DH; Lee, SD; Lee, CJ; Kim, N
2002-03Preparation and characterization of iodinated poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilLyoo, WS; Kim, SS; Do Ghim, H; Kim, JP; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ
1998-10Preparation and characterization of syndiotacticity-rich ultra-high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) imogolite blend filmChoi, JH; Cho, YW; Ha, WS; Lyoo, WS; Lee, CJ; Ji, BC; Han, SS; Yoon, WS
2000-11Preparation of high molecular weight poly(N-vinylcarbazole) in high yield by low-temperature precipitation polymerization of N-vinylcarbazoleLyoo, WS; Oh, JM; Kim, DH; Kim, JH; Yoon, WS; Ji, BC; Ghim, HD; Lee, CJ
1997-05Preparation of high molecular weight polyvinylalcohol by low temperature azoinitiatorLyoo, WS; Kim, BC; Lee, CJ; Ha, WS
2003-03Preparation of surface-anionized poly(vinyl alcohol-co-methacrylic acid) hydrogel beadsYun, JP; Park, YH; Lee, S; Park, KH; Lee, CJ
2005-02-15Preparation of ultrahigh-molecular-weight syndiotactic poly(vinyl pivalate) monodisperse microspheres by low-temperature suspension polymerization of vinyl pivalateLyoo, WS; Kwak, JW; Yeum, JH; Ji, BC; Lee, CJ; Noh, SK
1996-09Properties of fluoro-containing aromatic polyamide film and its high temperature zone drawingKwag, MG; Rhee, JM; Han, SS; Lyoo, WS; Kim, BC; Lee, CJ
2004-07Protease-activated receptor-1 in human brain: localization and functional expression in astrocytesJunge, CE; Lee, CJ; Hubbard, KB; Zhang, ZB; Olson, JJ; Hepler, JR; Brat, DJ; Traynelis, SF
2004-12Redox regulation of OxyR requires specific disulfide bond formation involving a rapid kinetic reaction pathLee, CJ; Lee, SM; Mukhopadhyay, P; Kim, SJ; Lee, SC; Ahn, WS; Yu, MH; Storz, G; Ryu, SE