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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20011/f noise in semiconductor heterostructure laser diodesLee, J; Han, IK; Choi, WJ; Brini, J; Chovet, A
2005-03A force reflected exoskeleton-type masterarm for human-robot interactionKim, YS; Lee, J; Lee, S; Kim, M
2003-06-06A novel electrochemically active and Fe(III)-reducing bacterium phylogenetically related to Aeromonas hydrophila, isolated from a microbial fuel cellPham, CA; Jung, SJ; Phung, NT; Lee, J; Chang, IS; Kim, BH; Yi, H; Chun, J
2001A self-propelling endoscopic systemLim, YM; Lee, J; Park, J; Kim, B; Park, JO; Kim, SH; Hong, YS
2003-07Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of telmesteine, a mucolitic agent, in ratLee, J; Son, J; Rhee, SW; Kim, DH
1999-01Analysis of cyclic boronated and trimethylsilylated phenolalkylamines by gas chromatography and electron impact mass spectrometryLee, J; Kim, K; Lho, DS
2004-04-01Analysis of microbial diversity in oligotrophic microbial fuel cells using 16S rDNA sequencesPhung, NT; Lee, J; Kang, KH; Chang, IS; Gadd, GM; Kim, BH
2004-08-05Analysis of substance P in rat brain by means of immunoaffinity capture and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass-spectrometryBabu, CVS; Lee, J; Lho, DS; Yoo, YS
1998-06-22Built-in voltages and asymmetric polarization switching in Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin film capacitorsLee, J; Choi, CH; Park, BH; Noh, TW; Lee, JK
1999-11Bulk polymerization of vinyl pivalate using low-temperature azoinitiator and saponification for the preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilsLyoo, WS; Han, SS; Kim, JH; Yoon, WS; Lee, CJ; Kwon, IC; Lee, J; Ji, BC; Han, MH
1999-07Characteristics of ZnO/diamond thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputteringPark, YW; Yoon, SJ; Lee, J; Baik, YJ; Kim, HJ; Jung, HJ; Choi, WK; Cho, BH; Park, CY
2005-05Comparative studies of a single cell and a stack of direct methanol fuel cellsLee, S; Kim, D; Lee, J; Chung, ST; Ha, HY
2004-07Control of the spin-orbit coupling by gate voltage in semiconductor FET structuresHong, J; Lee, J; Joo, S; Rhie, K; Lee, BC; Lee, J; An, SY; Kim, J; Shin, KH
2004-11Controlling the diameter of Cu2O nanowires by electrodepositionLee, J; Oh, J; Tak, Y
2005-12Copper thin films on PET prepared at ambient temperature by ECR-CVDKo, H; Jhin, J; Byun, D; Lee, J; Park, D
2003-02-15Coupling characteristics of localized photons in two-dimensional photonic crystalsKee, CS; Lim, H; Lee, J
1998-01Determination of derivatized clenbuterol by use of gas chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry on an ion trap using negative ion chemical ionizationLee, J; Lho, DS; Kim, M; Lee, W; Kim, Y
2002-05Determination of tizanidine in human plasma by gas chromatography-mass spectrometryLee, J; Seo, JH; Kim, DH
1998-12-31Development of an in vitro assay system for screening of gp41 inhibitory compoundsRyu, JR; Lee, J; Choo, S; Yoon, SH; Woo, ER; Yu, YG
2005-01-10Development of nanophase CeO2-Pt/C cathode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cellYu, HB; Kim, JH; Lee, HI; Scibioh, MA; Lee, J; Han, J; Yoon, SP; Ha, HY
2003-06Direct determination of estriol 3-and 16-glucuronides in pregnancy urine by column-switching liquid chromatography with electrospray tandem mass spectrometryYang, YJ; Lee, J; Choi, MH; Chung, BC
2003-02Effect of iodine absorption on the characteristics of syndiotacticity-rich high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilDo Ghim, H; Kim, JP; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ; Lee, J; Kim, SS; Lee, SM; Yoon, WS; Lyoo, WS
2002-02Effects of recombinant human growth hormone on hepatic lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in HIV-infected patients with fat accumulationSchwarz, JM; Mulligan, K; Lee, J; Lo, JC; Wen, M; Nook, MA; Grunfeld, C; Schambelan, M
1999-07Electro-optical properties of thermally stable self-crosslinkable copolymer with glycidyl methacrylate unitsLee, TS; Lee, J; Choi, DH; Park, SY; Kim, N
2003-03Electrochemical oscillations in the HCHO oxidation on a Pt electrodeJung, I; Kim, D; Lee, J; Oh, IH; Ha, HY; Tak, Y
2005-06Electrochemically deposited nanocolumnar junctions of Cu2O and ZnO on Ni nanowiresOh, J; Tak, Y; Lee, J
2000-10Electronic properties of ion-beam-mixed Co/Pt multilayered filmsChang, GS; Kim, SH; Son, JH; Shin, SW; Chae, KH; Lee, J; Jeong, K; Whang, CN; Kurmaev, EZ; Moewes, A; Lee, YP
2005-09Electrostatic capacitance of TiO2 nanowires in a porous alumina templateLee, J; Choi, J; Lee, J; Choi, SK; Chun, HD
1997-08-10Enhanced transport properties in YBa2Cu3Ox films with crossed columnar defects of various inclination anglesPark, JH; Kim, DH; Shim, SY; Kim, YH; Lee, JM; Hahn, TS; Hettinger, JD; Steel, DG; Gray, KE; Glagola, B; Lee, J; Khim, ZG
2004-06Enhancement of magnetoresistance by geometric and intrinsic factorsLee, J; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Ahn, S; Kim, J; Lee, J; Shin, KH; Lee, BC