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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-033-Dimensional cell culture for on-chip differentiation of stem cells in embryoid bodyKim, Choong; Lee, Kang Sun; Bang, Jae Hoon; Kim, Young Eyn; Kim, Min-Cheol; Oh, Kwang Wook; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon
2015A Cuff-shaped Enzymeless Glucose Sensor Integrated with Chronically Implantable Peripheral Nerve Cuff Electrode for Inflammation MonitoringLee, Yi Jae; Park, Sung Jin; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
-A Disposable Polymer Waveguide Lab-on-a-chip for Real-time Detection of Protein C using Evanescent WaveOh, Daejin; Jung jung hwan; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
2013-06A new MEMS neural probe integrated with embedded microfluidic channel for drug delivery and electrode array for recording neural signalKim, Y.; Lee, H.J.; Kim, D.; Kim, Y.K.; Lee, Soo Hyun; Yoon, E.-S.; Cho, I.-J.
2016-02-29A NEW MEMS NEURAL PROBE SYSTEM INTEGRATED WITH PUSH-PULL MICROFLUIDIC CHANNELS AND BIOSENSORS FOR REAL-TIME MONITORING OF NEUROCHEMICALSChae, Uikyu; Shin, Hyoguen; Lee, Hyuqjoo Jenny; Lee, Jnngpyo; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Yi Jae; Lee, Soo Hyun; Woo, Jiwan; Cho, Yakdol; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Yu, Hyun-Yong; Cho, Il-Joo
2008-11A polymer lab-on-a-chip for reverse transcription (RT)-PCR based point-of-care clinical diagnosticsLee, Soo Hyun; Kim, Sung-Woo; Kang, Ji Yoon; Ahn, Chong H.
-A Study for the Stimulus Cuff Electrode with Conducting PolymerYi Jae Lee; Sung-Jin Park; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
-A study on the neural signal recording efficiency of nerve cuff electrode using conductive polymersPark Sung Jin; Lim Seung Hwan; Song Kang Il; Chu Jun Uk; Kang, Ji Yoon; Kwang-Seok Yun; Lee, Soo Hyun
2013-08A Wireless Intraocular Pressure Sensor with Variable Inductance Using a Ferrite MaterialKang, Byungjoo; Hwang, Hoyong; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Park, Joung-Hu; Seo, Chulhun; Park, Changkun
2021-11-01Bimodal neural probe for highly co-localized chemical and electrical monitoring of neural activities in vivoChae, Uikyu; Shin, Hyogeun; Choi, Nakwon; Ji, Mi-Jung; Park, Hyun-Mee; Lee, Soo Hyun; Woo, Jiwan; Cho, Yakdol; Kim, Kanghwan; Yang, Seulkee; Nam, Min-Ho; Yu, Hyun-Yong; Cho, Il-Joo
2017-03-22Biofunctionalization of Nerve Interface via Biocompatible Polymer-Roughened Pt Black on Cuff Electrode for Chronic RecordingLee, Yi Jae; Kim, Han-Jun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Do, Sun Hee; Lee, Soo Hyun
2017-11-10Biological assessments of multifunctional hydrogel-decorated implantable neural cuff electrode for clinical neurology applicationKim, Han-Jun; Heo, Dong Nyoung; Lee, Yi Jae; Lee, Sang Jin; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kwon, Ii Keun; Do, Sun Hee
-Characterization of Implantable, Wireless Capacitive Type Intraocular Pressure SensorJang Cheol In; Shin, Kyeong-Sik; Mi Lim Lee; Chang-Kun Park; Kwang-Seok Yun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
2016-12Characterization of nerve-cuff electrode interface for biocompatible and chronic stimulating applicationLee, Yi Jae; Kim, Han-Jun; Do, Sun Hee; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
2023-07-17Classification of human tauopathy using blood: Detection of tau isoforms in patients’ blood with a magnetic bead-based gap sensorKwon Sun Sang; Yun, Mijin; Lee, Soo Hyun
2018-10-23Compact Optical Nerve Cuff Electrode for Simultaneous Neural Activity Monitoring and Optogenetic Stimulation of Peripheral NervesSong, Kang-Il; Park, Sunghee Estelle; Lee, Seul; Kim, Hyungmin; Lee, Soo Hyun; Youn, Inchon
-Design of a Low-Noise Amplifier for Nerve Cuff Electrode RecordingChu Jun Uk; Song Kang il; Inchan Youn; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Choi, Kuiwon; Suh Jun Kyo
-Development of in-vitro blood-brain barrier microfluidic deviceLee so young; Seung-Woo Cho; Lee, Soo Hyun
2015-12Development of Novel Implantable Intraocular Pressure Sensors to Enhance the Performance in in vivo TestsShin, Kyeong-Sik; Jang, Cheol-In; Kim, Mi Jeung; Yun, Kwang-Seok; Park, Ki Ho; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
2019-07Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease through Detection of Tau Protein in Human Blood Using Ultrasensitive Nano-Gap Sensor: From CSF to BloodLee, Soo Hyun; Jae Young Park; Seo HyeWon; Seo Bo Gyeom; Yi Jae Lee; Kang, Ji Yoon; Cho, Soo Hyun; Seo, Sang Won
2013-11-14Dipole Source Localization of Mouse Electroencephalogram Using the Fieldtrip ToolboxLee, Chungki; Oostenveld, Robert; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kim, Lae Hyun; Sung, Hokun; Choi, Jee Hyun
2021-07Dipole-assisted carrier transport in bis(trifluoromethane) sulfonamide-treated O-ReS2 field-effect transistorPark, Jae Young; Yoo, SangHyuk; Park, Byeongho; Kim, Taekyeong; Chun, Young Tea; Kim, Jong Min; Kang, Keonwook; Lee, Soo Hyun; Jun, Seong Chan
2021-01-04Direct comparison with terahertz metamaterials and surface- enhanced Raman scattering in a molecular-specific sensing performanceLee, Soo Hyun; Roh, Yeeun; Lee, Sang-Hun; Ryu, Yong-Sang; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Seo, Minah
-Doubly-clamped piezoelectric resonator study for protein detection systemHwang Dong geon; Lee, Soo Hyun; Dong Hyun Kim; Kang, Ji Yoon
2015-11Downregulation of Tryptophan-related Metabolomic Profile in Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial FluidKang, Kwi Young; Lee, Soo Hyun; Jung, Seung Min; Park, Sung-Hwan; Jung, Byung-Hwa; Ju, Ji Hyeon
2016-03-07Effects of inner materials on the sensitivity and phase depth of wireless inductive pressure sensors for monitoring intraocular pressureJang, Cheol-In; Shin, Kyeong-Sik; Kim, Mi Jeung; Yun, Kwang-Seok; Park, Ki Ho; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun
2021-01Electric Stimulation Elicits Heterogeneous Responses in ON but Not OFF Retinal Ganglion Cells to Transmit Rich Neural InformationKang, Joon Ho; Jang, Ye Ji; Kim, Taegon; Lee, Byung Chul; Lee, Soo Hyun; Im, Maesoon
2023-11Electrodeposited reduced graphene oxide-PEDOT:PSS/Nafion hybrid interface for the simultaneous determination of dopamine and serotoninSeunghyeon, KO; Kim, Seung Wook; Lee, Soo Hyun; Yi Jae Lee
2021-07Employing metabolomic approaches to determine the influence of age on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)Lee, Soo Hyun; Lee, Gakyung; Seo, Ji-Eun; Hasan, Mahbub; Kwon, Oh-Seung; Jung, Byung Hwa
2018-10-15Enzyme-loaded paper combined impedimetric sensor for the determination of the low-level of cholesterol in salivaLee, Yi Jae; Eom, Kyu Shik; Shin, Kyeong-Sik; Kang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Soo Hyun