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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-04Bioinspired Geometry-Switchable Janus Nanofibers for Eye-Readable H-2 SensorsHan, Heetak; Baik, Sangyul; Xu, Borui; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Sanggeun; Shin, Sera; Lee, Jaehong; Koo, Ja Hoon; Mei, Yongfeng; Pang, Changhyun; Lee, Taeyoon
2018-02Chemical and Physical Pathways for Fabricating Flexible Superamphiphobic Surfaces with High TransparencySahoo, Bichitra; Yoon, Kukro; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon
2017-12-21Electroconductive nanoscale topography for enhanced neuronal differentiation and electrophysiological maturation of human neural stem cellsYang, Kisuk; Yu, Seung Jung; Lee, Jong Seung; Lee, Hak-Rae; Chang, Gyeong-Eon; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon; Cheong, Eunji; Im, Sung Gap; Cho, Seung-Woo
2023-06Fluorescent-based biodegradable microneedle sensor array for tether-free continuous glucose monitoring with smartphone applicationSang, Mingyu; Cho, Myeongki; Lim, Selin; Min, In Sik; Han, Yuna; Lee, Chanwoo; Shin, Jongwoon; Yoon, Kukro; Yeo, Woon-Hong; Lee, Taeyoon; Won, Sang Min; Jung, Youngmee; Heo, Yun Jung; Yu, Ki Jun
2018-10-24Highly Conductive Fiber with Waterproof and Self-Cleaning Properties for Textile ElectronicsChoi, Byungwoo; Lee, Jaehong; Han, Heetak; Woo, Janghoon; Park, Kijun; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon
2018-05Highly Sensitive Multifilament Fiber Strain Sensors with Ultrabroad Sensing Range for Textile ElectronicsLee, Jaehong; Shin, Sera; Lee, Sanggeun; Song, Jaekang; Kang, Subin; Han, Heetak; Kim, SeulGee; Kim, Seunghoe; Seo, Jungmok; Kim, DaeEun; Lee, Taeyoon
2022-12Mechanically Tissue-Like and Highly Conductive Au Nanoparticles Embedded Elastomeric Fiber Electrodes of Brain-Machine Interfaces for Chronic In Vivo Brain Neural RecordingWon, Chihyeong; Jeong, Ui-Jin; Lee, Sanghyeon; Lee, Minkyu; Kwon, Chaebeen; Cho, Sungjoon; Yoon, Kukro; Lee, Seungmin; Chun, Dongwon; Cho, Il-Joo; Lee, Taeyoon
2019-02Nonfluorinated Superomniphobic Surfaces through Shape-Tunable Mushroom-like Polymeric Micropillar ArraysKim, Hyunchul; Han, Heetak; Lee, Sanggeun; Woo, Janghoon; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon
2020-12Self-Bondable and Stretchable Conductive Composite Fibers with Spatially Controlled Percolated Ag Nanoparticle Networks: Novel Integration Strategy for Wearable ElectronicsKwon, Chaebeen; Seong, Duhwan; Ha, Jeongdae; Chun, Dongwon; Bae, Jee Hwan; Yoon, Kukro; Lee, Minkyu; Woo, Janghoon; Won, Chihyeong; Lee, Seungmin; Mei, Yongfeng; Jang, Kyung-In; Son, Donghee; Lee, Taeyoon
2018-02Single-Droplet Multiplex Bioassay on a Robust and Stretchable Extreme Wetting Substrate through Vacuum-Based Droplet ManipulationHan, Heetak; Lee, Jung Seung; Kim, Hyunchul; Shin, Sera; Lee, Jaehong; Kim, Jongchan; Hou, Xu; Cho, Seung-Woo; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon
2022-12Tailored Self-Assembled Monolayer using Chemical Coupling for Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors: Multifunctional Copper Diffusion BarrierLee, Seungmin; Lee, Sanghyeon; Lee, Minkyu; Rho, Sung Min; Kim, Hyung Tae; Won, Chihyeong; Yoon, Kukro; Kwon, Chaebeen; Kim, Juyoung; Park, Geun Chul; Lim, Jun Hyung; Park, Joon Seok; Kwon, Woobin; Park, Young-Bae; Chun, Dong won; Kim, Hyun Jae; Lee, Taeyoon