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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Bidirectional Diffusion of Ammonium and Sodium Cations in Forward Osmosis: Role of Membrane Active Layer Surface Chemistry and Charge부찬희; Xinglin Lu; Jun Ma; Menachem Elimelech
2012-02Colloidal fouling in forward osmosis: Role of reverse salt diffusion부찬희; Sangyoup Lee; Menachem Elimelech; Zhiyong Meng; Seungkwan Hong
2010-12Comparison of fouling behavior in forward osmosis (FO) and reverse osmosis (RO)부찬희; Sangyoup Lee; Menachem Elimelech; Seungkwan Hong
2016-04Development of Omniphobic Desalination Membranes Using a Charged Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffold부찬희; Jongho Lee; Won-Hee Ryu; Andre D. Taylor; Menachem Elimelech
2014-09Effect of hydraulic pressure and membrane orientation on water flux and reverse solute flux in pressure assisted osmosisYoontaek Oh; Sangho Lee; Menachem Elimelech; 이석헌; Seungkwan Hong
2018-11Engineered Slippery Surface to Mitigate Gypsum Scaling in Membrane Distillation for Treatment of Hypersaline Industrial Wastewaters부찬희; Vasiliki Karanikola; Julianne Rolf; Menachem Elimelech
2019-09Engineering Carbon Nanotube Forest Superstructure for Robust Thermal Desalination Membranes부찬희; Meng Sun; Wenbo Shi; Julianne Rolf; Evyatar Shaulsky; Wei Cheng; Desiree L. Plata; Jiuhui Qu; Menachem Elimelech
2015-10Engineering flat sheet microporous PVDF films for membrane distillation부찬희; Siamak Nejati; Chinedum O. Osuji; Menachem Elimelech
2016-08Engineering Surface Energy and Nanostructure of Microporous Films for Expanded Membrane Distillation Applicat부찬희; Jongho Lee; Menachem Elimelech
2013-10Fouling control in a forward osmosis process integrating seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation부찬희; Menachem Elimelech; Seungkwan Hong
2018-07High Performance Nanofiltration Membrane for Effective Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Substances at High Water Recovery부찬희; Yunkun Wang; Ines Zucker; Youngwoo Choo; Chinedum O. Osuji; Menachem Elimelech
2018-05Membrane Distillation at the Water-Energy Nexus: Limits, Opportunities, and Challenges부찬희; Akshay Deshmukh; Vasiliki Karanikola; Shihong Lin; Anthony P. Straub; Tiezheng Tong; David M. Warsinger; Menachem Elimelech
2015-05Membrane-Based Osmotic Heat Engine with Organic Solvent for Enhanced Power Generation from Low-Grade HeatShihong Lin; 부찬희; Evyatar Shaulsky; Menachem Elimelech
2014-11Omniphobic Membrane for Robust Membrane Distillation부찬희; Shihong Lin; Siamak Nejati; Yunxia Hu; Chinedum O. Osuji; Menachem Elimelech
2016-10Omniphobic Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane for Desalination of Shale Gas Produced Water by Membrane Distillation부찬희; Jongho Lee; Menachem Elimelech
2018-08Photocatalytic Reactive Ultrafiltration Membrane for Removal of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Wastewater Effluent부찬희; Shaojie Ren; Ning Guo; Shuguang Wang; Menachem Elimelech; Yunkun Wang
2017-05Post-fabrication modification of electrospun nanofiber mats with polymer coating for membrane distillation applications부찬희; Evyatar Shaulsky; Siamak Nejati; Francois Perreault; Chinedum O. Osuji; Menachem Elimelech
2018-11Relating Organic Fouling in Membrane Distillation to Intermolecular Adhesion Forces and Interfacial Surface Energies부찬희; Seungkwan Hong; Menachem Elimelech
2018-04Relating Silica Scaling in Reverse Osmosis to Membrane Surface Properties부찬희; Tiezheng Tong; Song Zhao; Sara M. Hashmi; Menachem Elimelech
2021-03Removal of Emerging Wastewater Organic Contaminants by Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Nanofiltration Membranes with Tailored Selectivity부찬희; Yunkun Wang; Ines Zucker; Menachem Elimelech
2021-07Selective and sensitive environmental gas sensors enabled by membrane overlayers장지수; Lea R WInter; 김창우; John D. Fortner; Menachem Elimelech
2017-05Self-cleaning anti-fouling hybrid ultrafiltration membranes via side chain grafting of poly(aryl ether sulfone) and titanium dioxide부찬희; Zhi Geng; Xue Yang; Suiyi Zhu; Ying Lu; Wei Fan; Mingxin Huo; Menachem Elimelech; Xia Yang
2020-10Surface functionalization of reverse osmosis membranes with sulfonic groups for simultaneous mitigation of silica scaling and organic fouling부찬희; Yan-Fang Guan; Xinglin Lu; Xuechen Zhou; Han-Qing Yu; Menachem Elimelech
2017-06Thermal desalination membranes: Carbon nanotubes keep up the heat부찬희; Menachem Elimelech
2021-01Zwitterionic coating on thin-film composite membranes to delay gypsum scaling in reverse osmosis부찬희; Humberto Jaramillo; Sara M. Hashmi; Menachem Elimelech