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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06-01A study on hydrogen generation from NaBH4 solution using the high-performance Co-B catalystJeong, SU; Kim, RK; Cho, EA; Kim, HJ; Nam, SW; Oh, IH; Hong, SA; Kim, SH
2004-08-15A study on the chemical stability and electrode performance of modified NiO cathodes for molten carbonate fuel cellsKim, SG; Yoon, SP; Han, J; Nam, SW; Lim, TH; Oh, IH; Hong, SA
2003Analysis of mechanical characteristics of the ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator using cast ion-exchange filmKim, B; Kim, BM; Ryu, J; Oh, IH; Lee, SK; Cha, SE; Pak, J
2004-01-14Characteristics of composite bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsCho, EA; Jeon, US; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Oh, IH
2005-11Characteristics of membrane humidifiers for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsPark, SK; Cho, EA; Oh, IH
1999-01Characteristics of spinel LiMgxMn2-xO4 cathode materials prepared by a sol-gel methodSun, YK; Oh, IH; Choi, JG
2004-11-30Characteristics of the Nafion (R) - impregnated polycarbonate composite membranes for PEMFCsKim, KH; Ahn, SY; Oh, IH; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Kim, MS; Lee, Y; Lee, YC
2002-07-01Characteristics of the Nafion ionomer-impregnated composite membrane for polymer electrolyte fuel cellsShim, J; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Oh, IH
2003-12Characteristics of the PEMFC repetitively brought to temperatures below 0 degrees CCho, EA; Ko, JJ; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Lee, KY; Lim, TW; Oh, IH
2001-02-15Cycling behavior of oxysulfide spinel LiCr0.19Mn1.81O3.98S0.02 cathode material which shows no capacity loss in the 3-V regionSun, YK; Oh, IH
2001-10Degradation mechanism of spinel LiAl0.2Mn1.8O4 cathode materials on high temperature cyclingSun, YK; Yoon, CS; Kim, CK; Youn, SG; Lee, YS; Yoshio, M; Oh, IH
2002-09-30Effect of casting solvent on morphology and physical properties of partially sulfonated polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-ran-butylene)-block-polystyrene copolymersKim, J; Kim, B; Jung, B; Kang, YS; Ha, HY; Oh, IH; Ihn, KJ
1998-10Effect of crystallinity on the electrochemical behaviour of spinel Li1.03Mn2O4 cathode materialsSun, YK; Lee, KH; Moon, SI; Oh, IH
2005-09Effect of temperature, oxidant and catalyst loading on the performance of direct formic acid fuel cellKim, JS; Yu, JK; Lee, HS; Kim, JY; Kim, YC; Han, JH; Oh, IH; Rhee, YW
2002-04-01Effect of the catalytic ink preparation method on the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsShin, SJ; Lee, JK; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Chun, HS; Oh, IH
2004-11-30Effect of the ionomers in the electrode on the performance of PEMFC under non-humidifying conditionsAhn, SY; Lee, YC; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Oh, IH
1996-06Effect of the structural changes of the Ni-Cr anode on the molten carbonate fuel cell performanceOh, IH; Yoon, SP; Lim, TH; Nam, SW; Hong, Seong Ahn; Lim, Hee Chun
2004-11Effect of Ti substitution for Mn on the structure of LiNi0.5Mn1.5-xTixO4 and their electrochemical properties as lithium insertion materialKim, JH; Myung, ST; Yoon, CS; Oh, IH; Sun, YK
2006-02Effects of polyamidoamine dendrimers on the catalytic layers of a membrane electrode assembly in fuel cellsLee, JH; Won, J; Oh, IH; Ha, HY; Cho, EA; Kang, YS
2000-07Effects of temperature and partial pressure of CO2/O-2 on corrosion behaviour of stainless-steel in molten Li/Na carbonate saltLim, TH; Hwang, ER; Ha, HY; Nam, SW; Oh, IH; Hong, SA
2004-05Effects of water removal on the performance degradation of PEMFCs repetitively brought to < 0 degrees CCho, EA; Ko, JJ; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Lee, KY; Lim, TW; Oh, IH
2003-03Electrochemical oscillations in the HCHO oxidation on a Pt electrodeJung, I; Kim, D; Lee, J; Oh, IH; Ha, HY; Tak, Y
1996-09-15Electrochemical oxidation of methanol over a silver electrode deposited on yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyteHong, JK; Oh, IH; Hong, SA; Lee, WY
2004-11-30Electrochemical studies of DMFC anodes with different ionomer contentKim, JH; Ha, HY; Oh, IH; Hong, SA; Kim, HN; Lee, HI
2000-03Fabrication and operational experiences of a 6kW molten carbonate fuel cell stackHong, SA; Lim, TH; Nam, SW; Oh, IH; Lim, HC
2003-05-06Fixation of nanosized proton transport channels in membranesWon, J; Park, HH; Kim, YJ; Choi, SW; Ha, HY; Oh, IH; Kim, HS; Kang, YS; Ihn, KJ
2004-05-14Influence of cathode gas diffusion media on the performance of the PEMFCsPrasanna, M; Ha, HY; Cho, EA; Hong, SA; Oh, IH
2004-09-03Influence of the solvent in anode catalyst ink on the performance of a direct methanol fuel cellKim, JH; Ha, HY; Oh, IH; Hong, SA; Lee, HI
2004-10-05Investigation of oxygen gain in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsPrasanna, A; Ha, HY; Cho, EA; Hong, SA; Oh, IH
1999LiCoO2-coated NiO cathode for MCFCNam, SW; Kim, SG; Oh, IH; Lim, TH; Ha, HY; Hong, SA; Kim, K; Lim, HC