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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-11-1777-230K 저온측정용 La-Ca-Mn-O 박막 써미스터Oh, Young Jei
2006-08-22A novel method for manufacturing of portable oxygen sensorOh, Young Jei
2004-10-07As-doped ZnO 박막 형성을 위한 hetero-epitaxial ZnO 버퍼층의 영향Oh, Young Jei
1995-11-06Atomic Migration in Ni-Co FerriteOh, Young Jei
2008-04-24Azeotropic mixture에 의한 상압건조 실리카 에어로젤의 특성Oh, Young Jei
2005-11-11(BaxSr1-x)TiO3 Sol-Gel 박막의 특성 연구Oh, Young Jei
2005-11-11Buffer layer에 의한 n-type ZnO 박막의 광학적 특성Oh, Young Jei
1998-06-01Characterization of Nanoparticulate Co-Ferrite Thin Films on Glass Substrate Prepared by Soft Solution ProcessingOh, Young Jei
1992-10-23Citrates Sol-Gel Route to Sr-Ferrite Fine PowderOh, Young Jei
1999-04-10CMR물질 La0.67Sr0.33Mn1-x57FexO3의 자기적성질 연구Oh, Young Jei
2002-11-01Cobalt가 도핑된 Anatase TiO2 박막의 제조Oh, Young Jei
1997-10-16Colossal Magnetoresistance in Homogeneous Phase of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3-y Perovskite CeramicsOh, Young Jei
2005-06-12Cooling structures based on the electrocaloric elementsOh, Young Jei
2001-10-19Cryochemical Method in the Preparation of NanomaterialsOh, Young Jei
2003-10-10Cryochemical Synthesis of Zinc-salt NanoparticlesOh, Young Jei
1995-04-30Crystallization Behavior and Dielectric Properties of Sol-Gel Derived PZT Thin Films with Heat Treatment ProcessOh, Young Jei
1996-06-11Crystallographic and Magnetic Poperties of Sr-Ba HexaferriteOh, Young Jei
1994-10-21Crystallographic and Magnetic Properties of Sheet Sr-Ba Ferrite MagnetsOh, Young Jei
2008-04-24Development of Pb-free Transparent Dielectric Material for 500℃ Sintering TemperatureOh, Young Jei
2005-10-21Dip-Coating공정에 의한 Silica aerogel 막의 두께 증진 연구Oh, Young Jei
2007-06-14Double Ni-Mn hydroxides as electrode materials for electrochemical supercapacitorsOh, Young Jei
1998-10-18Effect of B-site Dopants in the Colossal Magnetoresistive La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Perovskite Thin Films Prepared by Soft solution ProcessingOh, Young Jei
1999-10-15Effect of buffer layer on Si(100) substrate for low-field magnetoresistance of sol-gel derived La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin filmsOh, Young Jei
1998-11-20Effect of magnetic inhomogeneous phase in La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 manganate ceramicsOh, Young Jei
2008-06-26Effect of the molecular weight of dispersant to the slurry of transparent dielectric for PDPOh, Young Jei
1987-07-13Effect of Thermal Aging on Mechanical and Electrical Properties of the MgO-Partially Stabilized Zirconia BodiesOh, Young Jei
1997-09-24Effects of Annealing on Microstructure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Zr0.6Sn0.4TiO4 CeramicsOh, Young Jei
2007-11-09Electrochemical properties of carbon cryogel for supercapacitorOh, Young Jei
2001-02-28Enhanced Magnetoresistance in La1-xMexMnO3 (Me=Ca, Sr) Based on Ceramics with Artificial InhomogeneitiesOh, Young Jei
2001-11-12Enhancement of Low Field Magnetoresistance by Chemical Interaction in Bulk Composites La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrMeO3 (Me=Ti, Zr)Oh, Young Jei