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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-02-10Bistable Organic Memory Device with Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Conducting Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) Colloids HybridSon, Dong Ick; Park, Dong Hee; Kim, Jong Bin; Choi, Ji-Won; Kim, Tae Whan; Angadi, Basavaraj; Yi, Yeonjin; Choi, Won Kook
2012-11Charge separation and ultraviolet photovoltaic conversion of ZnO quantum dots conjugated with graphene nanoshellsSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Yang, Jeong Do; Park, Dong Hee; Seo, Won Seon; Lee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Chang Lyoul; Choi, Won Kook
2013-08Chemical exfoliation of pure graphene sheets from synthesized ZnO-graphene quasi core-shell quantum dotsSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Kim, Hong-Hee; Park, Dong Hee; Angadi, Basauaraj; Choi, Won Kook
2012-07Emissive ZnO-graphene quantum dots for white-light-emitting diodesSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Park, Dong Hee; Seo, Won-Seon; Yi, Yeonjin; Angadi, Basavaraj; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; Choi, Won Kook
2022-06Energy-Efficient III-V Tunnel FET-Based Synaptic Device with Enhanced Charge Trapping Ability Utilizing Both Hot Hole and Hot Electron Injections for Analog Neuromorphic ComputingDaehwan, Ahn; HU, SU MAN; Ko, Kyul; Park, Dong Hee; Suh, Ho young; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Han, Jae Hoon; SONG, JIN DONG; Jeong, Yeon Joo
2012-01High efficiency ultraviolet photovoltaic cells based on ZnO-C-60 core-shell QDs with organic-inorganic multilayer structureSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Do Yang, Jeong; Park, Dong Hee; Angadi, Basavaraj; Choi, Won Kook
2021-04-02High-performance coaxial piezoelectric energy generator (C-PEG) yarn of Cu/PVDF-TrFE/PDMS/Nylon/AgKim, Jung Hyuk; Kim, Bosung; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kang, Hyun Wook; Park, Min-Chul; Park, Dong Hee; Ju, Byeong Kwon; Choi, Won Kook
2011-07-22Polymer-ultrathin graphite sheet-polymer composite structured flexible nonvolatile bistable organic memory devicesSon, Dong Ick; Shim, Jae Ho; Park, Dong Hee; Jung, Jae Hun; Lee, Jung Min; Park, Won Il; Kim, Tae Whan; Choi, Won Kook