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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12A comprehensive study on the mechanism of ferroelectric phase formation in hafnia-zirconia nanolaminates and superlatticesPark, Min Hyuk; Kim, Han Joon; Lee, Gwangyeob; Park, Jaehong; Lee, Young Hwan; Kim, Yu Jin; Moon, Taehwan; Kim, Keum; Hyun, Seung Dam; Park, Hyun Woo; Chang, Hye Jung; Choi, Jung-Hae; Hwang, Cheol Seong
2016-09Atomic and electronic structures of a-ZnSnO3/a-SiO2 interface by ab initio molecular dynamics simulationsPark, Jaehong; Lee, Joohwi; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2022-12Biodegradable, three-dimensional colorimetric fliers for environmental monitoringYoon, Hong-Joon; Lee, Geumbee; Kim, Jin-Tae; Yoo, Jae-Young; Luan, Haiwen; Cheng, Shyuan; Kang, Soohyeon; Huong Le Thien Huynh; Kim, Hyeonsu; Park, Jaehong; Kim, Joohee; Kwak, Sung Soo; Ryu, Hanjun; Kim, Jihye; Choi, Yeon Sik; Ahn, Hak-Young; Choi, Junhwan; Oh, Seyong; Jung, Yei Hwan; Park, Minsu; Bai, Wubin; Huang, Yonggang; Chamorro, Leonardo P.; Park, Yoonseok; Rogers, John A.
2022-11Dynamics of plosive consonants via imaging, computations, and soft electronicsKim, Jin-Tae; Ouyang, Wei; Hwang, Hanul; Jeong, Hyoyoung; Kang, Soohyeon; Bose, Sanjeeb; Kwak, Sung Soo; Ni, Xiaoyue; Kim, Hyeonsu; Park, Jaehong; Chen, Hope; Soetikno, Alan; Kim, Joohee; Xu, Shuai; Chamorro, Leonardo P.; Rogers, John A.
2021-01Effect of local strain energy to predict accurate phase diagram of III-V pseudobinary systems: case of Ga(As,Sb) and (In,Ga)AsHan, Gyuseung; Yeu, In Won; Park, Jaehong; Ye, Kun Hee; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2019-02-04Equilibrium crystal shape of GaAs and InAs considering surface vibration and new (111)B reconstruction: ab-initio thermodynamicsYeu, In Won; Han, Gyuseung; Park, Jaehong; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2019-10-17Ferroelectric switching in bilayer 3R MoS(2 )via interlayer shear mode driven by nonlinear phononicsPark, Jaehong; Yeu, In Won; Han, Gyuseung; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2020-12Improvement of Electrical Conductivity in Conjugated Polymers through Cascade Doping with Small-Molecular DopantsYoon, Sang Eun; Park, Jaehong; Kwon, Ji Eon; Lee, Sang Yeon; Han, Ji Min; Go, Chae Young; Choi, Siku; Kim, Ki Chul; Seo, Hyungtak; Kim, Jong H.; Kim, Bong-Gi
2022-02LaFeO3 meets nitrogen-doped graphene functionalized with ultralow Pt loading in an impactful Z-scheme platform for photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionDung Van Dao; Di Liberto, Giovanni; Ko, Hyungduk; Park, Jaehong; Wang, Wenmeng; Shin, Doyeong; Son, Hoki; Quyet Van Le; Tuan Van Nguyen; Vo Van Tan; Pacchioni, Gianfranco; Lee, In-Hwan
2019-08-07Optical control of the layer degree of freedom through Wannier-Stark states in polar 3R MoS2Park, Jaehong; Yeu, In Won; Han, Gyuseung; Jang, Chaun; Kwak, Joon Young; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2019-04-10Orientation-dependent structural and electronic properties of Ge/a-GeO2 interfaces: first-principles studyLiu, Kai; Ko, Eunjung; Kim, Sangtae; Park, Jaehong; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2017-08-28Regulation of transport properties by polytypism: a computational study on bilayer MoS2Banerjee, Swastika; Park, Jaehong; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Pati, Swapan K.
2019-08Role of the Short-Range Order in Amorphous Oxide on MoS2/a-SiO2 and MoS2/a-HfO2 InterfacesPark, Jaehong; Yeu, In Won; Han, Gyuseung; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2024-01Self-Powering Sensory Device with Multi-Spectrum Image Realization for Smart Indoor EnvironmentsKim, Tae Hyuk; Yu, Byoung-Soo; Ko, Hyun Woo; Park, Na Won; Saeed, Muhammad Ahsan; Ahn, Jongtae; Jo, Suyeon; Kim, Dae-Yeon; Yoon, Seon Kyu; Lee, Kwang-Hoon; Jeong, Sang Young; Woo, Han Young; Kim, Hyunwoo J.; Kim, Tae Geun; Park, Jaehong; Park, Min-Chul; Hwang, Do Kyung; Shim, Jae Won
2017-09-06Surface reconstruction of InAs (001) depending on the pressure and temperature examined by density functional thermodynamicsYeu, In Won; Park, Jaehong; Han, Gyuseung; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae
2015-02-16Symmetry-dependent interfacial reconstruction to compensate polar discontinuity at perovskite oxide interfaces (LaAlO3/SrTiO3 and LaAlO3/CaTiO3)Lee, Joohwi; Choi, Jong Kwon; Moon, Seon Young; Park, Jaehong; Kim, Jin-Sang; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Choi, Jung-Hae; Chang, Hye Jung
2019-12-15Theoretical understanding of the catalyst-free growth mechanism of GaAs < 111 > B nanowiresYeu, In Won; Han, Gyuseung; Park, Jaehong; Hwang, Cheol Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae