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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Checklist for Evaluating Usability of Digital Interactive Kiosk in Public SpacesChoi Yong Hun; Yong Gu Ji; Park, Ji Hyung
-A Context-aware System in Ubiquitous Environment: a Research GuidePark, Ji Hyung; Lee, Seung Soo; Sungju Kim; LEE SEOK HO; Yeom, Ki-Won
-A Design Process Planning Method Considering the Complexities of Product Functions in the Conceptual Design StagePark, Ji Hyung; Jun-Won Chun; Kyu-Bong Lee
-A Framework of Web-based Collaborative System for Product DevelopmentPark, Ji Hyung; 전진완; Kim Jang Won; Lee Je Uk; Kwang-Kyu Seo; Gyu-Bong Lee
-A Graphical Method for Priority Setting using Real-time Calculation Algorithm in Design ProcessLee Joong Ho; Yeom, Ki-Won; Park, Ji Hyung
2016-10A Hand and Wrist Detection Method for Unobtrusive Hand Gesture Interactions using HMDOh, Ju Young; Lee, Jun; Lee, Joong Ho; Park, Ji Hyung
-A Preliminary Investigation of Human Adaptations for Various Virtual Eyes in Video See-Through HMDsJoong Ho Lee; Kim, Sei-Young; Yoon Hae Cheol; Huh Bo Kyung; Park, Ji Hyung
-A Study on the Intention-based Context-aware Model for Video Surveillance SystemHyoungnyoun Kim; Park, Ji Hyung
-A Wing Driving Mechanism for Flapping Micro Air Vehicle Mimicking the Flight Characteristics of HummingbirdPark, Ji Hyung; Lee, Kwang Rak
-Adaptive Communication Selection for Multi-Robot InteractionPark, Kyung-hwa; Hyoungnyoun Kim; Lee Hyung Lae; Park, Ji Hyung
-An Empirical Study of Out-of-Body Experience Induced by Horizontal Camera Shift on Video See-through HMDJoong Ho Lee; Kim, Sei-Young; Yoon Hae Cheol; Park, Ji Hyung
-An Evolutionary Approach for Dynamic Reconfiguration in Heterogeneous Database SchemaYUM KI WON; Park, Ji Hyung
-An Intelligent Software Agent for Context-Aware ServicesPArk, MyonWoong; Ha, Sung Do; Park, Ji Hyung; Kim, Tae Soo
-An Overview of Intelligent Responsive Space in Tangible Space Initiative TechnologyPark, Ji Hyung; Yeom, Ki-Won; Ha, Sung Do; PArk, MyonWoong; LAEHYUN KIM
-Artificial Morphogenesis for Arbitrary Shape Generation of Swarms of Multi AgentsYeom Ki Won; Park, Ji Hyung
-Axiomatic Design of a Wing Driving Mechanism for Micro Air Vehicle with Flapping MotionPark, Ji Hyung; LEE KWANG RAK; Kim, Kwang Ho
-Behavior Management for Humanoid Robot under Divided AttentionKim, Sung Ju; Kim Hyoung-Nyoun; Park, Ji Hyung
-Behavior Management System based on Memory and Attention Theory김성주; Park, Ji Hyung; Jahng-Hon Park
-Bio-inspired Self-Organization for Supporting Dynamic Reconfiguration of Modular AgentsYeom Ki Won; Park, Ji Hyung
-Bio-inspired Self-Organizing Architecture for Distributed ComponentsYeom Ki Won; Park, Ji Hyung
-Bio-inspired Self-Reconfigurable Architecture for Mobile Agents in Distributed and Networked EnvironmentsYeom Ki Won; Park, Ji Hyung
-Biologically inspired Evolutionary Agent Systems in Dynamic EnvironmentsYeom, Ki-Won; Park, Ji Hyung
-Cognitive Architecture toward Social InteractionPark, Ji Hyung; LEE SEOK HO; 김성주
-Cooperative Grasp System for Network-based HumanoidsKim, Kyung-koo; Hyoungnyoun Kim; Han, In-Kyu; Kim Sinjung; You, Bum-Jae; Park, Ji Hyung
-Design process systematization of transmission-lever using the DSMJun-Won Chun; Park, Ji Hyung; Kim, Tae Soo
-Detecting User Intentions at Public Displays from Foot PositionsBernd Huber; Joong Ho Lee; Park, Ji Hyung
-Development of a Knowledge- based Approximate Life Cycle Assessment System in a Collaborative Design EnvironmentPark, Ji Hyung; Kwang-Kyu Seo
-Evaluating the regularity of human behavior from mobile phone usage logsHyoungnyoun Kim; Park, Ji Hyung
-From "Overview" to "Detail": An Exploration of Contextual Transparency for Public Transparent InterfacesHeesun Kim; Hur Bo Kyung; Seung Hyen Im; Hae Youn Joung; Gyu Hyun Kwon; Park, Ji Hyung
-Generating activity-based diary from PC usage logsLia Sadita; Hyoungnyoun Kim; Park, Ji Hyung