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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-11A study on polymerization of PVDF based fluoropolymers with high performance for battery (I)Jo, SM; Lee, WS; Oh, HJ; Park, S; Ahn, BS; Park, KY
2001-07Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological P-removal in an intermittently aerated reactorAhn, KH; Yoo, H; Lee, JW; Maeng, SK; Park, KY; Song, KG
2004-12Acidic and hydrogen peroxide treatment of polyaluminum chloride (PACL) sludge from water treatmentKwon, JH; Park, KY; Park, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
1998-09Adsorption equilibria of chloropentafluoroethane and pentafluoroethane on activated carbon pelletMoon, DJ; Chung, MJ; Cho, SY; Ahn, BS; Park, KY; Hong, SI
1998-11Adsorption equilibria of chloropentafluoroethane on activated carbon powderMoon, DJ; Chung, MJ; Kim, H; Lee, BG; Lee, SD; Park, KY
1999-01Adsorption equilibrium and catalytic reaction of CFC-115 on Pd/activated carbon powderMoon, DJ; Chung, MJ; Park, KY; Hong, SI
2005-09Characteristics and treatability of persistent colors in biologically treated wastewater effluentsPark, KY; Ahn, KH; Kim, KP; Kweon, JH; Maeng, SK
2005Color removal and disinfection with UV/H2O2 system for wastewater reclamation and reuseAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Song, KG; Kim, KP; Lee, SH; Kweon, JH
1998-03-13Deactivation of Pd catalysts in the hydrodechlorination of chloropentafluoroethaneMoon, DJ; Chung, MJ; Park, KY; Hong, SI
2001-03Effects of fill modes on N2O emission from the SBR treating domestic wastewaterPark, KY; Lee, JW; Inamori, Y; Mizuochi, M; Ahn, KH
2000-09Emission and control of nitrous oxide from a biological wastewater treatment system with intermittent aerationPark, KY; Inamori, Y; Mizuochi, M; Ahn, KH
2001-11Enhancement of sludge dewaterability by ozone treatmentKwon, JH; Ryu, SH; Park, KY; Yeom, IT; Ahn, KH
1997-08Evolutionary stasis of M1 gene of human influenza A viruses and the possibility of their subtyping by restriction analysis of M1 gene polymerase chain reaction productPark, KY; Lee, MG; Ryu, JC
2003-02Feasibility of sludge ozonation for stabilization and conditioningPark, KY; Ahn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Kwon, JH
1996-12-10Higher oxygenate formation from ethanol on Cu/ZnO catalysts: Synergism and reaction mechanismChung, MJ; Moon, DJ; Kim, HS; Park, KY; Ihm, SK
2000-02-28Hydrogenolysis of CFC-12 (CF2Cl2) over Pd/gamma-Al2O3 pretreated with HCFC-22 (CHF2Cl)Ahn, BS; Jeon, SG; Lee, H; Park, KY; Shul, YG
2000-09Hydrogenolysis of HCFC-142b over supported palladium catalystLee, KH; Seo, KW; Mok, YI; Park, KY; Ahn, BS
2002-11Ionic liquids containing anionic selenium species: Applications for the oxidative carbonylation of anilineKim, HS; Kim, YJ; Lee, H; Park, KY; Lee, C; Chin, CS
2001-06Kinetics of dimethyl carbonate synthesis from ethylene carbonate and methanol using alkalimetal compounds as catalystsHan, MS; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS; Park, KY; Hong, SI
1998-10Monitoring of air pollutants at Kosan, Cheju Island, Korea, during March-April 1994Kim, YP; Shim, SG; Moon, KC; Hu, CG; Kang, CH; Park, KY
2000-02New AB or ABA type block copolymers: atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of methyl methacrylate using iodine-terminated PVDFs as (macro)initiatorsJo, SM; Lee, WS; Ahn, BS; Park, KY; Kim, KA; Paeng, ISR
2005-04Operational strategies for an activated sludge process in conjunction with ozone oxidation for zero excess sludge production during winter seasonLee, JW; Cha, HY; Park, KY; Song, KG; Ahn, KH
2002-11Ozonation of wastewater sludge for reduction and recyclingAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Lee, JW; Song, KG; Choi, S
2004-03Ozone disintegration of excess biomass and application to nitrogen removalPark, KY; Lee, JW; Ahn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Song, KG
2001Performance comparison of direct membrane separation and membrane bioreactor for domestic wastewater treatment and water reuseAhn, KH; Song, KG; Yeom, IT; Park, KY
2005-11Performance evaluation of physicochemical processes for biologically pre-treated livestock wastewaterHong, SW; Choi, YS; Kwon, G; Park, KY
1999-03Phase equilibria of chlorofluorocarbon alternative refrigerant mixturesLee, BG; Park, JY; Lim, JS; Cho, SY; Park, KY
2002-12Reduction of sludge by ozone treatment and production of carbon source for denitrificationAhn, KH; Yeom, IT; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Lee, Y; Song, KG; Hwang, JH
1996-01Synthesis of HFC-134a by isomerization and hydrogenationSuh, DJ; Park, TJ; Lee, BG; Park, KY
1998-05-15The role of alkali metal carbonate on the SeO2-catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of cyclohexylamine and anilineKim, HS; Kim, YJ; Lee, H; Park, KY; Chin, CS