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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09A Deep Learning Model to Predict Evapotranspiration and Relative Humidity for Moisture Control in Tomato GreenhousesJung, Dae-Hyun; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, KangGeon; Park, Soo Hyun
2022-03A Hyperspectral Data 3D Convolutional Neural Network Classification Model for Diagnosis of Gray Mold Disease in Strawberry LeavesJung Dae-Hyun; Kim Jeong Do; Kim, Ho Youn; LEE, TAEK SUNG; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Park, Soo Hyun
2020-06-24Application of a Spectroscopic Analysis-Based Portable Sensor for Phosphate Quantitation in Hydroponic SolutionsHan, HeeJo; Jung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hak-Jin; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Kim, Ho-Youn; Park, Soo Hyun
2011-06Block sequence affects thermosensitivity and nano-assembly: PEG-L-PA-DL-PA and PEG-DL-PA-L-PA block copolymersPark, Soo Hyun; Choi, Bo Gyu; Moon, Hyo Jung; Cho, So-Hye; Jeong, Byeongmoon
2011-08Capillary electrophoretic mobility shift assay for binding of DNA with NFAT3, a transcription factor from H9c2 cardiac myoblast cellsPark, Soo Hyun; Ban, Eunmi; Song, Eun Joo; Lee, Hyunjung; Chung, Doo Soo; Yoo, Young Sook
2021-02Deep Learning-Based Cattle Vocal Classification Model and Real-Time Livestock Monitoring System with Noise FilteringJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Na Yeon; Moon, Sang Ho; Jhin, Changho; Kim, Hak-Jin; Yang, Jung-Seok; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Lee, Taek Sung; Lee, Ju Young; Park, Soo Hyun
2022-06Depth image conversion model based on CycleGAN for growing tomato truss identificationJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Cheoul Young; Lee, Taek Sung; Park, Soo Hyun
2020-02Design Optimization of Proportional Plus Derivative Band Parameters Used in Greenhouse Ventilation by Response Surface MethodologyJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hak-Jin; Kim, Joon Yong; Lee, Taek-Sung; Park, Soo Hyun
2020-04Detection of Apple Marssonina Blotch with PLSR, PCA, and LDA Using Outdoor Hyperspectral ImagingPark, Soo Hyun; Hong, Youngki; Shuaibu, Mubarakat; Kim, Sangcheol; Lee, Won Suk
2023-06Development of a classification model for Cynanchum wilfordii and Cynanchum auriculatum using convolutional neural network and local interpretable model-agnostic explanation technologyJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Ho-Youn; Won, Jae Hee; Park, Soo Hyun
2023-09Development of a Low-Cost Plant Growth Chamber for Improved Phenotyping ResearchLEE, TAEK SUNG; Jung Dae-Hyun; Kim, Joon Yong; Lee Ju Young; Park Jai-Eok; Kim, Hyoung Seok; JUNG, JE HYEONG; Park, Soo Hyun
-Diversity and Community Dynamics of Tributyltin Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Marine Sediment In Ulsan BayPark, Soo Hyun; HeeDeung Park; Choi, Yong Su; Lee, Young Haeng
2023-03Effect of drainage ratio during strawberry cultivation:The volatilomics-based shelf-life indicators for strawberry fruitCho, Jwa Yeong; Ryu, Da Hye; Hamayun, Muhammad; Park, Soo Hyun; Kim, Ho-Youn
2024-03Evaluating Time-Series Prediction of Temperature, Relative Humidity, and CO2 in the Greenhouse with Transformer-Based and RNN-Based ModelsAhn, Ju Yeon; Kim, Yoel; Park, Hyeonji; Park, Soo Hyun; Suh, Hyun Kwon
2019-06-01Fusion of Spectroscopy and Cobalt Electrochemistry Data for Estimating Phosphate Concentration in Hydroponic SolutionJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hak-Jin; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Choi, Jaeyoung; Kim, Jeong Do; Park, Soo Hyun
2010-01Growing trend of CE at the omics level: The frontier of systems biologyOh, Eulsik; Hasan, Md. Nabiul; Jamshed, Muhammad; Park, Soo Hyun; Hong, Hye-Min; Song, Eun Joo; Yoo, Young Sook
2012-01Growing trend of CE at the omics level: The frontier of systems biology - An updateBan, Eunmi; Park, Soo Hyun; Kang, Min-Jung; Lee, Hyun-Jung; Song, Eun Joo; Yoo, Young Sook
2022-10Hyperspectral Imaging-Based Multiple Predicting Models for Functional Component Contents in Brassica junceaChoi, Jae Hyeong; Park, Soo Hyun; Jung Dae-Hyun; Park, Yun Ji; YANG, JUNG-SEOK; Park Jai-Eok; Lee, HyeIn; KIM, SANG MIN
2022-02Inter-lighting and defoliation in a soilless culture system require more dynamic water management for improving the yield-promotion effectAhn, Tae In; Yang, Jung-Seok; Park, Soo Hyun; Lee, Ju Young
2021-01Internal quality evaluation of chestnut using nuclear magnetic resonancePark, Soo Hyun; Noh, Sang Ha; McCarthy, Michael J.; Kim, Seong Min
-Isolation and identification of tributyltin-resistant/degrading bacteriaPark, Soo Hyun; Lee, Young Haeng; Lee, Sanghyup; Choi, Yong Su
2020-03Model Predictive Control via Output Feedback Neural Network for Improved Multi-Window Greenhouse Ventilation ControlJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hak-Jin; Kim, Joon Yong; Lee, Taek Sung; Park, Soo Hyun
2021-01-15Optimization of antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory activities and ganoderic acid content of differentially dried Ganoderma lucidum using response surface methodologyRyu, Da Hye; Cho, Jwa Yeong; Bin Sadiq, Nooruddin; Kim, Jin-Chul; Lee, Bokyung; Hamayun, Muhammad; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Park, Soo Hyun; Nho, Chu Won; Kim, Ho-Youn
2023-04Plant growth information measurement based on object detection and image fusion using a smart farm robotCho, Songhee; Kim, Taehyeong; Jung, Dae-Hyun; Park, Soo Hyun; Na, Yunseong; Ihn, Yong Seok; Kim, KangGeon
2023-08Predicting Models for Plant Metabolites Based on PLSR, AdaBoost, XGBoost, and LightGBM Algorithms Using Hyperspectral Imaging of Brassica junceaYoon, Hyo In; Lee, Hyein; Yang, Jung-Seok; Choi, Jae-Hyeong; Jung, Dae-Hyun; Park, Yun Ji; Park, Jai-Eok; Kim, Sang Min; Park, Soo Hyun
2010-12Sensitivity enhancement of CE and CE-MS for the analysis of peptides by a dynamic pH junctionHasan, Md Nabiul; Park, Soo Hyun; Oh, Eulsik; Song, Eun Joo; Ban, Eunmi; Yoo, Young Sook
2020-06Time-serial analysis of deep neural network models for prediction of climatic conditions inside a greenhouseJung, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Hyoung Seok; Jhin, Changho; Kim, Hak-Jin; Park, Soo Hyun
2020-09Translation of Irrigation, Drainage, and Electrical Conductivity Data in a Soilless Culture System into Plant Growth Information for the Development of an Online Indicator Related to Plant Nutritional AspectsAhn, Tae In; Yang, Jung-Seok; Park, Soo Hyun; Moon, Heon Woo; Lee, Ju Young