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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Neural Analysis on Motor Imagery and Passive Movement Using a Haptic DeviceKang, Hagil; Park, Wanjoo; Kang, Jae-Hwan; Kwon, Gyu-Hyun; Kim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Laehyun
2010-05A Universal Remote Control with Haptic Interface for Customer Electronic DevicesKim, Laehyun; Park, Wanjoo; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung
2016A Wearable Device for Emotional Recognition Using Facial Expression and Physiological ResponseKwon, Jangho; Kim, Da-Hye; Park, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun
2015-12-14Analysis of Time-Dependent Brain Network on Active and MI Tasks for Chronic Stroke PatientsKim, Da-Hye; Kim, Leahyun; Park, Wanjoo; Chang, Won Hyuk; Kim, Yun-Hee; Lee, Seong-Whan; Kwon, Gyu Hyun
2015-05Assessment of Cognitive Engagement in Stroke Patients From Single-Trial EEG During Motor RehabilitationPark, Wanjoo; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Yun-Hee; Kim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Laehyun
2018-01Detection of Craving for Gaming in Adolescents with Internet Gaming Disorder Using Multimodal BiosignalsKim, Hodam; Ha, Jihyeon; Chang, Won-Du; Park, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun; Im, Chang-Hwan
2010Dial-Based Game Interface with Multi-modal FeedbackPark, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung
2022-07Editorial: NeuroHaptics: From Human Touch to NeurosciencePark, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun; Ball, Tonio; Atashzar, S. Farokh
-EEG Correlates of User Sati1s faction of Haptic SensationPark, Wanjoo; Duchan Ki; Da-hye Kim; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Sung-Phil Kim; Kim, Laehyun
2015-01EEG Correlates of User Satisfaction of Haptic SensationPark, Wanjoo; Duchan, Ki; Kim, Laehyun; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Da-Hye
2016EEG Patterns of Subacute Stroke Patients Performing Motor Tasks Correlate with Motor Functional Outcome: Preliminary ResultsPark, Wanjoo; Kim, Yun-Hee; Kim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Laehyun
2016-03-02EEG response varies with lesion location in patients with chronic strokePark, Wanjoo; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Yun-Hee; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Kim, Laehyun
2011Enhanced Hand Rehabilitation using a Haptic InterfacePark, Wanjoo; Shin, Seungjae; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun
-Evaluation of user preference using haptic dial interfaceKyuye Song; Park, Wanjoo; Da-hye Kim; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Laehyun
2018-04Gamma EEG Correlates of Haptic Preferences for a Dial InterfacePark, Wanjoo; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Sung-Phil; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Kim, Laehyun
2014-08Motor task-based differences in brain networks: Preliminary resultsKim, Da-Hye; Park, Wanjoo; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Leahyun; Kim, Yun-Hee
2011Needle Insertion Simulator with Haptic FeedbackShin, Seungjae; Park, Wanjoo; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun
2017-02Neurophysiological indicators of Internet gaming addiction in resting state electroencephalographyPark, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun; Ha, Jihyeon
-Wireless Power Transfer System for Endoscopic Capsule RobotPark, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun