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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Broadband characterization of charge carrier transfer of hybrid graphene-deoxyribonucleic acid junctions김재헌; 김철기; 서민아; 최재빈; 배수강; 임채현; 정영모; 김영준; 이상훈; 손주혁; 최종호; Robert H. Blick
2013-09Coulomb blockade in a coupled electron shuttling system김철기; Marta Prada; 김재헌; 이택진; 이석; Robert H. Blick
2012-01Coulomb Blockade in a coupled nanomechanical electron shuttle김철기; Marta Prada; Robert H. Blick
2011-12Coulomb blockade in a coupled nanomechanical electron shuttle김철기; Marta Prada; Robert H. Blick
2010-08Coulomb-controlled single electron field emission via a freely suspended metallic island김철기; 김현석; Hua Qin; Robert H. Blick
2010-06Fabrication of suspended fully metallic ultra-small capacitance nano-junctions김철기; 김현석; 박종후; Robert H. Blick
2010-10Local etch control for fabricating nanomechanical devices김철기; 김현석; Minrui Yu; Robert H. Blick
2014-03Parametrically driven field emission in strongly nonlinear coupled electron-shuttles김철기; Marta Prada; Gloria Platero; 서민아; 이택진; 김재헌; 이석; Robert H. Blick
2013-11Realizing broadbands of strong nonlinear coupling in nanoelectromechanical electron shuttles김철기; Marta Prada; Gloria Platero; Robert H. Blick
2013-10Single electron transport in nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS)김철기; Marta Prada; 이택진; 김재헌; 이석; Robert H. Blick
2010-08Spontaneous symmetry breaking in two coupled nanomechanical electron shuttles김철기; 박종후; Robert H. Blick
2020-07The Nanomechanical Bit김철기; Robert Marsland; Robert H. Blick
2015-02Tracing the transition of a macro electron shuttle into nonlinear response김철기; Marta Prada; Hua Qin; 김현석; Robert H. Blick
2017-03Transition of a nanomechanical Sharvin oscillator towards the chaotic regime전영민; 김재헌; 이택진; 김철기; 서민아; 조준형; 전성찬; 안강헌; Robert H. Blick; 박희철