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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Ab-initio semi-classical electronic transport in ZnSe: The role of inelastic scattering mechanisms이승철; Anup Kumar Mandia; Renuka Patnaik; Bhaskaran Muralidharan; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2021-01AMMCR: Ab initio model for mobility and conductivity calculation by이승철; 최정혜; Anup Kumar Mandia; Bhaskaran Muralidharan; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2016-11An improved d-band model of the catalytic activity of magnetic transition metal surfaces이승철; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Umesh V. Waghmare
2018-01Controlling Oxygen-Based Electrochemical Reactions through Spin Orientation이승철; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2016-02Electronic Ensemble Effects of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Surface on PtCo Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction Reactions정남기; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Sanjeev Gautam; 박희영; 류재윤; 정영훈; 이상영; 장인준; 장종현; 박세흠; 정동영; 성영은; 채근화; Umesh V Waghmare; 이승철; 유성종
2019-06First-principles study of the complex magnetism in Fe16N2이승철; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2017-07Highly active and durable nitrogen doped-reduced graphene oxide/double perovskite bifunctional hybrid catalysts이승철; Nam-In Kim; Rana Arslan Afzal; Sung Ryul Choi; Sung Won Lee; Docheon Ahn; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Jung Hyun Kim; Jun-Young Park
2019-03Inducing half metallicity with alloying in Heusler Compound CoFeMnSb이승철; Upendra Kumar; P V Sreenivasa Reddy; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2020-01Machine Learning and Scaling Laws for Prediction of Accurate Adsorption Energy이승철; 최정혜; Sanjay Nayak; Satadeep Bhattacharjee
2016-02NH3 adsorption on PtM(Fe.Co,Ni) surfaces: Cooperating effects of charge transfer, magnetic ordering and lattice strainSatadeep Bhattacharjee; 유성종; Umesh Waghmare; 이승철
2018-12PASTA: Python Algorithms for Searching Transition stAtes이승철; Sudipa Kundu; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Manish Jain
2018-05Role of zero-point effects in stabilizing the ground state structure of bulk Fe2P이승철; Soumya S Bhat; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Kapil Gupta
2015-04Site preference of NH3-adsorption on Co, Pt and CoPt surfaces: the role of charge transfer, magnetism and strainSatadeep Bhattacharjee; Kapil Gupta; 정남기; 유성종; Umesh V Waghmare; 이승철