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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Ablation of Stabilin-1 Enhances Bone-Resorbing Activity in Osteoclasts In Vitro김인산; Soon-Young Kim; Eun-Hye Lee; Seung-Yoon Park; Hyuck Choi; Jeong-Tae Koh; Eui Kyun Park; Jung-Eun Kim
2019-10ArhGAP12 plays dual roles in Stabilin-2 mediated efferocytosis: Regulates Rac1 basal activity and spatiotemporally turns off the Rac1 to orchestrate phagosome maturation김인산; Soyoun Kim; Dong-Jun Bae; Junyoung Seo; Sang-Yeob Kim; Seung-Yoon Park; Jae Do Yoo; Jae-Hoon Pyo; Wonhwa Cho; Je-Yoel Cho
2018-06Combined Rho-kinase inhibition and immunogenic cell death triggers and propagates immunity against cancer권익찬; 우지완; 김인산; 양유수; 조약돌; 안동준; 남기훈; 최윤정; 홍연선; 김윤경; Eun Jung Lee; Myung-Jeom Ryu; Seung-Yoon Park
2017-04Coordinated balance of Rac1 and RhoA plays key roles in determining phagocytic appetite김인산; Sang-Yeob Kim; Soyoun Kim; Dong-Jun Bae; Seung-Yoon Park; Ga-Young Lee; Gyeong-Min Park
2017-05Engulfment signals and the phagocytic machinery for apoptotic cell clearance김인산; Seung-Yoon Park
2019-06Harnessing immune checkpoints in myeloid lineage cells for cancer immunotherapy.김인산; Seung-Yoon Park
2013-04Identification of macrophage genes responsive to extracellular acidificationSeung-Yoon Park; 김인산
2020-09Identifying Stabilin-1 and Stabilin-2 Double Knockouts in Reproduction and Placentation: A Descriptive Study김인산; Soon-Young Kim; Eun-Hye Lee; Eun Na Kim; Woo-Chan Son; Yeo Hyang Kim; Seung-Yoon Park; Jung-Eun Kim
2018-10Macrophagic Stabilin-1 Restored Disruption of Vascular Integrity Caused by Sepsis김인산; Wonhwa Lee; Seung-Yoon Park; Youngbum Yoo; Soon-Young Kim; Jung-Eun Kim; Shin-Woo Kim; Young-Kyo Seo; Eui Kyun Park; Jong-Sup Bae
2018-03Nanocage-Therapeutics Prevailing Phagocytosis and Immunogenic Cell Death Awakens Immunity against Cancer정철현; 김인산; 양유수; 남기훈; 홍연선; 김윤경; Eun Jung Lee; Na Kyeong Lee; Minwoo Kih; Eunee Koh; Soyoun Kim; Seung-Yoon Park
2016-05Novel function of stabilin-2 in myoblast fusion the recognition of extracellular phosphatidylserine as a fuse-me signalSeung-Yoon Park; 김인산; 김고운
2019-08Stabilin Receptors: Role as Phosphatidylserine Receptors김인산; Seung-Yoon Park
2013-03Stabilin-2 acts as an engulfment receptor for the phosphatidylserine-dependent clearance of primary necrotic cellsShilpa D’Souza; Seung-Yoon Park; 김인산
2016-03Stabilin-2 modulates the efficiency of myoblast fusion during myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration김인산; Seung-Yoon Park; Youngeun Yun; Jung-Suk Lim; Mi-Jin Kim; Sang-Yeob Kim; Jung-Eun Kim
2017-09Xk-related protein 8 regulates myoblast differentiation and survival김인산; 남기훈; Go-Woon Kim; Seung-Yoon Park