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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-055 '-(Anthracene-9,10-diyl)bis(ethyne-2,1-diyl)bis(2-hexylthiophene) derivatives bearing 5-ethynyl-5 '-hexyl-2,2 '-bithiophene and 2-ethynyl-5-hexylthieno[3,2-b]thiophene: Thin film transistors and photovoltaic applicationsJo, Soyoung; Shin, Jicheol; Bae, Suk Young; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Lee, Tae Wan; Son, Sunkyung; Kim, Kyungkon; Choi, Dong Hoon
2012-06J-aggregation induced low bandgap anthracene-based conjugated molecule for solution-processed solar cellsShin, Jicheol; Kang, Nam Su; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Lee, Tae Wan; Jin, Jung-Il; Kim, Minsik; Lee, Kwangyeol; Ju, Byeong Kwon; Hong, Jae-Min; Choi, Dong Hoon
2013-08-14Novel Polymer Nanowire Crystals of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Copolymer with Excellent Charge Transport PropertiesKim, Ji Ho; Lee, Dae Hee; Yang, Da Seul; Heo, Dong Uk; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Shin, Jicheol; Kim, Hyun-Ji; Baek, Kyung-Youl; Lee, Kwangyeol; Baik, Hionsuck; Cho, Min Ju; Choi, Dong Hoon
2012-09Organic donor-sigma-acceptor molecules based-on 5,5 '-(9,10-bis((4-hexylphenyl)ethynyl)anthracene-2,6-diyl)bis(ethyne-2,1-di yl)bis(2-hexylthiophene)Shin, Jicheol; Lee, Tae Wan; Kang, Nam Su; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Hong, Jae-Min; Choi, Dong Hoon
2014-07Two-dimensional pi-conjugated molecules based-on 2,6,9,10-tetra(prop-1-yn-1-yl)anthracene and their application to solution-processed photovoltaic cellsShin, Jicheol; Kang, Nam Su; Lee, Tae Wan; Cho, Min Ju; Hong, Jae Min; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Choi, Dong Hoon