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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A 16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zonesSon, JY; Smirnov, VV; Kim, KT; Chun, YS; Kim, SS
2001A desktop autostereoscopic display with head-tracking capabilitySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Kim, SS; Choi, YJ
2001A device for diagnosis and treatment of impairments on binocular vision and stereopsisBahn, JE; Choi, YJ; Son, JY; Kodratiev, N; Elkhov, V; Ovechkis, YN; Chung, CS
2001-08A full parallax three-dimensional imaging system based on a point light source arrayKim, SS; Sohn, KH; Savaljev, V; Pen, EF; Son, JY; Chun, JH
1998-05A multichannel AOM for a holographic video systemSon, JY; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Epikhin, V; Chun, YS
1997-09-10Achromatized transmission-type holographic screen for a multiview stereoscopic image systemHwang, SH; Bobrinev, VI; Son, JY; Shestak, SA; Jeon, HW
2005-05-20Analysis of color distortions in a transmission-type holographic screenBobrinev, VI; Son, JY; Kim, SS; Kim, SK
2006-04-20Characteristics of pixel arrangements in various rhombuses for full-parallax three-dimensional image generationSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Kwack, KD; Kim, SK; Park, MC
1996-01-10Direct image transmission through a multimode optical fiberSon, JY; Bobrinev, VI; Jeon, HW; Cho, YH; Eom, YS
1995-10Direct transmission of images along an optical fibre with the aid of spectral image encoding.Bobrinev, VI; Son, JY; Jeon, HW
2002-03Distortion analysis in stereoscopic imagesSon, JY; Gruts, Y; Chun, JW; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE; Bobrinev, VI
2001-03Edge-preserving disparity estimation and disparity-compensated intermediate view reconstruction for stereo imagesKim, SS; Son, JY; Huh, Y; Lee, C; Sohn, K
1998-10Fabrication of lens rasters using a laser beam scanning methodJeon, HW; Lee, HS; Son, JY; Smirnov, VV; Choi, YS; Chun, YS
2002Full parallax image generationSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE
2004-01HMD type multi-focus 3D display systemKim, SK; Son, JY; Honda, T
2000Holographic automotive display with full color propertiesSmirnov, VV; Son, JY; Chun, JH; Lee, HS; Bahn, JE
1999-11Holographic video system using Fourier transform and data reductionKim, SK; Son, JY; Chun, JH; Lim, TK
1998-04Holographic video system with a pulse laserOh, HS; Jeon, HW; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Lee, HS; Choi, YJ; Kang, CE
2002Live 3-D video in volumetric displaySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Huschyn, VP; Ulizko, VA; Kang, DH
2003-01Lowering spatial frequency by using two confocal lenses in digital holographyKim, SK; Choi, HH; Son, JY
1999-05-10Multichannel acousto-optic Bragg cell for real-time electroholographySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Epikhin, VM; Chun, JH; Kim, SK
1999Non-glasses type stereoscopic display system based on polarizationSon, JY; Smirnov, VV; Chun, YS; Kim, SS
2003-11Parameters for designing autostereoscopic imaging systems based on lenticular, parallax barrier, and integral photography platesSon, JY; Saveljiev, VV; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE; Kim, SK; Choi, HH
2006-02Pixel patterns for voxels in contact-type three dimensional imaging systemsSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Kim, SK; Javidi, B
1999-07-22Possibility of measuring displacement with sub-nanometre accuracy by ring laser operating in lock-in regimeSon, JY; Strilets, IA; Chun, JH; Shin, S; Choi, YJ; Lee, HS
2004-10-20Pulse-laser electroholography by use of interference fringe patterns captured by a CCDChoi, H; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Wu, JW
1996Pulsed laser holographic videoSon, JY; Shestak, SA; Lee, SK; Jeon, HW
2003-11Recording of high spatial frequency using two confocal lenses in-digital holographyKim, SK; Choi, HH; Kim, JS; Son, JY
1996-01Solid-state lasers for color holographySon, JY; Dmitriev, VG; Mikhailov, VN; Jeon, HW
2003-01The pulsed laser electro-holographic system using the interference fringe image of the CCDChoi, H; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Wu, JW