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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-10-08A self-ion assisted beam (SIAB) source based upon unvala electron beam schemeChoi, WK; Song, JH; Kim, KH; Lee, CM; Choi, SC; Song, JH; Jung, HJ
2005-11An electromagnetic and thermal analysis of a cold crucible meltingSong, JH; Min, BT; Kim, JH; Kim, HW; Hong, SW; Chung, SH
1998-08An electron microscopy study on the formation mechanism of hillocks on the (100)CdTe/GaAsKim, YK; Lee, JY; Kim, HS; Song, JH; Suh, SH
2003-02Application of nano-cluster ion beam to surface smoothening, etching, and ultra-shallow junction formationSong, JH; Choi, WK
1998-11Application of tubular ceramic membranes for reuse of wastewater from buildingsAhn, KH; Song, JH; Cha, HY
2001-09Assessment of an ionized CO2 gas cluster acceleratorSong, JH; Kwon, SN; Choi, DK; Choi, WK
2001-06Blue and red luminescence from Si ion-irradiated SiO2/Si/SiO2 layersSon, JH; Kim, TG; Shin, SW; Kim, HB; Lee, WS; Im, S; Song, JH; Whang, CN; Chae, KH
2005-10Characteristics of ginsenoside Rg(3)-mediated brain Na+ current inhibitionLee, JH; Jeong, SM; Kim, JH; Lee, BH; Yoon, IS; Lee, JH; Choi, SH; Kim, DH; Rhim, H; Kim, SS; Kim, JI; Jang, CG; Song, JH; Nah, SY
2001-11-01Characterization and light-emitting properties of Au/SiOx/p-Si and Au/Ni-implanted-SiOx/p-Si structuresBae, HS; Lee, WS; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Song, JH; Im, S
1997-01Cohesive energy effects in the atomic transport induced by ion beam mixingChang, GS; Jung, SM; Song, JH; Kim, HB; Woo, JJ; Byun, DH; Whang, CN
2002-03Control of hillock formation during MOVPE growth of HgCdTe by suppressing the pre-reaction of the Cd precursor with HgSuh, SH; Kim, JS; Kim, HJ; Song, JH
2002-03-01Controlling the formation of luminescent Si nanocrystals in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited silicon-rich silicon oxide through ion irradiationKim, TG; Whang, CN; Sun, Y; Seo, SY; Shin, JH; Song, JH
1998-12Defect versus nanocrystal luminescence emitted from room temperature and hot-implanted SiO2 layersJeong, JY; Im, S; Oh, MS; Kim, HB; Chae, KH; Whang, CN; Song, JH
1998-12Defect vs. nanocrystal luminescence emitted in Si-implanted SiO2 layersJeong, JY; Im, S; Oh, MS; Kim, HB; Chae, KH; Whang, CN; Song, JH
2000-10Defect-related luminescence and carrier transport in Ge-implanted SiO2 layers on n-Si and p-SiLee, WS; Bae, HS; Im, S; Kim, HB; Chae, KH; Whang, CN; Song, JH
2002-11Dependence of surface smoothing, sputtering and etching phenomena on cluster ion dosageSong, JH; Choi, DK; Choi, WK
2000-03Dependence of the light-current characteristics of 1.55-mu m broad-area lasers on different p-doping profilesHan, IK; Cho, SH; Heim, PJS; Woo, DH; Kim, SH; Song, JH; Johnson, FG; Dagenais, M
2001Disturbance observer-based digital control for single-phase UPS invertersJang, JY; Lee, KB; Song, JH; Choi, Ick
2005-07-15Effect of ZrO2 incorporation into high dielectric Gd2O3 film grown on Si(111)Park, SA; Roh, YS; Kim, YK; Baeck, JH; Noh, M; Jeong, K; Cho, MH; Chang, CH; Joo, MK; Kim, TG; Song, JH; Ko, DH
1998-12Effects of BF2 and B implantation-doping on crystalline degradation of pseudomorphic metastable Ge0.06Si0.94Im, S; Oh, MS; Joo, MH; Kim, HB; Kim, HK; Song, JH
1999-01Effects of BF2+ implantation on the strain-relaxation of pseudomorphic metastable Ge0.06Si0.94 alloy layersOh, MS; Joo, MH; Im, S; Kim, HB; Kim, HK; Song, JH
2000-02-14Effects of ion implantation on the electrical properties of Au/n-Si Schottky diodesJoo, MH; Lee, KH; Song, JH; Im, S
2000-08-15Effects of Si-dose on defect-related photoluminescence in Si-implanted SiO2 layersKim, HB; Kim, TG; Son, JH; Whang, CN; Chae, KH; Lee, WS; Im, S; Song, JH
1998Electrical properties of MIS device on CdZnTe/HgCdTeLee, TS; Jeoung, YT; Kim, HK; Kim, JM; Song, JH; Ann, SY; Lee, JY; Kim, YH; Kim, SU; Park, MJ; Lee, SD; Suh, SH
2002-04-01Electroluminescence mechanism in SiOx layers containing radiative centersBae, HS; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Im, S; Yun, JS; Song, JH
2004-01-05Energy transfer and electro-optical properties of doped PLED devicesKwon, YH; Baek, JJ; Song, JH; Jang, BJ; Lee, LS; Park, SW; Cho, HN
2001-10-15Enhancement of CO sensitivity of indium oxide-based semiconductor gas sensor through ultra-thin cobalt adsorptionLee, HJ; Song, JH; Yoon, YS; Kim, TS; Kim, KJ; Choi, WK
1997-01Enhancement of magnesium incorporation in nitrogen doped ZnMgSSe grown by molecular beam epitaxyKim, JS; Song, JH; Suh, SH; Chung, SJ
2001-10-01Enhancement of photoluminescence and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film grown on alpha-Al2O3(0001) single-crystal substrate by rf magnetron sputtering through rapid thermal annealingCho, J; Nah, J; Oh, MS; Song, JH; Yoon, KH; Jung, HJ; Choi, WK
1999-02-15Enhancing defect-related photoluminescence by hot implantation into SiO2 layersIm, S; Jeong, JY; Oh, MS; Kim, HB; Chae, KH; Whang, CN; Song, JH