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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-07Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological P-removal in an intermittently aerated reactorAhn, KH; Yoo, H; Lee, JW; Maeng, SK; Park, KY; Song, KG
2000-08-10Application of microfiltration with a novel fouling control method for reuse of wastewater from a large-scale resort complexAhn, KH; Song, KG
1998-09-20Application of nanofiltration for recycling of paper regeneration wastewater and characterization of filtration resistanceAhn, KH; Cha, HY; Yeom, IT; Song, KG
2005Color removal and disinfection with UV/H2O2 system for wastewater reclamation and reuseAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Song, KG; Kim, KP; Lee, SH; Kweon, JH
2003-08-01Enhanced biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal using a sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) processAhn, KH; Song, KG; Cho, ES; Cho, JW; Yun, HJ; Lee, SH; Kim, JY
2005-05Microbial community in biofilm on membrane surface of submerged MBR: effect of in-line cleaning chemical agentLim, BR; Ahn, KH; Song, KG; Cho, JW
1999-01Nitrogen removal from synthetic wastewater by simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) via nitrite in an intermittently-aerated reactorYoo, K; Ahn, KH; Lee, HJ; Lee, KH; Kwak, YJ; Song, KG
2004-04Nitrogen removal using recycled polystyrene bottles as biofilm mediaAhn, KH; Hwang, JH; Song, KG; Jung, YH; Cho, ES; Lim, BR; Kim, KS
2005-04Operational strategies for an activated sludge process in conjunction with ozone oxidation for zero excess sludge production during winter seasonLee, JW; Cha, HY; Park, KY; Song, KG; Ahn, KH
2002-11Ozonation of wastewater sludge for reduction and recyclingAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Lee, JW; Song, KG; Choi, S
2004-03Ozone disintegration of excess biomass and application to nitrogen removalPark, KY; Lee, JW; Ahn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Song, KG
2001Performance comparison of direct membrane separation and membrane bioreactor for domestic wastewater treatment and water reuseAhn, KH; Song, KG; Yeom, IT; Park, KY
2003-08-01Performance of membrane bioreactor system with sludge ozonation process for minimization of excess sludge productionSong, KG; Choung, YK; Ahn, KH; Cho, JW; Yun, HJ
2005-09Quantitative analysis of biological effect on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactorCho, J; Song, KG; Yun, H; Ahn, KH; Kim, JY; Chung, TH
2002-12Reduction of sludge by ozone treatment and production of carbon source for denitrificationAhn, KH; Yeom, IT; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Lee, Y; Song, KG; Hwang, JH
1999-05-25Removal of ions in nickel electroplating rinse water using low-pressure nanofiltrationAhn, KH; Song, KG; Cha, HY; Yeom, IT
1999-11-01Retrofitting municipal sewage treatment plants using an innovative membrane-bioreactor systemAhn, KH; Cha, HY; Song, KG
2005-07-10Sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) pilot plant for advanced wastewater treatmentCho, JW; Song, KG; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
2005-11-01The activated sludge and microbial substances influences on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactor: unstirred batch cell testCho, JW; Song, KG; Ahn, KH
1999-11-01Treatment of domestic wastewater using microfiltration for reuse of wastewaterAhn, KH; Song, KG