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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Adhesion Properties of Mussel-inspired Biopolymer based on Catechol Functionalized Poly(vinyl alcohol)Ha Yu Mi; Lim Daun; Jae-Suk Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Advanced Self-Healing Nanocomposite using Shape Memory Polymer, Microcapsule and Carbon NanotubesYong Chae Jung
-Antimicrobial Activity of Cross-linked Poly (vinyl alcohol) Nanofibers Incorporating Mussel ProteinLim Daun; Ha Yu Mi; Yoong Ahm KIM; Yong Chae Jung
-Carbon nanotubes aqueous solution dispersed by mussel adhesive proteins and its application to transparent conductive filmsLEE SOL YI; Seung Hee Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Enhanced Antimicrobial and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Lignin Nanofibers Incorporated with Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesLee Eun Sil; Yong Chae Jung
-Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyimide Nanocomposites with Boron and Nitrogen Doped GrapheneHa Yu Mi; Jae-Suk Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Enhanced Physical Properties of Polyurethane Nanocomposites Incorporating High TemperatureTreated Thin Multi-Walled Carbon NanotubesHa Yu Mi; Lim Daun; LEE SOL YI; Yong Chae Jung
-Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of High Termperature Treated Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Polyurethane NanocompositesHa Yu Mi; Lim daun; Yong Chae Jung
2019-04Environmentally friendly, highly efficient Epoxy-based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Green Recycling system using Supercritical waterKim Young Nam; Young-O Kim; Seong Yun Kim; Park, Min; 양범주; Jaewoo Kim; Yong Chae Jung
-Environmentally-Friendly Recycling Technology of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers using Supercritical FluidKim Young Nam; Ha Yu Mi; Yong Chae Jung
-Evaluation of Mechanical and Antimicrobial Properties of Lignin Nanofibers Insolubilized by Plasma TreatmentLee Eun Sil; Hun-su Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Fabrication of Lignin Nanofibers using Electrospinning and InsolubilizationLee Eun Sil; Yong Chae Jung; Seungsin Lee
-Fabrication of Transparent Conductive Thin-multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Films using Effect of the Metal Ion-DOPA ComplexLEE SOL YI; Yong-il, Ko; Ha Yu Mi; Da um lim; Seung Hee Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Filtration of ultrafine particles via electrospun filter consists of the functional polymer electrolyte이수빈; 민청민; 안민균; Ha Yu Mi; 김보람; 손원근; 강경석; 조희주; 김서정; Yong Chae Jung; 박기홍; 이재석
2021-02Flame Retardancy of Bioepoxy Polymers, Their Blends, and CompositesYoung-O Kim; Yong Chae Jung
2021-11Highly Flame Retardant PolyurethaneKim Young Nam; JEONG HYUNSUNG; Ryu Sooyeon; Yong Chae Jung
-In-Situ Polymerization Nanocomposite of Boron Doped Graphene/Polyimide: Its Physical Properties StudyHa Yu Mi; Lee Hyun Jung; Yong Chae Jung
-Incorporation of Boron doped Graphene into a Polyurethane NanocompositesYong Chae Jung; Ha Yu Mi; Lee Hyun Jung; 김융암; Morinobu Endo
-Insolubilization of Lignin nanofibers Using Plasma TreatmentLee Eun Sil; Hun-su Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Mechanical and Thermal Conductivity Properties of Polyimide/B-, N- doped Graphene NanocompositesHa Yu Mi; Jae-Suk Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Mechanically Tough and Flexible Polyurethane nanofiber web Incorporating Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Solution blow spinningKuk Eun Ji; Yonjig Kim; Yong Chae Jung
-Micromechanics modeling of functionally graded materials containing multiple heterogeneitiesJaesang Yu; Cheol-Min Yang; Yong Chae Jung
-Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite SystemsYong Chae Jung; Cheol-Min Yang; Jaesang Yu
-Nanocarbon-Polymer Nanocomposites and Application: Use of Individually Dispersed and Functionalized CNTs and GrapheneYong Chae Jung
2021-11Natural rubber-based polymer blends and compositesKim Young Nam; Yong Chae Jung
-Optical Properties of Individually Dispersed Carbon Nanotubes with Mussel Adhesive ProteinShin Eun Ae; Yoong Ahm Kim; Kap Seung Yang; Yong Chae Jung
2015-06Optical properties of substitutionally boron-doped- and thermally boron-dedoped graphenesLim daun; Yong Chae Jung; Yoong Ahm Kim
-Optical study of Thin-Multi walled Carbon Nanotubes using Dispersibility-Enhanced Mussel Adhesive ProteinsLEE SOL YI; Yong-il Ko; Seung Hee Lee; Yong Chae Jung
-Optically Sensitive Mussel Protein-Coated Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube on Metal-DOPA bondingYong-il Ko; LEE SOL YI; Yoong Ahm Kim; Yong Chae Jung
-Performance of functional polymer filters for preventing the ultrafine particles by electrospinningSu-Bin LEE; Cheong-Min MIN; Min-Kyoon AHN; Ha Yu Mi; Boram KIM; Kung Seok KANG; Hee-Joo CHO; Seo-Jeong KIM; Yong Chae Jung; Kihong PARK; Jae-Suk LEE