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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Comparative Study of 3D Web Integration Models for the Sensor WebAhn, Sangchul; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2014-06A framework for automatic creation of motion effects from theatrical motion picturesShin, Suchul; Yoo, Byounghyun; Han, Soonhung
2023-08A User Study on the Comparison of View Interfaces for VR-AR Communication in XR Remote CollaborationChang, Eunhee; Lee, Yongjae; Yoo, Byounghyun
2016Adaptive Landmark-Based Pedestrian Navigation System with Hand-Held and Wearable DevicesSeo, Daeil; Kim, Doyeon; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2024-04Addressing IoT storage constraints: A hybrid architecture for decentralized data storage and centralized managementLee, Chanhyuk; Kim, Jisoo; Ko, Heedong; Yoo, Byounghyun
2020-08Automatic Pose Generation for Robotic 3-D Scanning of Mechanical PartsLee, Inhwan Dennis; Seo, Ji Hyun; Kim, Young Min; Choi, Jonghyun; Han, Soonhung; Yoo, Byounghyun
2015-04Automatic spline smoothing of non-stationary kinematic signals using bilayered partitioning and blending with correlation analysisShin, Suchul; Yoo, Byounghyun; Han, Soonhung
2024-04Autonomous view planning methods for 3D scanningLee Inhwan Dennis; Seo, Ji Hyun; Yoo, Byounghyun
2023-09Brain activity during cybersickness: a scoping reviewChang, Eunhee; Billinghurst, Mark; Yoo, Byounghyun
2015-01Collective Heterogeneous Sensor Mashup for Enriched Personal Healthcare Activity LoggingSeo, Daeil; Ko, Heedong; Yoo, Byounghyun
2023-03Comparing Context -sharing Interfaces in XR Remote CollaborationChang, Eunhee; Lee, Yongjae; Yoo, Byounghyun; Im, Hojeong
2022-05COVID-Beat: a low-cost breath monitoring approach for people in quarantine during the pandemicAtif, Muhammad; Muralidharan, Shapna; Ko, Heedong; Yoo, Byounghyun
2016Data-Driven Smart Home System for Elderly People Based on Web TechnologiesSeo, Daeil; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2023-05Decentralized ME-Centric Framework - A Futuristic Architecture for Consumer IoTShapna Muralidharan; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Hee dong
2021-10Effectiveness of rough initial scan for high-precision automatic 3D scanningSeo, Ji Hyun; Lee, Inhwan; Yoo, Byounghyun
2022-09Identifying physiological correlates of cybersickness using heartbeat-evoked potential analysisChang, Eunhee; Kim, Hyun Taek; Yoo, Byounghyun
2018-03Information fusion of heterogeneous sensors for enriched personal healthcare activity loggingSeo, Daeil; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2014-09Insight: Webized Mobile AR and Real-life Use CasesAhn, Sangchul; Lee, Joohyun; Kim, Jinwoo; Chun, Sungkuk; Ko, Heedong; Kim, Iltae; Shim, Junsik; Yoo, Byounghyun; Kim, Jungbin
2022-11-02InstantXR: Instant XR Environment on the Web Using Hybrid Rendering of Cloud-based NeRF with 3D AssetsPark, Moonsik; Yoo, Byounghyun; MOON JEE YOUNG; Seo, Ji Hyun
2014-08Integration of X3D Geospatial in a Data Driven Web ApplicationMcCann, Michael; Brutzman, Don; Yoo, Byounghyun
2020-07-02Interoperable information model for geovisualization and interaction in XR environmentsSeo, Daeil; Yoo, Byounghyun
2017Points of Interest Density Based Zooming Interface for Map Exploration on Smart GlassKim, Doyeon; Seo, Daeil; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2021-04Predicting cybersickness based on user's gaze behaviors in HMD-based virtual realityChang, Eunhee; Kim, Hyun Taek; Yoo, Byounghyun
2016-08Prosumption perspectives on additive manufacturing: reconfiguration of consumer products with 3D printingYoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong; Chun, Sungkuk
2013-01-01Rapid three-dimensional urban model production using bilayered displacement mappingYoo, Byounghyun
2015-08-03Responsive geo-referenced content visualization based on a user interest model and level of detailSeo, Daeil; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ko, Heedong
2015-01Tour Cloud Mobile: Helping Tourists Acquire the Information Effectively Using Three Types of ViewsKim, Jungbin; Ko, Heedong; Yoo, Byounghyun
2014View Management for Webized Mobile AR ContentsKim, Jungbin; Lee, Joohyun; Yoo, Byounghyun; Ahn, Sangchul; Ko, Heedong
2020-10-20Virtual Reality Sickness: A Review of Causes and MeasurementsChang, Eunhee; Kim, Hyun Taek; Yoo, Byounghyun
2014-11Visualization and level-of-detail of metadata for interactive exploration of Sensor WebYoo, Byounghyun; Harward, V. Judson