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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08Avoiding entanglement sudden death using single-qubit quantum measurement reversal임향택; Jong-Chan Lee; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2014-11Comment on 'Non-monotonic projection probabilities as a function of distinguishability'임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Malte C. Tichy; Osung Kwon; Florian Mintert; Andreas Buchleitner; Yoon-Ho Kim
2015-01Double-Fock superposition interferometry for differential diagnosis of decoherence임향택; Malte C. Tichy; Young-Sik Ra; Clemens Gneiting; Yoon-Ho Kim; Klaus Molmer
2016-05Effects of polarization mode dispersion on polarization-entangled photons generated via broadband pumped spontaneous parametric down-conversion임향택; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2019-07Emergence of the geometric phase from quantum measurement back-action문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 최연호; Yosep Kim; Yoon-Ho Kim
2014-07Experimental demonstration of delayed-choice decoherence suppression임향택; Jong-Chan Lee; Kang-Hee Hong; Youn-Chang Jeong; M. S. Kim; Yoon-Ho Kim
2015-10Experimental demonstration of high fidelity entanglement distribution over decoherence channels via qubit transduction임향택; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2013-09Experimental realization of a delayed-choice quantum walk임향택; Youn-Chang Jeong; Carlo Di Franco; M. S. Kim; Yoon-Ho Kim
2012-10Experimental realization of an approximate transpose operation for qutrit systems using a structural physical approximation김용수; 임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Joonwoo Bae; Yoon-Ho Kim
2014-07Fundamental Bounds in Measurements for Estimating Quantum States임향택; 이승우; Young-Sik Ra; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2013-01Nonmonotonic quantum-to-classical transition in multiparticle interference임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Malte C. Tichy; Osung Kwon; Florian Mintert; Andreas Buchleitner; Yoon-Ho Kim
2014-11Observation of decoherence-induced exchange symmetry breaking in an entangled state임향택; Jong-Chan Lee; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2013-09Observation of detection-dependent multi-photon coherence times임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Malte C. Tichy; Osung Kwon; Florian Mintert; Andreas Buchleitner; Yoon-Ho Kim
2021-01Observing the quantum Cheshire cat effect with noninvasive weak measurement문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; Yosep Kim; Dong-Gil Im; Yoon-Ho Kim
2015-11Phase and amplitude controlled heralding of N00N states임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Joo-Eon Oh; Yoon-Ho Kim
2009-03Quantum random number generator using photon-number path entanglement조영욱; Osung Kwon; Yoon-Ho Kim
2017-08Reversed interplay of quantum interference and which-way information in multiphoton entangled states임향택; Young-Sik Ra; Malte C. Tichy; Clemens Gneiting; Klaus Molmer; Andreas Buchleitner; Yoon-Ho Kim
2009-06Reversing the weak quantum measurement for a photonic qubit김용수; 조영욱; Young-Sik Ra; Yoon-Ho Kim
2012-10Scheme for directly observing the noncommutativity of the position and the momentum operators with interference김용수; 임향택; Jong-Chan Lee; Young-Sik Ra; Yoon-Ho Kim
2008-11Single-mode coupling efficiencies of type-II spontaneous parametric down-conversion: Collinear, noncollinear, and beamlike phase matching조영욱; Osung Kwon; Yoon-Ho Kim
2013-03Sub-Rayleigh imaging via speckle illumination조영욱; Joo-Eon Oh; Giuliano Scarcelli; Yoon-Ho Kim
2020-05Universal Compressive Characterization of Quantum Dynamics조영욱; Yosep Kim; Yong Siah Teo; Daekun Ahn; Dong-Gil Im; Gerd Leuchs; Luis L. Sanchez-Soto; Hyunseok Jeong; Yoon-Ho Kim