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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Speaker Selection Algorithm using Audio and Video Information in a Cluttered EnvironmentLim Yoon Seob; Jong-Suk Choi
-Self-stabilizing Bipedal Locomotion Employing Neural OscillatorsWoosung Yang; 정낙영; Ra Syungkwon; ChangHwan Kim; You, Bum-Jae
-Marionette-type Remote Motion Control for Humanoid For Tangible Tele-meetingYoo Jungmin; Euntai Kim; ChangHwan Kim
-(Undefined)Kim Min Hyung; Lim, Soon Ho; Jae Hwan Cho; Jae-gon Lim; Choon-soo Lee
-Development of STJ detector : experimental set-up and progress reportYoon Ho Seop; 박영식; 박장현; 이성호; 정연욱; 이용호; 이상길; Lee, Jeon Kook; Yang Min Kyu; 김동락; 김석환
-Fabrication and Photon Detection Experiments of Nb/Al and Ta/Al superconducting tunnel junctions박장현; 박영식; Yoon Ho Seop; 이성호; 정연욱; 이용호; 이상길; Lee, Jeon Kook; Yang Min Kyu; 김동락
-Stable Bilateral Teleoperation using the Energy-Bounding Algorithm: Basic Idea and Feasibility TestsChanghoon Seo; Jaeha Kim; Kim, Jong-Phil; Joo Hong Yoon; Jeha Ryu
-An Analog Input Shaper for Stability Enhancement of Haptic Interfaces and Its Application to Energy-Bounding AlgorithmYo-An Lim; Kim, Jong-Phil; Joo Hong Yoon; Jeha Ryu
-Synthesis sulfonated-Poly glycidoxy propyl (random)silsesquioxane and Preparation of polymer electrolyte membraneLee Dong Ki; Choi Seung Sock; 이희승; Hwang, Seung Sang; WON, JONG OK
-K-Haptic ModelerTM : A Haptic Modeling Scope and Basic FrameworkYongwon Seo; Beom-Chan Lee; Yeongmi Kim; Kim, Jong-Phil; Jeha Ryu
-Exploring marine bacteria associated with a marine ascidian in the East Sea and their secondary metabolites productionKim Sung Hun; Yang, Hyun Ok; Kwon Hak Cheol
-Preparation of composite membrane including sulfonated silica matrix and DNALee Dong Ki; Hwang, Seung Sang; won jongok
-Preparation and characterization of tetraethylorthosilane-based membranes containing deoxyribonucleic acidLee Dong Ki; Hwang, Seung Sang; Won jongok
-Reserach on the statistical treatment method for evaluating the reliability of high temperature properties in domestic 1.25Cr-0.5Mo steel tube(T11)Chung, Young Hoon
-The Effect of Air Impurities on the PEMFC PerformancesJang Jong Hyun; kim yi-young; Son Ji-Hwan; CHO, EUN AE; Lee, Sang Yeop; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; Lim, Tae Hoon; Han, Jonghee
-(Undefined)Kim Yong Uk; Jung, Woo Sang; Chung, Young Hoon; 권숙인
-(Undefined)NAH, IN WOOK; KANG, DAE SHIN; Chun Ho Young; Shin, Yong Su; LEE, DAE HEE; CHUNG, YUNCHUL
-Photocatalytic preformance of TiO2 films on carbon felt prepared by sputteringMin Hyung Seob; Sangsig Kim; Lee, Jeon Kook
-Proteomic analysis of the cardiac hypertrophy induced by Endothelin-1 and IsoproterenolHong hye-min; Lee Noh Young; Song, Eun Ju; Yoo, Young Sook